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Three months ago, I woke in a hospital ER. Poisoned. With no memory or money. The day I was discharged, my ER doc offered to let me move in with him and. Dec 24, Snow White And Her Seven Lovers. By Jenna Ives. Adult Erotica Available ebook formats: epub mobi pdf rtf lrf pdb txt html. First 15% Sample. Rated Otome Game called『Snow White and the Seven Lovers』and Escaping From the Princes With All My translated. Create your own ebook with Asianovel.

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Snow White And Her Seven Lovers Pdf

Snow White Terms of Use · Legal Notices · Privacy Policy · Your California Privacy Rights · Children's Online Privacy Policy · Interest-Based Ads. © Disney, All. snow white is a story about a girl, who once lived with a happy family. but, then it turns out that she now lives with a wicked queen, who her father married. she didn't like snow white, DEDICATE IT TO ME CUZ I LOVE GRUMPY FROM DISNEY:DDDD eBooks; Download Free eBooks · eBook Publishing / Self Publishing. Free Read: Excerpt from Snow White And Her Seven Lovers by Jenna Ives. April 13, By. I have the full permission of the author to post this free erotic.

When her prince comes, her dream could turn into a nightmare. An Enchanted story. It s not that Anais hates her new stepdaughter. She simply has bigger things on her mind, like birthing a son for the aging king. Temptation beckons in the mirror eyes of the king s huntsman, leading her down a path of dark desires until, by the time she realizes Rui s true nature, it is too la When her prince comes, her dream could turn into a nightmare. Temptation beckons in the mirror eyes of the king s huntsman, leading her down a path of dark desires until, by the time she realizes Rui s true nature, it is too late. Her heart is ensnared, and she will do anything to keep him in her arms. Especially when his roving eyes land on the princess and Anais s indifference turns to hate. Upon her father s death, the painfully shy Snow White quickly learns she can rely on no one least of all the stepmother she once hoped would become a friend. Surrounded by undercurrents of treachery she cannot hope to understand, she turns to her seven dwarven guards for guidance. Freed of their magical bindings, these small yet perfectly formed, handsome men vow to open her innocent eyes to the dangers of court politics and the ways of men. Yet lust is a cruel master, and Snow White s girlish longing for purest love could blind her to the destruction that waits to take a bite out of her dreams Warning: Contains explicit sex scenes between a queen and her lover, the lover and his male lover, and yes proof that size doesn t matter when it comes to true lust, er, love.

The writing was fabulous. The pace was perfect. The plot was engaging and kept me turning the pages. It was a fairly quick read that only took me a couple hours to finish. It's told all from Snow's POV. I kind of wish we would have gotten POV scenes from the huntsmen. Especially because they are just SO harsh in their treatment of Snow.

It was hard to believe at times they had any real feelings for her. Last, it was all wrapped up in a sweet if a little rushed ending. Like I mentioned above I think it would have been helpful had we gotten some POV from at least a few of them.

The book is fairly short and there are seven heroes so inevitably they all sort of felt a little underdeveloped to me. There was basically only one that I felt had any warmth to him.

Snow White - Wikipedia

Snow White longed for the beautiful apple, and when she saw that the peddler woman was eating part of it she could no longer resist, and she stuck her hand out and took the poisoned half. She barely had a bite in her mouth when she fell to the ground dead.

The queen looked at her with an evil stare, laughed loudly, and said, "White as snow, red as blood, black as ebony wood!

The dwarves shall never awaken you. It finally answered: You, my queen, are fairest of all. Then her cruel and jealous heart was at rest, as well as a cruel and jealous heart can be at rest. When the dwarves came home that evening they found Snow White lying on the ground. She was not breathing at all. She was dead.

They lifted her up and looked at her longingly. They talked to her, shook her and wept over her. But nothing helped. The dear child was dead, and she remained dead. They laid her on a bed of straw, and all seven sat next to her and mourned for her and cried for three days. They were going to bury her, but she still looked as fresh as a living person, and still had her beautiful red cheeks.

They said, "We cannot bury her in the black earth," and they had a transparent glass coffin made, so she could be seen from all sides. They laid her inside, and with golden letters wrote on it her name, and that she was a princess. Then they put the coffin outside on a mountain, and one of them always stayed with it and watched over her. The animals too came and mourned for Snow White, first an owl, then a raven, and finally a dove.

Now it came to pass that a prince entered these woods and happened onto the dwarves' house, where he sought shelter for the night. He saw the coffin on the mountain with beautiful Snow White in it, and he read what was written on it with golden letters. Then he said to the dwarves, "Let me have the coffin. I will give you anything you want for it.

I will honor her and respect her as my most cherished one. The prince had his servants carry it away on their shoulders.

But then it happened that one of them stumbled on some brush, and this dislodged from Snow White's throat the piece of poisoned apple that she had bitten off. Not long afterward she opened her eyes, lifted the lid from her coffin, sat up, and was alive again. The prince said joyfully, "You are with me. Come with me to my father's castle.

She kept the house neat and clean for the dwarfs, who went off early in the morning to search for copper and gold in the mountains, and who expected their meal to be standing ready for them when they returned at night. All day long Snow White was alone, and the good little dwarfs warned her to be careful to let no one into the house. Over the hills and far away, she dwells with seven dwarfs today.

She thought and thought how she might kill Snow White, for she knew she would have neither rest nor peace until she really was the most beautiful in the land. At length she decided what to do. Immediately the wicked creature laced her bodice so tightly that she could not breathe, and fell down upon the ground as though she were dead.

Snow White

When the dwarfs came home they were very grieved to find their dear little Snow White lying upon the ground as though she were dead.

They lifted her gently and, seeing that she was too tightly laced, cut the silken cord. She drew a long breath and then gradually came back to life. Now, take care in future that you open the door to none when we are not with you. Over the hills and far away, She dwells with seven dwarfs today.

They soon saw the poisonous comb, and drew it out of her hair, and almost immediately Snow White began to recover, and told them what had happened. Once more they warned her to be on her guard, and to open the door to no one.

Snow White

She knocked at the door. Snow White longed for the delicious-looking fruit, and when she saw that the woman ate half of it, she thought there could be no danger, and stretched out her hand and took the other part.

But no sooner had she tasted it than she fell down dead. The wicked queen laughed aloud with joy as she gazed at her. When the little dwarfs came home at night they found Snow White lying upon the ground. No breath came from her parted lips, for she was dead.

They lifted her tenderly and sought for some poisonous object which might have caused the mischief, unlaced her frock, combed her hair, and washed her with wine and water, but all in vain - dead she was and dead she remained. They laid her upon a bier, and all seven of them sat round about it, and wept as though their hearts would break, for three whole days. When the time came that she should be laid in the ground they could not bear to part from her.

Her pretty cheeks were still rosy red, and she looked just as though she were still living.

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