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MTH SET THEORY AND ABSTRACT ALGEBRA v. National Open University of Nigeria. Headquarters. 14/16 Ahmadu Bello Way. Victoria Island. Lagos. Introduction You are welcome to Set Theory and Abstract Algebra. What You Will Learn in This Course Set Theory and Abstract Algebra is course that is compulsory for all (Hons) Mathematics students, Computer Science Students and Communications Technology Students. MTH Elementary Math I. Fall – , Tues/Thurs, Neuberger Hall. Instructor. Materials. Dr. Steven Boyce (Steve) [email protected]

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MTH CALCULUS II (Effective Fall ). Students will be expected to demonstrate an understanding of Calculus beyond the manipulation of symbols, to. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. MTH -Calculus II - Assignments. Fall Note on Reading, Exercises and Sample Problems. Assignments have two main sections: Reading and.

A study of topics of special interest. It may be a continuation of intensive study of topics begun in the upper-level courses in analysis, topology, algebra, and probability. May be repeated for credit for a different topic. Topics include polynomials, solution of equations and inequalities, exponents and radicals, graphing, and solution of systems of equations. Offered every fall. A course in advanced algebra and trigonometry designed to prepare students for calculus. Topics include functions, inverse functions, logarithms, exponentials, and trigonometry. An introduction to the methodology of mathematical modeling as a technique in working towards the solution to real world problems. In an effort for the non-specialist to gain an appreciation of the use of mathematics in our society, topics are selected from among the following: A study of the theory of arithmetic, structure of the number systems, and other topics relevant to the teaching of mathematics in elementary schools. A continuation of MTH Topics include elementary probability, statistics, and geometry. Offered every spring. Calculus of functions of one variable.

Introduction to Higher Mathematics Credits: 3 A continuation of MTH which provides foundational background for upper-level courses in pure mathematics. Topics include advanced studies of relations including a review of equivalence relations, an introduction to partial order and total order relations; properties of the integers including divisibility, the notion of congruence, the Euclidean Algorithm, and the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic; properties of the real number system including axioms for the real numbers, subsets of the real number system including the integers, rational numbers, and irrational numbers , the completeness of the real number system; properties of sets and functions including cardinality, countable vs uncountable sets, the cardinal hierarchy of infinite sets and the Continuum Hypothesis.

Pre-Requisites MTH The Teaching of Mathematics in Middle Level and Secondary Schools Credits: 4 This course deals with educational perspectives that pertain to the teaching of mathematics at the middle and secondary levels grades 4 through Topics of discussion include recommendations by the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics NCTM regarding instructional methods, assessment, techniques, and curricular issues.

The course includes a hour practicum.

Offered in the fall semester of odd-numbered years. Real Analysis Credits: 4 A rigorous study of the topology of the real line, limits, continuity, differentiation, integration, and series of functions. Offered in the fall semester of even-numbered years.

Pre-Requisites MTH or consent of the instructor. Complex Analysis Credits: 3 Complex functions, limit, continuity, analytic functions, power series, contour integration, Laurent expansion, singularities, and residues.

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Offered when demands warrants. Abstract Algebra I Credits: 4 A rigorous study of elementary number theory, groups, rings, and fields. Geometry Credits: 3 A study of selected topics from Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometry. Offered in the fall semester of even-number years.

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National Open University of Nigeria. MTH MTH 1. Published By: This course is a 3-credit course and it is offered at the undergraduate level.

This course consists of 2-modules of 4 units each. This Course Guide tells you briefly what the course is all about, what materials you will be using and how you can walk your way through these materials. All Students in Education Majoring in Mathematics as teaching subjects are required to pass this course.