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Delta s Key to the TOEFL iBT: Advanced Skill Practice is a revised and updated edition of Delta s Key to the Next Generation TOEFL Test. Since the introduction of the TOEFL iBT in , there have been significant changes to some of the test questions, particularly the integrated. Delta's Key to iBT TOEFL test next generation advanced skill. Documents Similar To Delta's Key to TOEFL Ibt. Delta's Key to the Next Generation TOEFL Test. Delta Key to the Next Generation TOEFL' Test: Advanced Skill Practice is a The Audio Scripts include the transcripts for all listening material in the book.

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Delta Toefl Book

Delta's Key to the TOEFL iBT® is a set of high–quality practice materials for students preparing to take the Test of English as a Foreign Langua. We grade Delta's Key to the TOEFL iBT on its practice material, the quality of its explanations and skill building material, and the quality of its. Delta's Key to the Next Generation TOEFL Test: Advanced Skill Practice Book users and we assume good faith they have the permission to share this book.

Return to Content Announcement! Because of this, some of the info in our blog posts may not yet reflect the new exam format. We cover all the changes here. The quality of the material is much more important. In the sections for reading and listening practice, the texts and recordings are all too short. I imagine that the author, Nancy Gallagher, consciously wrote short and fast exercises with just a few questions each. After all, shorter exercises are easier to incorporate into a class—the teacher has more freedom to use fewer or more questions. Similarly, note-taking and memory, two of things that make TOEFL listening difficult, are almost completely irrelevant for those shorter recordings. Listening to a two-minute lecture then answering two questions is not the same as listening to a five-minute lecture and answering six questions. On the real test, the information from the text is paraphrased in the right answer, using synonyms and different sentence structures, not plainly copied.

Before , you would get 20 minutes for the first task, then 40 minutes for the next two, and possibly 40 minutes for a final two. Delta has not updated their material to match the post test; they still follow the old timing. Besides that, in several reading passages, the number of questions is wrong, at 13 questions where there should be Those two together are a pretty good indication of how carefully Delta has tried to match the current test standards.

Those would give you practice more similar to the actual test.

And if you are looking for full-length tests, in particular, four is not that many—not for a long, intensive TOEFL course, anyway. Cambridge , by comparison, offers seven tests. Quality of explanations This is one of the stronger points of Delta: there are explanations to all the reading and listening questions at the back of the book, and there are key points given for each and every speaking or writing task.


Ideal answers are usually from native speakers, and there are no exercises associated with them such as grading or correcting them. Realistic answers, meanwhile, should sound just like a real student, with all the natural mistakes, accents, etc. Those are great for grading and editing exercises.

There are few exercises in this book that train you on skills like note taking, planning essays, or varying sentence structures. You could easily use this whole book and not improve your note-taking skills at all. Listening tasks are comprehensible. Readings are highly recommended. It is advisable to use this book as a test guide, particularly, before entering the exam. Speaking section and patterns are just perfect. This test book comes with 7 tests in CD. It is recommended to look through this book at least two weeks prior to exams and complete all the tests.

For instance, the practical test scores in this book are closer to the scores gained in a real exam. You will learn some techniques and strategy. Reading - it is necessary to connect sentences with one another in a logical order for getting and summarizing the main idea.

Here, we need a little bit logic.

Online eBook Delta s Key to the TOEFL iBT: Advanced Skill Practice; Revised Edition with mp3 CD

For instance, even if you do not know the synonyms, you can easily find answers to these questions with a bit of general English knowledge.

Listening — Practice makes perfect! From sounding of the text you can define which question type you will come across. When it does focus on background skills, Delta generally just explains the skill, gives a short example, and then provides test-like practice material.

There is no step-by-step training, like you find in Cambridge. Academic vocabulary is also strangely missing. There are plenty of idioms and phrases that are listed and defined, but the only list of academic vocabulary is one of prefixes, roots, and suffixes.

Delta’s Key to the TOEFL iBT: Advanced Skill Practice

Learning the meaning of a root like that does not really help you define all the words that contain it.

After all, in order to improve vocabulary properly, you need to learn it in context —not just by a dictionary definition. I should also mention that Delta really likes transcription exercises. There are lists of tips sprinkled through the book, but few are very surprising.

A lot of the advice is too basic, like this: Use key ideas and relevant details from the conversation or lecture to support your points. And there is very, very little modeling of how to apply the good tips. Authenticity of practice material: C Amount of practice material: A- Quality of explanations: C Skill building material: C- Test strategy and advice: There is one situation when I would recommend this book: To a student or teacher who cannot spend more money, but has already used all of the official guide, the book of five official practice tests, and free official material.

Hi Lucas, how are you?! I know I sound crazy studying from so many sources, but I really need and want to succeed that time. I feel like I was just wasting my time with that book and now I have no idea how prepared I really am to take again the Toefl. I would like to ask you if you have some advice to give me.

I found the reading too difficult….

Delta's Key to TOEFL Ibt

Thank you for all your books reviews. Have an awesome week! Keep it up. First, I should make one thing clear: Cambridge is absolutely not the best source of realistic test material other than the official guide.

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