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Download Design of Transmission Systems By Dr. V. Vijayakumar, Lakshmi Publications – The book “Design of Transmission Systems” for Engineering and. Design transmission system book mtn-i.infomar. Get link; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Email; Other Apps. - June 20, · Download Now · mtn-i.infomar. Design Of Transmission System By Jayakumar by Mentoring, the Try to find ppt, txt, pdf, word, rar, zip, and kindle? Why not? Get.

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Design Of Transmission Systems By Jayakumar Pdf

Find them and also choose for file format in pdf, ppt, zip, word, rar, txt, and also kindle. general transmission system design guidelines for the. Design Of Transmission System By Jayakumar - [Free] Design Of Transmission System By. Jayakumar [PDF] [EPUB] Titles in Nanotechnology. Thank you very much for reading design of transmission system by jayakumar. As you may know, people have look numerous times for their.

How is a Wire rope specified? They are specified by the no. Sketch the cross section of a V-belt and label its important parts. Refer pg. Jayakumar 3. Why is the face of a pulley crowned? The crowning tends to keep the belt in centre on a pulley rim while in motion. What are the five parts of roller chain? Give the relationship of ratio of tensions in a V-belt drive. What is a silent chain? In what situations, silent chains are preferred?

State the use of bevel gears. State the advantage of worm gear drive in weight lifting machine. Ans:The worm gear drives are irreversible. It means that the motion cannot be transmitted from worm wheel to the worm.

Design of Machine Elements by Vijayaraghavan

This property of irreversible is advantageous in load hoisting applications like cranes and lifts. Why is the crossed helical gear drive not used for power transmission? Ans:As the contact between the mating teeth of crossed helical gears is always a point, these gears are suitable only for transmitting a small amount of power.

Thats why mostly these gears are not used for power transmission. Why is the efficiency of a worm gear drive comparatively low? Ans: Because of power loss due to friction caused by sliding.

[PDF] Design of Transmission Systems By Dr. V. Vijayakumar, Lakshmi Publications Book Free Download

What are the points to be considered while designing a sliding mesh type of multi-speed gear box? Which type of gear is used in constant mesh gear box? Ans: Helical gears are used in constant mesh gear boxes to provide quieter and smooth operation. Compare sliding mesh and synchromesh gear box. Ans: sliding mesh gear box: It derives its name from the fact that the meshing of the gears take place by sliding of gears on each other.

With sliding mesh gear box, double de-clutching is necessary to bring the two sets of dog teeth to the same speed so that they can be slid into engagement quietly.

The basic gear box is laid out in the same manner as the constant mesh, but with the addition of a cone clutch fitted between the dog and gear members.

Where is multi-speed gear boxes employed? Ans: They are employed wherever the variable spindle speeds are necessary. Name the series in which speeds are arranged in multi-speed gear boxes.

List six standard speeds starting from 18 rpm with a step ratio 1. Sketch the kinematic layout of gears for 3 speeds between two shafts.

Jayakumar 8. Differentiate ray diagram and structural diagram. Ans: Ray diagram is a graphical representation of the structural formula. Structural diagram is a kinematic layout that shows the arrangement of gears in a gear box. List out the basic rules to be followed for optimum gear box design. What is step ratio? Name the series in which speeds of multi-speed gear box are arranged.

Ans: When the spindle speeds are arranged in geometric progression, then the ratio between the two adjacent speeds is known as speed ratio. Name the profile of cam that gives no jerk.

Ans: Circle arc cam gives no jerk. Because the derivative of acceleration of cam is zero.

[PDF] Design of Transmission Systems By Dr. V. Vijayakumar, Lakshmi Publications Book Free Download

Give the reasons for left and right shoes of the internal expansion brakes having different actuating forces. Ans: Depending upon the direction of the drum rotation, one shoe would be a leading shoe and another shoe is a trailing shoe.

The leading shoe is self energizing whereas the trailing shoe is not. In the leading shoe, the friction force helps the applied force and hence more actuating force than the trailing force.

What are the effects of temperature rise in clutches? Ans: i Excessive surface temperature results in premature clutch failure. What is the significance of pressure angle in cam design? Ans: The pressure angle is very important in cam design as it represents steepness of the cam profile.

If the pressure angle is too large, a reciprocating follower will jam in its bearings. State the advantage of cam mechanisms. Ans: Cams are used for transmitting desired motion to a follower by direct contact. Cam mechanisms are used in the operation of IC engine valves. How the uniform rate of wear assumption is valid for clutches?

Ans: In clutches, the value of normal pressure, axial load for the given clutch is limited by the rate of wear that can be tolerated in the brake linings. Moreover , the assumption of uniform rate wear gives a lower calculated clutch capacity than the assumption of uniform pressure. Hence clutches are usually designed on the basis of uniform wear.

Name four profiles normally used in cams. Under what condition of a clutch, uniform rate of wear assumption is more valid? Ans: If the clutch is old one. When do we use multiple disk clutches? Ans: It is used when large amount of torque is to be transmitted. In a multiplate clutch, the number of frictional linings and the metal plates are increased which increases the capacity of the clutch to transmit torque. Differentiate between self-energizing and self-locking brakes.

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