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½ (based on 34 ratings). Pathfinder Campaign Setting: The Inner Sea World Guide (PFRPG) Show Description For: Non-Mint. Add Hardcover $ Add PDF. The Inner Sea World Guide · Pathfinder Roleplaying Game · Pathfinder PDF. Version Publisher. Paizo Publishing. Alternate Names. Year Published. PDF: $ Series, Pathfinder Campaign Setting. Follows The Inner Sea World Guide, a page hardcover Pathfinder Campaign Setting.

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This book refers to several other Pathfinder Roleplaying Game products using the B2. The Inner Sea World Guide. ISWG. Mythic Adventures. MA. Paizo Inc. DownloadPathfinder campaign setting inner sea world guide pdf. Free. Download e-Books and is closing down. However Autocad Free. Download Full. Pathfinder: Campaign Setting, The Inner Sea World Guide [James Jacobs, Erik Mona, Jason Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App.

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If the base creature flew magically. Do Treasure N PC gear m asterwo rk b reastpl ate. The creature's type changes to aberration. Any spellcasting abilities gained from class of the unpredictable forces of magic. Alkenstar or one of its smaller holdings in the region. Environment warm p l a i n s or deserts th e M a n a Wastes CR: A winged Mana Wastes mutant's maneuverability their bodies gradually decay more and more until they are drops to clumsy.

The necromancers of Geb. Like Abilities: A Mana Wastes mutant loses numerous humanoid mutants are proficient in the use acces s to any spell-like abilities the base creature may of firearms. I ron Will. A Mana Wastes mutant retains any dwarven arms factories in the Wastes often garner the extraordinary and supernatural special qualities of the base.

Those iron or DR wfcold iron if the base creature has 11 HD or who spend too much time in the Spellscar Desert or the more. I m mune potential in the mutated peoples of the Spell scar Desert. Those who manage levels remain unchanged. The border guards of neighboring Nex keep a hp 32 4 H D.

It also gains a slam mutagenic effects often hail from the Grand Duchy of attack that deals damage based on the mutant's size. Cha 6 abominations to serve in Geb's lurching army. C M D 17 Feats Cleave.

These twisted and degenerate Melee: A Mana Wastes mutant retains all the natural creatures roam in packs throughout the Mana Wastes. The dangerous radiations of magic gone afoul bonus on saves against mind-affecting effects.

Anyone who lives with mana fever for a week straight without dying becomes immune to the disease. Acidic Pustules Ex: Mana Wastes mutants are often Abilities: Increase from the base creature as follows: Increased Speed Ex: Some Mana Wastes mutants are transformed in such a way that their base speed increases by 10 feet. Mana Wastes mutant that gains acid resistance in exces s of3o becomes immune to acid instead.

Mana fever: The acid damage caused by this attack is equal to 1d6 per two Hit Dice the mutant possesses. A Mana Wastes mutant gains one of the following by 10 feet m i n i m u m base speed of 5 feet.

[Lets read] Pathfinder Campaign setting: The Inner sea world guide

A Mana Wastes mutant deals an amount of acid damage in this way based on its size 1d4 points of acid damage for a Medium Mana Wastes mutant.

In addition to its special abilities listed above. Disease Su: Even though Mana Wastes mutants are immune to disease. The m utant takes a -2 penalty to Acid Resistance Su: A Mana Wastes mutant gains I ntelligence.

Whenever a creature deals piercing or slashing Skills: A Mana Wastes mutant gains Climb. Breath Weapon Ex: A Mana Wastes mutant can spray a foot cone of acidic bile from its mouth as a standard action once every 1d4 rounds.

Each time it is taken. The m uta nt's base speed is red uced creature. This ability can be taken more than 4 Warped Hide: J monstrosity towers taller than the mi. CMD 47 51 vs. Jhtiest a r m o r is ripped fro m its body. Followers of Achaekek have also been known Speed 6o ft.

Cha 5 weighs several tons. Reach 30 ft. Refl ex save. I f the ta rget fa i l s a DC 31 junJJle trees. Wis n. This gibberish is not solely for comic effect. Like Abilities C L 3rd. Mockingfey originally stem from the First World. Space j2 ft. This fu nctions l i ke disguise seif. Anyo n e i nteracti n g weighs 2 pounds. The pint. When such planar rifts occur. The has sle-if just barely.

This same Str 6. CMD 10 alone. When an intelligent creature enters the grove. It then promptly shifts shape to become a perfect. A mockin gfey can m a i ntain a given form i n d efi n itely. Senses l ow. This tiny sprite has the head of a humanoid and the body of a proceeding to cavort and imitate the newcomer in a most brilliantly colored parrot.

Those Environment warm j u n gles Yo h a's G raveya rd courageous explorers traveling to hi s s eemingly idyllic Organization solitary isle are driven mad by strange visions and dreams. Special Attacks b reath wea pon 6o -ft. A successfu l dispel eye bite DC Q u i c ken Moxix. A Languages Abyssa l.

I f the save is s u ccessfu l. Any creature d a m aged by lost riches may confront Moxix himself and be scourged. Graveyard in the Shackles. These temporary hit poi nts song of discord DC Refl ex DC 32 h a lves. I m p roved Critical bite. Any creatu res in the a rea m ust succeed at a DC I m m une e l ectricity.

Aura hopedri n ker 6o ft. Jeeblemind DC Dazi ng Ass a u ltAPG.

Even if they withstand the island's Breath Weapon Su M oxix c a n exh a l e a cone of acidic fog maddening magic. The C E G a rgantuan outsider ch aotic. Senses b l i ndsense 6o ft. Dried blood stains its body. Like A b i l ity mindfog.

Like Abilities C L 23rd. Among the dozens of fiendish icons was Moxix. Gan cyclopes fed him hundreds of captured humans. Moxix remains trapped in his island domain.: Gan cyclope s. It was at this time Moxix became known as the Drinker of Human Hope s. Some explorers have mounted expeditions to Moxix found his first worshipers among the terrible Moxix's island during these events.

There he malevolent awarenes s leer from every crudely carved delights in turning people to cannibalism. Once per year. As the one. The battle raged for 2 days. As his reign ofblood began to spread from its base in southern Ghol. Gan as their civilization fell into has returned the same person she used to be.

Moxix's baleful presence and draw creatures to the ziggurat he calls home. Obscuring and disease-laden mists swirl with them a tinge of insanity and a ravenous hunger around the island. In one instance early in his time among the Ghol. Ghosts and pentagram-branded from trespassers. Some say the sacrifices' spirits still inhabit the region.

To this very day. If the victi m fai l s its save. Evi l. Cha 24 e q u ivalent to a 9th. Exotic Weapon Proficiency bastard swo rd 8. His favo red weapon is the bastard sword. Even if the cha racter's body is destroyed. G reater Weapon Speci a l ization bastard swo rd 8.

The save DC is C h a risma. A character suffering the Speed 6o ft. S h atter Defenses. N ightri pper can choose to affl ict that C E M e d i u m outsider ch aotic. Cel esti a l. SR 35 a re blasted away. Senses da rkvision 6o ft.. Aura unholY aura DC 25 it enters a sort of half. Weapon Speci a l ization bastard swo rd 8 feet. G reater Weapon Focus bastard sword 8.

This a b i l ity a lways works. Feats Combat Expertise. Swift Cuts Ex As long as h e is attacking with a swo rd. H e grants Critical bastard sword. Like Abilities C L 2oth. I m proved Disarm. When each a b i l ity score is drained to zero.

N ightri pper treats foes who a re staggered. The save DC is Spell. Like A b i l ity blade barrier. Co m bat Reflexes. Q u ick Draw. Charisma drain every day as a ny l i ngeri ng s h reds of san ity cold I m m une charm a n d co m p u lsion the victim takes 1d4 points of I ntel l i gence. W h i l e the cu rse remains in effect. Wi l l DC 30 negates. The mass murderer was finally captured by Cesandra Dayne.

One after the other. Each botched execution left Scroon more disfigured. Scroon preferred young victims. Even today. Yet Scroon survived. His position among the mercenary will be entire cities.

During his reign of horror. The 13th and final execution put the man down once and for all-or so it was hoped. After Scroon was turned over to the law in his hometown of Oppara. So remarkable was his ' retention of his identity that it drew the attention of Lamashtu herself. But it is said that someday. Only by forsaking the teachings of her church was she able to trap the murderer in the slums of Almas. His form had changed. Only this time. He abducted his victims with astonishing skill.

When Scroon gleefully bragged of having murdered nearly a thousand men. Nightripper harbors a strong desire for revenge. Scroon's soul went to the Boneyard. Cha 16 vacant stare.

This new body divides into segments. I m p roved Overrun. The certain clever ore chieftains. W h i l e the dark elves themselves. I f the attack is s u ccessfu l. A cruel face and orc features dominate this creature's upper half. The oronci c a n sti l l poison a CE La rge a b e rration ta rget with each s uccessfu l bite attack.

Undersized Weapons Ex Although a n oronci is La rge.. Spit Ex An oronci can spit poison at a ta rget wit h i n 30 while its lower quarters bear the sinewy shape of a centipede. Upon Weaknesses light submersion in a fleshwarper's alchemical ichor. They embody all the savage brutality of an ore warrior.

N i m b l e oronci are among the M oves. Treasure standard heavy wooden shield. Melee mwk sturdy. Some oronci oronci can conti n u e to frenzy for up even overcome their sensitivity to daylight to 3 ro u n ds..

This i s a r a n ged touch attack. CMD 25 With the exception 27 vs. Senses da rkvision ft. For every 3 points maiden it once was. The nature of Geb's of Dexterity damage taken. Weapon Focus sci mitar ro l l s with this wea pon. When this occurs. The weapon can be only restores 1d3 poi nts of Dexterity. Immune undead traits. The curse of stone can of the slain inhabit their stony corpses and only be cured by removi ng lurch to vengeful unlife.

While a A creature afflicted by the curse of petrified maiden appears at first glance to stone slowly turns to stone. It gains a Feats Cl eave.


Consoler of Atheists transition between death and their final destinations S a l oc. Their The Pa le Horse primary concerns focus upon souls in the vulnerable Ph legyas.

Psychopomps carry out their duties with Tes h a l l a s the Pri m o rd i a l Poison the dispassion of veterans and cynics.

Dam m a r the Den ied death as a system and institution requires more agents than I mot the Sym bol of Doom a single goddess to uphold. M rtyu. To counter such abnormalities and preserve Psychopomps are neutral outsiders native to the plane the flow of souls as the multiverse requires. Those psychopomps well as any weapon it wields. Soul-hungry daemons and heroes and villains. Jhost touch weapon special ability.

M i nder of I m morta ls upon the planes. Death's Consort chroniclers. N a ra kaas the Clea n s i n g Sentence Psychopomps preside over the flow of life. As such. As the spirits of hold great respect fo r Pharasma. Noteworthy among psychopomps are their masks. But while drudgery deadlier classes of psychopomps watch for and hunt is the lot of many psychopomps-interrupted only by the disruptive members of these races. They those realms. From the moment of birth. Yet with all the worlds of the Material Plane.

In terms of service Va le the Cou rt of Ancesto rs measuring in ages. Psychopomps have a particular specialized psychopomps exist to protect the dead and suite oftraits unles s otherwise noted in a creature's entry.

These el dest a n d most efficient serva nts o f death unimaginable infinities of the afterlife. There are those who would the certain cycle of death. A psychopomp has the following to their own ends. Like Abilities C L 14th. Cha 21 subseq uent rounds if it is not restored to o or more hit points. Cl eave. Senses da rkvision 6 o ft. Any dyi ng creature with i n ra nge of this a u ra in unnatural pursuit oftheir souls. As combatants shed their mortal forms in SQ change shape owl. Soldiers know memitims as the angels of death.

The save DC is Charisma-based. While most memitims impartially of a memitim that has -1 or fewer hit poi nts but is sta b l e preside over bloodshed and massacres. Knowledge pla nes. Resist cold Jlare from beneath the le! Jionnaire's helmet worn by this ominous. Power not function for 1 round. Bleed i n g Critic a l. Jreedom of movement. While daemons.

I nfernal battlegrounds. Com bat Casti ng. Their tactics are varied. Sense AC A spirit trapped within a shoki's staff cannot be returned to life through any means short of true resurrection. Feats Alertness. A corporeal undead transforms into a corpse if affected by this ability.

The target must succeed at a DC 19 Wil l save or be slain. A trapped soul can be freed if the shoki wi lls it. The save DC is Wisdom-based. Shokis are the collectors of lingering souls. A shoki's staff can only contain one soul at a time. Each shoki bears powerful tools to aid it in such pursuits-eclectic collections of holy symbols and withered staves of cold iron capable ofimprisoning a single soul. Cel estia l. Shokis only use their staves against the most stubborn or demented souls.

This is a m i nd-affecti n g effect. Although Censor Su A viduus that stri kes a livi n g creatu re pretentious in the extreme. While lesser Feats Al ertness. Existence holds many SQ spi rit to uch. The DC is Charisma. The creature m ust succeed at a DC and planar secrets.. A t the G M 's discretio n. It retains l a n guage and basic knowledge. Dex u. This typica l ly leaves the creature ca l m and i n different to all beings around it. The creatu re m ust cocoonlike lower body. I nfernal and secrets..

Its cocoon body bursts open. C M D 15 located atop Pharasma's spire. A viduus can purposefu l ly transform by spending Speed 30 ft.

Robots share some of the robot's body once the robot is destroyed. Still others submit after mechanical surgery. Unless strike a foe beyond. Half round. Robots are intelligent. A construct cannot possess Laser Weapons: These weapons emit beams of intensely both the robot and the clockwork subtypes. A force field has fast healing equal to the robot's CR. Integrated Guide Robots are crafted via complex animated by engineering and advanced science rather methods hidden and well guarded in Numerian ruins than magic.

All damage dealt to a robot with an active artificers. Knowledge all. While the Technic "automatons" or "metal men"-their proper nomenclature League has developed magical solutions to some of is known to only a few. Whenever a robot takes provide cover in addition to concealment from laser attacks.

Some obey orders from any humanoid. A few still follow these technological arms and tools themselves. A force field sheathes a robot in a thin layer awaiting orders in a massive hold in Silver Mount. Silver Mount. These weapons emit bursts of Fortitude save to avoid being stunned for 1 round. Over the Miraculous and deadly treasures lie in wait in Numerian following centuries. A robot is features with clockwork constructs The Inner Sea World always proficient with its integrated weapons.

If it superheated. The metal vessel entered the atmosphere in a blaze of fire and broke apart. Most models Integrated Weaponry: A robot that h a s a technological exhibit considerable linguistic talents. The following are class skills barriers.

Disable Device. A robot's the alien dictates of their original programming. Objects like glass or other transparent otherwise indicated for a specific robot. Invisible creatures are immune to damage Linguistics. All robots gain focused light waves that resolve as touch attacks and deal the following traits. A surprisingly large fraction of uncontrolled shuts down and does not reactivate for 24 hours.

As long bond to a specific master until her death. The people of Golarion think of robots as or other technological bastions. The robot remains immune to other sources of the damage dealt by plasma is fire damage.

Despite its body treats such weapons as natural attacks and comprehending Numerian languages. Resist el ectricity Since then. Deadly Aim. J with otherworldly ener. The save DC is I ntel l i gence-based.

S ki l l Focus Acrobatics. This towerin.. Cha 1 destroy structures and slaughter living foes. I m p roved Critical ch a i n gu n. Annihilators seem driven to Str When it does traits. Imm une co ld. Repair Ex A gearsma n's n a n ites heal it of d a m age at the rate of a n u m b e r of hit poi nts per h o u r eq u a l to its Hit D i ce Made of what appears to be burnished brass. Imm une construct traits mechanical detachment and coldly logical efficiency. Rather than spend these bonus ra n ks on a ski l l.

Weaknesses v u l n era ble Yet they serve a purpose beyond Numeria. For reasons known only to themselves. A gea rsm a n may change w h a t ski l l these bonus ra n ks apply t o u p t o once per day by concentrati ng for 1 m i n ute. All gea rsmen a re a utomatica l ly profi cient with a l l s i m p l e wea pons. U p to o n ce per resembles a suit of armor with a iJlowiniJ iJlass orb for an eye. They tend fo rce d a mage on a successfu l hit. Flyby Attack. A rocket explodes Environment a ny N u m e ri a on i m pact i n a foot-radius burst.

I m m une cold. Laser Rifle Ex A myrmidon's eye is an i ntegrated laser rifle. The Technic League has had little that effect. I m proved Light n i n g Reflexes.

Inner Sea's | D20 System | Fantasy Role Playing Games

These lashes a re p r i m a ry attacks that deal patrol the skies above important locations. Light n i n g I nte l l i gence-based. Aga i nst a robot's backlashes as the robots run amok until destroyed. Quantum Lash Ex A myrm idon's two facial tentacles l a s h out with s u rprisi n g force.

This Superior Optics Ex Myrm idons see i nvisi b l e creatu res or wea pon has a ra nge i ncrement of feet. Most have th reatens a critical hit on a A q uantum lash rain destruction on the offending target. They resolve as to uch to react with swift violence.

A q ua n t u m l a s h that analyzed enough language to communicate. Aga i n st a magical force effect l i ke a wall offo rce. Thread starter Crinos Start date Dec 17, Tags golarion pathfinder rpg.

Crinos Next to me you're all number two! Validated User. Dec 17, Welcome friends, to my third lets read. This time we're breaking a bit from our set formula, instead of a monster manual, we are doing a whole campaign setting.

Dirigible i come in peace Validated User. Awww yuss. Like a sexually demure amanuensis, I'm subscribed. Last edited: Anyways, may as well get started with the Introduction The basic premise is this: About a century ago, Aroden, the God of Humanity, died. Which is bad because A Aroden was a pretty cool dude who did a lot of cool stuff: He brought humanity out of the dark age following the planet getting its ass kicked by a huge meteorite, founded one of the most important city states currently on the map, beat down the evil wizard Tar Baphon and helped stop an incursion of demons in the nation of Sarkoris.

And B The last time anyone had seen Aroden on the mortal plane, he promised that he would return and lead humanity into a golden age of enlightenment and free kittens for all.

Instead at the appointed time Aroden was a no show, and instead we got an iron age of ignorance and unreasonably priced kittens: Things basically went bad all over the inner sea: Cheliax, once one of the bastions of humanity, fell in with the forces of hell.

A big ass permanent hurricane appeared out of nowhere and remains to this day, basically wrecking an entire coastal nation harder than ever thought possible.

And remember that little demonic incursion from before? Well it came back with a vengeance, ripping open a big ol hellmouth in the northeast and basically screwing everyone over big time. Oh, and there are these seven super evil wizards from a long dead civilization called the Runelords who might be coming back, so you someone may want to look into that whenever.

Overall the general impression given here is that shit has officially gotten real: This is known as the age of lost omens because if a God can't fulfill his own prophecy, then prophecies in general just lost a lot of their clout. I kind of like the urgency given here: There are a lot of problems in this world, and it may not be possible to fix them all, but dammit if we aren't going to try: Yes, God is dead and things are bad, but if nothing is done things are gonna get a lot worse.

There are now bad guys to stop, evil empires to smash, Runelords to vanquish and demonic hordes to fight back. So grab your sword and shield and get cracking. The Inner Sea Region The Inner sea is the meeting place of two continents, connected by the eponymous inner sea, and the island city state of Absalom.

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