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I cant tell you what book. because max is big, no one book will cover it all. find out what you want to focus on and learn that. modeling. Being a 3ds Max artist myself for 13 years, I would not suggest “referring a book” to be the best way to learn it. Referring to Video Tutorials. Tutorials: Animation - Autodesk | 3ds Max Design, Engineering Tutorials Here you can learn the fundamentals of creating animation with 3ds Max Untitled.

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3ds Max Learning Book

From the very first pages, the users of the book will learn how to effectively use 3ds Max for modeling, shading, and lighting surfaces. The strength of this book is . This is a great book for getting started in 3DS Max 5. I am almost finished with it and have found it to be a great help in learning the program. Some areas could. Art books, 3d and 2d training, traditional and digital technique and art books for sale in 3dtotal's online shop.

I want to master this fast. Any other tutorials beside bible? May 24, 05 am Lukasz use it! What do you want to learn? I'd start with a book like Ted Boardman's. It will show you architectural stuff and guide you through the basics. He's also got a site with free video tutorials.

I even watched all the tutorial videos. Alright fine, i'm stupid. Discreet ships it out to Universities for professors who will be teaching the software. It is damn good. All sorts of tutorials covering the whole program in book form with an accompanying CD.

Highly recommended. May 24, 05 am edgararq. Be the same duration or longer. Hold the same accreditations as our course, i. Be in the same region, i.

To claim a price match, just call any time before attending your course and tell us where you saw the price. Our courses have been developed to teach you skills you can use in the real world, not pass an exam. Separately, and in addition to our training, you have the option of taking a certification exam that leads to an industry-recognised credential in 3ds Max. There are two levels of 3ds Max certification which are suitable for users at different stages in their careers: Autodesk Certified User and Autodesk Certified Professional.

Successful candidates receive: A personalised e-certificate PDF from Autodesk confirming their 3ds Max-certified status.

Best book to learn 3ds Max - Autodesk Community

An official Autodesk-Certified badge that you can use to market your skills, e. Autodesk Certified User ACU exam in 3ds Max Entry level exam covering the fundamental concepts and procedures in 3ds Max, as well as specific skills that are appropriate for ensuring a base level of proficiency in 3ds Max.

Qualification: Autodesk Certified User in 3ds Max. The author often exhibits a real talent for making basic concepts clear.


For instance, here's the beginning of the section on "Understanding Maps": To understand a material map, think of this example. Cut the label off of a soup can, scan it into the computer, and save the image as a bitmap. You can then create a cylinder with roughly the same dimensions as the can, load the scanned label image as a material map, and apply it to the cylinder object to simulate the original soup can.

Very basic, and I think very clear and intuitive even to someone who has never heard of a material map before. However, more advanced and much less intuitive material often follows hard on the heels of the basics. For instance, immediately following the above paragraph comes a section on "Different map types" that starts like this: Different types of maps exist.

Some maps wrap images about objects, while others define areas to be modified by comparing the intensity of the pixels in the map. An example of this is a bump map. A standard bump map would be a grayscale image -- when mapped onto an object, lighter colored sections would be raised to a maximum of pure white I suspect most beginners have fallen off the bus by this time.

If you were only going to download one book on 3ds Max, this might be it.

With dedication and persistence, you could theoretically go from know-nothing status into some moderately advanced territory using this book alone. However, I think you'd spend an awful lot of time plowing through material you didn't really understand.

Three Books on 3ds Max

Realistically, you'd probably be interrupting to try some hands-on in Max, read the documentation that comes with the software, search a forum to see if anyone else has ever had the same question that is puzzling you, and so on. Comments on site. Despite the author's often successful attempts to accommodate the beginner, I have to agree. The real strength of this book is its comprehensive nature.

It covers numerous topics e. Here they all are in one place, at a price that makes the book an excellent value.

So, I recommend Bible with some reservations for brave, dedicated beginners, but more so for intermediate users with a desire to widen and deepen their knowledge and skills.

Click the link to download: 3ds Max Bible 3ds Max Modeling for Games Even though this book does start simple and move into increasingly complex examples, I'd say it's basically for someone who wants to achieve professional level skills.

The rewards, not surprisingly, are commensurate.

Lots and lots of full color illustrations and the author's precise attention to detail make learning a lot easier. I don't always agree with the author's approach. For instance, in chapter 2, in which you model a fairly simple oil drum, the author makes extensive use of Booleans operations that add, subtract, and intersect objects.