Harvest of Corruption is centred on the venal acts of public servants in a country called Jacassa. The principal public servant in the play is Chief Haladu Ade Amaka, the minister of external relations. Corruption: Frank Ogodo Ogbeche shows how corruption permeates government. Thus,Harvest of Corruption is Ogbeche's effort at drawing our attention to the evils harvest of corruption by frank ogodo ogbeche pdf. Format: PDF – for PC, Kindle, tablet, mobile Harvest of Corruption is a play that captures the life and time of Haloho who graduated from higher institution of.

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Get this from a library! Harvest of corruption. [Frank Ogodo Ogbeche]. Page 1. Olosunde Oluyinka. Harvest of mtn-i.info display of madness of corruption in African countries. Literature Review. Humanities. Page 2. harvest of corruption press blogger, what is frank ogodo ogbeche style university of education winneba, harvest of corruption pdf s3.

Forgot Password? Corruption is one of the syndrome of African leaders ranging from those that are leading in small sectors to the political leaders. Many so called leaders have enrich themselves with the public wealth and as a result holding the lives of the masses in ransom. Consequently, the masses are living abject poverty as many graduates could not get good employment opportunity after they have graduated in the higher institutions of learning. The most terrible thing is that the so called masses friends the judicial arms of the government and the law enforcement agent Incahoot with the corrupt politicians have betrayed the trust of the masses through their unjust judgments and eventualy leave the masses in dilemma. Consequently, this paper seeks to show the display of madness of corruption and anarchism by many African leaders. Harvest of Corruption is a play that captures the life and time of Haloho who graduated from higher institution of learning and could not get good employment opportunity. As a result of the frustration of seeking and not finding a job, she eventually bargain her life of devotion to God for job opportunity. She comes across one of her class mates at the University who has been living a wayward life and was involving in one illicit act of examination malpractices and offer her body for marks. Coming in contact with Ochuole was another story for a godly Haloho, she introduces her to the minister of international Relation who promises her to make her as one of the protocols. Harvest of Corruption is a play that goes beyond the life and time of Haloho however, through the life of Haloho the playwright brings to bare the viral syndrome of corruption in Nigeria and African countries at large although the issue of corruption is not an exclusive of the western country even it is an heritage from the western culture because many African countries were colonized by the western people and consequently set the pace for incoming African leaders. Literature is a reflection of the society likewise Harvest of Corruption vividly portrays Nigerians society. The playwright Frank Ogodoh employs the literary techniques of satire, through which he was able to penetrate the leadership of Nigerian society and expose their foolishness of amassing wealth through illicit means. The playwright makes use of agricultural imagery. Looking at the title of the play, Harvest of Corruption, it is evident that the law of harvest cannot be denied in this life neither the rich nor the poor can reverse the law of harvest.

Surprised to see each, they started exchanging pleasantries. On hearing this, Aloho becomes worried about her predicament. Her thoughts border on why she is not able to secure a job, despite her good grade from the University. But, her classmate, Ochuole, whose recklessness in the school made her to graduate with second class lower, now works with a minister. She jumps into blaming God for leaving her to suffer such fate.

Summary of Harvest of corruption by Frank Ogodo | Kaweonline

After her lamentations, Ochuole promises to help her secure a job in the ministry if she, Aloho, is ready to work. Ochuole tells her to report in the ministry by am the next day to meet with the honourable minister. Aloho returns home to Ogeyi her friend. She told her friend about the encounter with Ochuole and how Ochuole promises to help her with a job. Ogeyi tells Aloho to decease from having anything to do with Ochuole because Ochuole is a bad person.

Contrarily, she stands on her words to go and see the minister the next day. Ogeyi went on to persuade her to decline the job offer because not all that glitters is gold. Aloho comes to Akpara hotel to meet with Ochuole. The proprietress welcomes her. As they were discussing, Ochuole informs Madam Hoha of her plans to secure a job for her friend Aloho in the ministry of External relations, and she has asked Aloho to come and see the minister.

Ochuole orders for a beer and a plate of pepper soup and Twenty thousand Naira for her sick mother in the village. Chief appreciates the police man by praying some money just as he always does. The commissioner is not happy about the report of illegal activities he gets that occurs in the ministry of external relations.

The commissioner advices Chief to refrain from such negative acts and get his hands cleaned. Chief Ade persuades the commissioner not to worry.

As he leaves, he offers the commissioner a bundle of money. Having suspicion that Chief is about carrying out another illegal business, the commissioner quickly contacts him to provide more money for the boys — police men — so as to have their mouths sealed and cover up for the Chief.

The minister agrees to bring more money and as well promises to lobby to make the commissioner an inspector general of police on the condition that he the minister will have absolute loyalty from him and his boys as he continues with his crimes.

ACP yakubu is seen in his office surfing over cases of embezzlement, smuggling and drug trafficking in the ministry of external relations. As such he vows to bring all the corporates to book.

Just as he is still working on the cases, a mad man is heard creating a scene downstairs, shouting and raining curses on no one in particular. During their investigation tour in the ministry of external relations, Inspector Inaku comes across Ayo, a staff in the ministry of external relations, who promises to secretly get them files and documents which will provide evidence of illegal activities in the ministry on the condition that they will pay him the sum of two thousand Naira only.

As Ayo collects the two thousand Naira bride, he offers the documents to the police men. There Aloho explains herself to the Minister as well as the details of her qualification in mass communication. After the meeting, she is asked to submit an application the next morning.

She is then employed as one of the protocol officers to the Minister. Chief also informs Mrs. Obi about their new staff. He tells Ochuole to come and meet him in their usual spot.

Aloho arrives home to break the good news to her friend Ogeyi, but Ogeyi frowns and advices Aloho to refuse the job. Of course the advice falls on deaf ears. There Aloho is informed of her first assignment to the United States of America to deliver an important document to a business partner. Aloho gets uncomfortable with this job. As she gets home to inform Ogeyi. Once again she advices her to decline the assignment but Aloho refuses. Chief Ade, the minister hands the delivery package over to Aloho and warms her of the importance attached to the portfolio.

At the checking counter, the customs open the brief and discover wraps of cocaine inside it. This shocks and startles Aloho. The customs hands her over to the drug law enforcement agency. Chief hears of the new development and quickly runs to visit Justice Odili in his chamber.

The justice blames Chief for negligence on not protecting Aloho. Chief also blames the custom officers on his payroll for neglecting their duty at the right time.

Harvest of corruption

He also pleads with the judge to rescue the poor girl and acquit the case. He promises to give Odili some money. Both men came to the agreement of one million. As such the justice agrees to Discharge and acquit the case for the want of evidence. Aloho looks emaciated as she stands arraigned in the court. As the judge called for the case, the prosecuting Council appears to be absent in the court.

Leveraging on this, Justice Odili went ahead to discharge and acquit Aloho. ACP yakubu, laments bitterly on why the judge frees Aloho. There, constable Ojo comes in and both men discusses on the level of corruption in the country and how the judiciary has become a tool in the hands of the corrupt rich men and women. After explaining to Ogeyi, she also complains about the level of decay in our government. She goes on to encourage Aloho to put her past behind and gather herself together for a better tomorrow.

Aloho tells Ogeyi about her relationship with Chief Ade which has resulted to a pregnancy. Then she exclaims that her own harvest of corruption has started. At this juncture, Ogeyi stands shocked. She wonders on what happened to the Christian girl in Aloho.

Aloho intends to abort he foetus, but Ogeyi advices her otherwise. Though she agrees to pay any amount for the abortion, the doctor knows that such abortion is very delicate. The doctor tells Aloho to go and come back after two weeks since he is not able to convince her to accept the pregnancy.

Aloho and Ogeyi visit wuse market to make some downloads. There in the market, Aloho feels so tired. She tells Ogeyi about the dreadful dream she had days back.

Ogeyi mitigates her fears on the dream by advising her to pray before visiting the hospital again. On the other hand, she also advices Aloho to keep the pregnancy. But, Aloho will not listen to the second advice because of what her parents will say on the pregnancy after suffering the shame of her drug peddling. Visiting the hospital again for the abortion, the doctor receives a call for an emergency.

Aloho has to leave the hospital since her goal of coming is unsuccessful and there is no doctor to attend to her. Obi, Alice and Ayo are discussing the current office trend regarding Aloho and co. Obi refers to the event as a period of harvest for the Minister and his cohorts. Inspector Inaku is ordered to listened to her complaints. After her complaints, Inaku reports to his boss that the girl has relevant information on Chief Ade and his incessant criminal acts.

Acp Yakubu intends to gather all the evidence gathered on Chief Ade and submit them to the Presidency for the state security service to start their own investigations. Ogeyi is seen in her room trying once again to discourage Aloho from terminating her pregnancy. Aloho narrates how the doctor was unable to carryout the abortion on two occasions. This, Ogeyi replies, shows that you should keep the pregnancy rather than aborting it.

In addendum, she also advices Aloho to go home to her parents so that they will take care of her and the pregnancy.

As the proceedings is going on, Ogeyi and Inspector Inaku are called upon to testify as witnesses. When called to answer his case, Chief Ade claims that the charges are parts of the plot by his enemies to disgrace him out of office. His defense counsel also tries to defend him too. At the end, after the jury has prepared their verdict, the registrar reads out the conclusion to the accused persons.

Finally, the judge reads out his judgement. Justice Odili and the commissioner of police are sentenced to 25 years imprisonment with hard labour. Ayo, for giving out government secrets for a bribe of two thousand Naira is sentenced to five years imprisonment. After the judge hit the table with gavel, the prisoners are lead away by a police man. Harvest of corruption is a play that creatively mirrors the culture of corruption in our country by trying to point out how it flows in our government offices.

It also shows the life of an average Nigerian graduate and his ordeals. It is a satire for the whole Nigeria and the world in general. Aloho is arrested and detained for drug trafficking. Upon her release, she suddenly realizes that she is pregnant for Chief Haladu- Amaka and eventually dies during child-birth. OCHUOLE ochuole is of average height who likes to wear "a tight mini skirt with an equally dark red designer shoes" p.

She is said to be "gregarious Ochuole is free-willed, a bit on the talkative side. Her idea of a city is where "oranges" beg for plucking as soon as "they are ripe" p. By implication that is just what she has been doing sinee,arriving Jabu, the capital of Jacassa. Her "heydays in the university" p. Aloho was to tell ogeyi about Ochuole when she describes the latter as "that girl who was almost making herself a nuisance on the campus" p. She had been "that girl who caused a lecturer's suspension for leaking examination papers" p.

She urges Aloho to spare her "anot of your crusade sermons She is one made to eat her cake "and still have it' p.

She promises to "put a word for you Aloho to my Minister" because she is very sure "he will not say no" p. She is the Minister's mistress, his confidante, business partner and corrupt outlet. Ochuole is the most influential person in Chief's life who could easily extract money at will from him, and a been notice too. Although Aloho's designation at work is Protocol Officer, she has simply been employed to be a drug carrier.

Apart from manipulating Chiefto do her bidding, she subjects Aloho to do her own will. Such is the high-voltage manipulation over Aloho that the latter in tears narrates her ordeal to Ogeyi in these words: "Ogeyi, what pains me most is that in all this drama, I am not even given a chance to choose my own role to play" p.

Almost as Aloho is given the new job, she is quickly asked to travel to the United States with an ill-fated suitcase. The newly employed is astonished and in a protesting voice asks her: "You never mentioned any trip to USA as part of my job. What is all this about? She cajoles Aloho with "Come on cheer up, now you have it don't lose it" p. She reveals to Ogeyi later that she was "even lured into having affair with Chief p.

Chief Chief has a protruding stomach that his friends fondly call him "the pregnant chief. He has a round face which is said to be constantly covered with sweat "no matter the weather p l4.

He is said to breathe heavily whether he is awake or asleep. As for his gait, he "walks like a man who has an enlarged scrotum" p. This no doubt paints a picture of corruption, the image of social decay as represented in one person alone.

He is the Hon. Minister in charge of External Relations.

We are never treated to the real nature of his work as a Minister. We see him run after girls, order food and drinks in Akpara Hotel which he also uses as the warehouse for his cocaine deals.

He is painted as a spendthrift who asks Madam Hoha to "just serve yourself whatever you want and add the bills" p. He enjoys the warmth of women's company. At Akpara Hotel he orders for "two bottles of big stout," p. When Ochuole complains of money to settle her mother's hospital bill, he "draws his portfolio nearer to himself presses the buttons open and pulls out a bundle of money which he throws on her laps" p.

We later learn that he puts Aloho in the family way shortly after coming in contact with her Chief is both the grower of corruption and the reaper of its outcome. He briefs the Police Commissioner and Justice odili on basis that they will protect him against the dictates of the law.

This way he runs his hard drug business unmolested, and when one of his carriers Aloho is caught at the airport, Justice Odili organizes a Kangaroo hearing and releases the culprit in a matter of days.

He divests the Ministry of huge sums of money and converts government workers into his direct servants and agents in his nefarious deals. In the end, he receives a very long term. About to face the law, he loses his nerves. He asks the SSS people who come for him to give him "time to pull" himself together.

Earlier, he had tried to be bold by asking them: "Who are you and who the hell is your Chief that you should come into my office and behave as if the world is in your pockets? I am not feeling well'" p When he is about to be sentenced, he pleads for leniency and informs the court that "my entire village and local government depend on me" p.

As if the jail for those who are not married, Chief further pleads, "Show mercy My Lord, I have a family p-l-e-a s e' p. Aloho lives with Ogeyi in her small apartment in Pannya. She seeks justice for Aloho by reporting Chief to the police. She is the voice of reason in the play. The hotel is where Chief perpetuates his criminal activities.

She is sentenced to ten years imprisonment with hardlabour along with Ochuole and her hotel was sealed. He stands out as an incorruptible and honest police officer. He is a bare-faced liar who claims not to know about the embezzlement in the Ministry until he is bribed hank you.

We are informed that he is "slim and hungry-looking, but well-dressed with a white shirt over apair black trousers and a black tie to match. His shoes are slightly needful of repair at the sides, having been "chopping alignment p A satire is a literary work that exposes vices, follies, abuses, and shortcomings with the intent of shaming individuals, corporations, government or society itself, into improvement. Through this play, Frank Ogbeche condemns the ills and foibles of the contemporary Nigerian society.

Harvest of Corruption illustrates how corruption permeates the fabric of the Nigerian society and affects institutions like the police force, the judiciary, and government ministries.

Harvest of Corruption is also a tragedy. A tragedy is a play portraying the suffering of the main character, especially one concerning the downfall of the main character and having an unhappy ending.

Aloho endures years of joblessness, struggles to get a job, gets arrested for drug trafficking and eventually dies in her struggle to make ends meet.

The play is set in Jabu, a fictional Nigerian city. The play was written during the period of transition to democratic government.

Summary of Harvest of corruption by Frank Ogodo

Aloho is the main character in the play. Aloho is arrested and detained for drug trafficking. Upon her release, she suddenly realizes that she is pregnant for Chief Haladu-Amaka and eventually dies during child-birth. She is portrayed as notorious and wayward. She lures Aloho into drug trafficking in the guise of helping her to secure a job with the Ministry of External Relations.

He is the Minister of External Relations and the epitome of corruption in the play. He is the ring leader of a criminal network of drug peddlers.

He engages in bribery, large scale embezzlement of public funds, sexual immorality and fraud. His character is ironical. On the contrary, Chief Haladu-Amaka through his many vices portrayed his country in a bad light. Aloho lives with Ogeyi in her small apartment in Pannya. She seeks justice for Aloho by reporting Chief to the police. She is the voice of reason in the play. Madam Hoha is the proprietress of Akpara Hotel.

The hotel is where Chief perpetuates his criminal activities. She is sentenced to ten years imprisonment with hard labour along with Ochuole and her hotel was sealed. He stands out as an incorruptible and honest police officer. This is the central theme of the play.

The main idea is that a man reaps what he sows. All the corrupt characters are brought to book in the end. Chief is convicted and sentenced to twenty-five years in imprisonment with hard labour and ordered to refund the embezzled funds.

This punishment is his harvest of corruption. The humiliation suffered by Aloho for drug trafficking, her pregnancy and death also portray her harvest of corruption.

This is their harvest of corruption. Justice Odili and the Commissioner of Police are sentenced to twenty years in imprisonment for receiving bribe. Ayo, the clerk is also punished as he is sentenced to five years imprisonment for receiving a bribe.

The author illustrates the bribery, large-scale embezzlement in official quarters, drug trafficking, sexual immorality perpetuated by highly placed personalities who are supposed to be policy makers and law enforcement officers. Frank Ogodo Ogbeche shows how corruption permeates government institutions and every fabric of the society as well as the devastating effect corruption has on our everyday life.

Chief Haladu-Amaka, the Minister of External Relations betrayed the trust reposed in him by virtue of the public office he holds through large-scale embezzlement of public funds, forgery, fraud and bribery. The author advocates a political, social and moral re-birth. Have fun while you read. download this literary mug. Capture the moment. I do not know any physical bookstore in Delta but you can download from our bookstore at http: The book would be delivered to you in Delta state.

This is a good write -up for our youths who have no access to books. Thanks, a pointer to further achievement. Thank you. I strongly encourage students to read the text. Any way,the book is so interesting and it gives me pleasure to read it in a number without times. LOVE U. Thank you very much ma.

I extoled your dexterity. This is really awesome!!.. I Really appreciate your efforts.. Jah Bless Yhu Ma!!

Thank you Dayo Okubule, for the work well done. May God bless you as you help and encourage students to read. My regard to Frank Ogodo Ogbeche. Kudos 2 you ma for d plot of the book. More grease to ur elbow and keep it up ma. LUV U. A brilliant work senior learned colleague, i equally share same passion with you and i wish we talk.

I am very happy and excited to have discovered this your web. I will at the end pray that may god shape away the negative part of our lives ,protect and hinder us from the evil acts of the evils. Thanks great job.

I really love literature coz it iz abt life. It is my aim nd my desire to get A1 in literature and all e order subject. Am proud to be a literature student. It is my fervent prayer dat oneday l will be lyk Birago Diop in which l will more emphasis on Africans culture coz I love it vry much.

Readers are leaders…….

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