How to stop firefox from ing pdfs

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Firefox has a built-in PDF viewer. We'll show you how to disable it and use another PDF viewer, like Adobe Reader, instead. This article will describe how Firefox handles downloads for different types of files and how you can change that behavior. For help changing the e-mail program that Firefox uses, see Change the program used to open email links. Open with: Saves the file to a temporary folder and. How do I stop Firefox from converting PDF files -> to "Firefox stuff") I'm downloading in my email. I just want to download PDF's without them.

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How To Stop Firefox From Ing Pdfs

we would have stuck with pdf'ing our webpages rather than trusting . And hundreds of thousands of users were using UnMht, so stop. After "Refresh"ing Firefox, it now by default saves a file with the page title, such as the following (example is Adobe Create PDF extension). All the files you download (including Audible audiobooks) are stored in a downloads folder designated by Firefox's download manager. Follow the steps below.

This article will describe how Firefox handles downloads for different types of files and how you can change that behavior. When you click a link to download a file, the Internet Media type , also called the MIME type or Content type, determines what action Firefox will take. You may already have an application or plugin installed that will automatically handle the download. Other times, you may see a dialog asking whether you want to save the file or open it with a specific application. When you tell Firefox to open or save the file and also check the option to "Do this automatically for files like this from now on" see below , a new Content Type and Action entry for that type of file will appear in the Applications panel Applications section of the General panel in Firefox Options Preferences. You can change what action Firefox takes for defined content types. This will not affect media embedded in a web page - only links to the files themselves. When you click on a link for a type of file that doesn't have a set content type and download action, Firefox will ask you how to handle the file:. If you are having problems with how Firefox is handling file downloads that you can't resolve, or if you just want to start fresh, you can restore the default content types and actions by manually deleting the file that stores these settings. Click the menu button , click Help and select Troubleshooting Information. From the Help menu, choose Troubleshooting Information. The Troubleshooting Information tab will open. Click the menu button and then click Exit Quit. Click the Firefox menu , then click Exit.

To test it out on a page, just click. If you would like something more customized for that particular site, there's a good chance it's possible, so feel free to ask. Thank you! Once I'd added the "Title Save" extension, the "Save File As" option showed the original filename which is how I want to save the files.

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Click into the Old Firefox Data folder on your desktop. Then you should see: If none seems obviously useful, try this instead: In the file, search for any part of the extension's name and you should see information such as the following example is Adobe Create PDF extension: If you skim through the parameters, hopefully you can find the full title.

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Have you tried Save File As.

And even if it were true, that's still a disgraceful slap in our face! I've got thousands of files saved in the Maff and Mht format which cannot be opened. I tried it, anyway and it doesn't even work. So now we're literally stuck with thousands of saved files that can't be opened. As for MHT files, although they technically can be opened with Internet Explorer , the link to the original page , which the fantastic UnMht add-on provided no longer works.

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And now, after being criticized for your absurd "Chosen Solution" answer, you have the damn nerve to insult us with your garbage about "few users" and blaming it on the developer of the add-on???? DUH No, it's Firefox and Mozilla's responsibility NOT to screw up the browser and literally create insurmountable headaches for thousands not a few as you ignorantly think , of users.

And hundreds of thousands of users were using UnMht , so stop making up stories and deal with the facts.

You're screwing your formerly loyal users. But I guarantee that you won't get the chance to do it to me again. I'm switching to Chrome, which is the exact opposite of what you clowns were hoping for and I never intend to even try Firefox again.

This the most disgraceful things I've ever seen any browser publisher do! Thanks for one of the dumbest answers I've ever seen and thanks for nothing, Mozilla.

Modified November 19, at 7: I'm not really sure what you expect. Mozilla never guaranteed support for add-ons, maff was developed by a third-party, it is no longer supported. I understand that this requires work to transition, but Firefox needed to stop supporting legacy add-ons to continue moving forward.

There is a reason no other browser supports the type of add-ons Firefox used it, it's not possible to have a fast, performant browser and have add-ons like that.

How to fix “Firefox is already running” error

Firefox should have integrated the option to save in maff format and not as a complement. Please, maff format in a great and should not die. Mozilla should take this seriously. I agree, but Mozilla never did have a "save page in one file" feature.

Our opinions can't rewrite history. No good crying over spilled milk from a decade and a half ago. As am "orphan" format Mozilla just never adopted it for the old Mozilla Suite or for Firefox.

Standards compliant has always been the "theme" with Mozilla. I used MAFF myself for a number of years after that extension was developed and found that the saved MAFF files didn't display too well in any other browser.

MAFF files seemed to display "stray artifacts" or corruption too often in IE and Opera, which IMO left the user open to a situation like this; where files that can't be read when the application that created them was discontinued, became incompatible with the host application that it was installed within, or "died" due to lack of popularity. I switched to the UnMHT extension back in pr for that exact reason; my concerns over the MAFF file format being discontinued at some time in the future.

Home Support Forum Firefox maff support discontinued. Support Forum. This thread was archived.

Please ask a new question if you need help. Chosen solution MAFF is a third-party extension, and the author has stated they are either unwilling or unable to update it to continue to support modern versions of Firefox. Read this answer in context 0.

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