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Bitten Women of the Otherworld—Book 1 by Kelley Armstrong Plume Publication Date: ISBN / ASIN: Praise for Chloe Neill's Chicagoland Vampires Novels Twice Bitten “The pages turn fast enough to satisfy vampire and romance fans alike.” —Booklist “Neill's. Chloe Neill (Chicagoland Vampires) 4. Hard Bitten - dokument [*.pdf] By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes. —William Shakespeare.

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Chloe Neill - Chicagoland Vampires 03 - Twice-Bitten - dokument [*.pdf] Página2 Chapter one Join the club Early June Chicago, Illinois It was the beginning of. Get Free Read & Download Files Hard Bitten A Chicagoland Vampires Novel PDF. HARD BITTEN A CHICAGOLAND VAMPIRES NOVEL. Download: Hard. Get Free Read & Download Files Hard Bitten A Chicagoland Vampires Novel Chicagoland Vampires Series Book 4 PDF. HARD BITTEN A CHICAGOLAND.

Automatyczne logowanie. Buckingham Fountain, the heart of Grant Park, was named for the brother of the woman who donated the fountain to the city of Chicago. But it was late now, and the jets had been turned off for the night. I checked my watch. It was eight minutes after midnight. I was here because someone had been leaving me anonymous notes. The first ones mentioned invitations. The last one had invited me to the fountain at midnight, which meant the mysterious someone was eight minutes late. I had no clue who had invited me or why, but I was curious enough to make the drive downtown from my home in Hyde Park. I was also cautious enough to show up with a weapon—a short pearl-handled dagger that was strapped beneath my suit jacket on my left side. The dagger had been a gift from Master vampire Ethan Sullivan to me, the Sentinel of his House of vampires. My long, straight, dark hair was pulled into its usual high ponytail, dark bangs across my forehead. My beeper was clipped to my waist in case of House emergencies. As House Sentinel, I usually carried a katana, thirty-odd inches of honed steel. I was, after all, in the park after hours.

In hard-bitten rural South Carolina, many minds made up for Clinton

This book did a far better job of pacing the story and editing out these nonessential social calls and filler activities, but make no mistake - they're still there!

She is an author who seems to LIKE women. Merit is the main character, but unlike almost every other female protagonist in this genre, she has meaningful, strong relationships with other women. These other women are powerful, powerhouse characters in their own right. Even one of the antagonists is a woman but unlike the usual suspects, she's not stupid or easily defeated.

She is formidable, powerful, tricky and highly motivated as well as being an interesting character. The male characters don't try to shelter or limit the women out of love but instead help them to blossom and grow.

They believe in them, trust them and set them free to achieve everything they can and want to. I have to seriously give Neill props for this because she is almost unique in this respect!

Also, there is the fact that Ethan Sullivan is seriously hot shit. Let's not forget that. That's a very, very important fact.

But that doesn't make this novel, or this series perfect. It greatly improves it, it makes it unique, it makes me respect Neill, but it doesn't save these novels from some serious pitfalls. Strangely enough, characterization is one of them.

Look, vampires are supposed to be heavily political, tactical creatures. They're supposed to think two steps ahead, have a back up plan and be able to defeat their enemies without doing anything more than playing out their hand to its inevitable conclusion. In other words, they're batman! But the bad guys are the only ones who seem to have this ability.

Ethan is supposed to be incredibly political. I would kind of like to think, though, that this would mean he didn't walk away from every encounter with his tail firmly between his legs and the fresh whipping marks on display for all to see. He capitulates to every ridiculous demand without showing the slightest ability to use political clout, call bluffs, have hidden cards or even just balls out put people in their place.

Merit's dad intimidates him, a bunch of stupid werewolves intimidate him, the mayor intimidates him, the head of the werewolves outmaneuvers him! And what does he do every single time? Runs around like a chicken without a head trying to meet their ridiculous demands.

In fact, I'm quite sure I could call him up and claim that I'll release a statement to the press regarding random vampires slashing my tires unless he delivers a lifetime's supply of ice cream to my door - and I would pretty much be set up for ever because within 24 hours I'd have my ice cream, damnit! Listen, Ethan, the mayor cannot make you responsible for the behaviour of your entire species at any given moment in time! If there are illegal raves going on then that really sucks. You can be sure to remind the press in your official statement that the mayor should never have let crime get so bad and that you and your house will fully co-operate with a police investigation but that your people are not involved and do not condone violence against humans!

It's like walking up to the Muslim friendship league and fucking demanding they put an end to all terrorism within a week. Am I not the only one who sees that this is just ridiculous?

Download Hard Bitten (Chicagoland Vampires Series #4) ebook PDF

Apparently so. The other major issue with this series is the writing. Neill is a good storyteller. Her characters, plot and setting are all great but her writing craft is listless, unemotional and lacks heart.

Let me try to explain by giving you a demonstration of what the last chapter was like for me. But this went far beyond our usual brand of mutual irritation.

He may not have known about the RG invite, but he knew my grandfather, Chuck Merit, served as a supernatural liaison to the city of Chicago, and he knew my family—the Merits yes, Merit is my last name —was connected to Seth Tate, mayor of Chicago.

Those ties were close enough to concern him. Involvement in something like this would be the icing on the conniption-fit cake.

And that begged an interesting question. But Noah seemed convinced they were just the kind of things he was looking for. He wore a short-sleeved shirt with a collar, the bottom tucked into his jeans. Tattoos ringed each bicep—a flying angel on one arm, a slinking devil on the other. I wondered what he was conflicted about. The newcomer nodded curtly at me, then looked at Noah. A vampire in a position of trust, whose purpose in the House was to guard the Master, to keep him safe, moonlighting for an organization with an inherent distrust of Masterdom?

And seriously—was I channeling Ethan Sullivan or what? There was curiosity—but also disdain—in his eyes. I shook my head at Noah. She no longer had control of Navarre House, and she blamed me for that inconvenience. Noah smiled sadly, as if he understood the direction of my thoughts. Too many vampires have too much pent-up animosity toward humans to keep peace forever—and vice versa—and Celina has done a bang-up job of rousing them.

She plays an unfortunately good martyr. A centuries-old feud, and the warring parties camping out in the same city. It reeks of trouble. The RG would offer you a chance to stand for all vampires, not just Masters.

Noah nodded. Tell no one—friends, relatives, colleagues. But consider this, Merit: Who needs a Sentinel more? The vampires of Cadogan House, who have a corps of trained guards and a powerful Master at the helm.

After all, thousands of years of living beneath the human radar tended to make them a little paranoid. And Ethan and I were enjoying our own also perfectly innocent training sessions as I learned to wield my vampire strength. But Ethan decided that circumstances i. We stopped at the edge of the tatami mats that covered the floor, lips parted and eyes wide as we surveyed the sight before us.

Two vampires in the prime of their immortal lives moved across the floor, muscles flexing as they grappled, bare-handed, in attempts to throw the other down. They were sparring without weapons, no swords or steel, using hands and feet, elbows and knees, and the extra physical bite of being vampire. And they were half naked. Both were sparring barefoot and shirtless, wearing martial arts-style white gi pants, the gleaming gold disks of their Cadogan House medals around their necks.

Download Hard Bitten (Chicagoland Vampires Series #4) ebook PDF - video dailymotion

Luc was a former cowboy turned vampire soldier, complete with broad shoulders, fuzzy chest, and curly, sun-streaked hair that he suddenly stopped to push out of his face, muscles tensing as he moved.

Across from Luc was his opponent: He stood a little more than six feet tall, and the top half of that six feet—the long, lean line of flat stomach and high pecs, along with the trail of blond hair that dipped down from his navel and disappeared into the waistband of his pants—glistened as he swiveled for a roundhouse kick. Luc, I think, was supposed to be playing the attacker, but Ethan was doing a fine job of holding him off.

As I watched him fight, goose bumps pebbled my arms.

I assumed my blue irises were shifting to silver as heat began to rise through my body, the fire fanned by the sight of Ethan in motion, dipping and weaving and spinning as he faced down his opponent. I smoldered as I watched him, his muscles shifting and flexing as he moved with the slinking grace of a panther.

He was almost too handsome to be real, with blond hair framing a gorgeous face, cheekbones that New York models would pay for, eyes that shone like chips of emerald. Six feet of golden skin stretched taut over muscle, and I could attest that all six feet were equally perfect. To be sure, Ethan felt the attraction as well. Automatyczne logowanie Zarejestruj.

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