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English World Level 2 develops children as confident communicators in English through a wide range of activites that reinforce reading and writing skills. Worksheets and teacher's notes for Units of Level 2. Worksheets. Level 2, Unit 1 Worksheet. Downloadable student worksheet. View PDF. Download. English World 2 Pupils Book - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. macmillan English world 2 pupils book.

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Macmillan English World 2 Pdf

adventure – an adventure in learning English! Get ready! Here we Songs with a World Lesson 2. Workbook page 5. Grammar Where's the cafe? Can you tell. The English World Workbook 2 continues on the fun and engaging activities from the Pupil's Book helping to reinforce the exercises completed. The English World Pupil's Book 2 contains twelve units. Each requires eight teaching sessions and is designed to be taught over a two-week.

English World is a level course designed for children learning English as a first foreign language. Children begin at the first stages of language learning and progress year by year towards a high level of competency in written and spoken English. In the lower levels, grammar and vocabulary are introduced at a steady pace and then practised and recycled systematically. This approach is designed to give all learners, whether they have daily exposure to English or not, a sound knowledge of structures and meaning, and the ability to use the language actively from the start. The methodology of the course encourages communication in the classroom, backed up by a wide variety of practice exercises to reinforce reading and writing skills. It aims to give learners confidence in speaking natural English fluently and in writing with accuracy and appropriately for the purpose. The course offers not only essential activities in the key language skills but also includes practice of study skills which assist children in developing their proficiency as individual learners. Teachers will find this course practical and useable because: the methodology is clear and easy to follow teaching materials are provided so that extensive preparation is not required step by step guidance is given for every lesson built-in flexibility makes the course appropriate for a variety of different teaching situations grammar is presented clearly and taught actively to build confidence and develop accuracy classroom activities, including songs, games and rhymes, are designed to engage children whilst developing their skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking.

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No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. English world grammar 1. Making Things Better for You! Grammar Intro 2. Grammar Drills 3. Grammar in Conversations 4. Grammar Videos 5. What haveyou got in gourpencilc ase? Grommortn conversotion 1 Motch. Theseare mg books and this is mrJpencilcase.

What hoveUougot ln gourschool bag? Thisis o gome. Thesechitdrenore sittingst cltob[e. Thereqre numbersin the squores. Thesegirlsore holdinghonds. The Thegqre jumpingond loughing. Thegirl is throwing the boll.

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Con he cotch it? Thegore runningondshouting. Thereis o stonein one squore. Theg Thegore plogingo gome. Thegqre skippingroundqnd ore singing. Thesmoll bog is looking ot it. Thesechildrenhqvegot o bqll. Two Con gou ptogthis sre wotchingquietlg. I conwrite mUnome with the letterson the line. Phonics O r i. I concountto nine. Numberthe Pictures.

I con rideo bike. O Listenond point. Bogsond girls! Jumplike me! Listening I Look! In thepark 2 O Listen. He Ls Lruq.

In theployg'qu! Tra I.. Good mornLng. IU What cln aou do Look"of this.. Jf tilt tl rttI''tl r ttf I il tl ll. A D ffi dE 1 I likegropes. N Shelikesbasketbatt. Grammor I Thegtike bananas. Theflowersore beoutifut. AmUis cutting outtheflowers. He is usingpencitsondpoints. Muu hirthdaY. Sheis sticking thef[owerson greenpoper. Butthegcon mokeflowers! Theghovegot poper. Thereore ten flowers.

Somis writingon thecord. NowAmUis usinggtue. Thegore pinkondpurpte. TheUore blueond ge[[ow. Mumis verghoppU. Sheis usingscissors. Thegore orongeondred. Mokeo bluenose. Usethe bluestohe. Jimhosgot o bluestone. Jimhosgot o bluecube.

Putthe bluenose. L 2 O Listen. Phonics Look and. Lte Unit 3 Reodingcomprehension. Up to the skU. Listen qnd sing. Swingh igh. Up to the sku ond down to the ground.

English World 2. Teacher's Guide [PDF] - Все для студента

RoundUou go. DcrdLson the sofcr. SarncrndArnuare tl"rinkinq. Dad Likes He ccrnnotplau C o m p o s i t i o no: Write the dog on the picture. Dodond Somore plogingwith o boll. Thechildrenore helpingGrondpo. Dod is corrgingo bog ond o footboll. Theg ore cleoningthe cor. Somis pointing. Amg is plogingo gome. Amuis holdingo bosketboll. Amg is mokingo picture. A--A F! Mum is helpingAmg. It is Mondog.

I Usethesethings: I fcr-ur ' -! Usethe glue. Mg rnurnlikesflowers. Theseflowersare prettg. Moke o long. Point it green. Write obout it. TheUore red. I can rnakeflowers. Stickthe tube. You con mokeflowers. Mg CrandrnaLikesflowers. Somond AmUcon mokeflowers. Ohl Wonderfut! Grommor I Look! Doesshelikethe dress?

Do gou [ike swimmLng? Do Uoulikesports? MJ ondsou. Theboy sondols. Thisboylikes shirl. These oreclothes shorts Heisweoring footboll. Sheisweoring troiners. Reoding doyoulilte? Whotclothes forhotweother. Hehosgotlongsocks ondo footboll boots.

Sheisweoring Thisgirllikes doncing. These oreclothes Theboy T-shirts. Sheconhop Shecondonce ondskipquickly. Theboyis weoring Hehosgotthickshoes. These oreclothes o dress. I om weartng my il shoes troiners shorts jocket trousers Todagit ls hot. The clown with the blockflog is reodingoloud. Todagit ls ralnlng. C Listen. I am wearLngmU I am pl.

The clown with the blueclockis undero cloud. The clown with the flower is runningin the roin. Circlethe clothestheg qre weoring. Pitter-potterroindrops Follingfrom the sku. UndermUumbrello I om worm ond drg! To school. A jocket Listening ffit. Closscomposition ook! Theyhavegot thickboots.

Look of the pictures. Write obout the clothes. Tqlk qbout the clothes. I ' r-' What do Uou do ln the afternoon? Listenqnd sog. I And then? Fur -. Can I srng? I sing aLl. Theg sing. What tlme do Uouget up in the morninq? I go to bedat nlne o'ctock. Grommorin conversotion 1 Look! What'sthe tlme? I - t F"- '- ft's threeo'c[ock. Thonkgou verUmuch. Whatdo qoudo ofterschoot? I do mUhomework and I wotchTV.

He looks c a r e F u lal yt t h e spaces[a[ion. IJ- ostronout spocestotion a phone people to lk An astronaut in space N e d B r o w ni s a n a s t r o n a u t. He ge[sup at seveno'clock. H e h a sn o r gor a TV Ar reno'clock. ReodingC -g r?

I con drow o brown crown. I con drow o browntree. A 1 Whot is NedBlown? I con drow o greencrown. CircleonswerA or B. I con drow o greentree. Go to bed! Ten o'clock. Get up! Write the letters. O Listenond drqw lines. Unit5 Sequencing Go to bed! It'sten o'clockin the evening.

It'ssixo'clockin the morning. Write qbout whqt Ted does. Reodthe questions. Whot doeshe do in the morning? Wheredoeshe run? Who doeshe tolk to? Whendoeshe eot lunch? When doeshe plog footboll? Whot does he weor? Classcompositiqt Look! A'd ft's got a [itttehat on lts head. Whoserabbitis thot? Listenqnd squ. Lookat our mum! What's Biffo doing? Theg'vegot toyson theirfeet.

Listenqnd retrd.. This[s his hand. Unit 6 his. Ask qnd qnswer. F Pointond squ. What cotourare thelr noses? Theirnosesare red. Listento mg riddle. Whoseare theg? Whose jacketis this? Thanks Listenond sog. Listento mU riddle.: Con Uou onswerme? Its legsore four greg trees Its noseis o long. EE' Showme. Herethey come! Clop yourhonds.

Here'sfhe bond! Con you heorthe trumpets? Thirty-seven trumpets! Someore big ond someore tiny. Stomp your feef.

English World 2. Teacher's Guide

Wove your orms. Flutesond trumpets. Sfomp your feef. Theyore big ond noisy. Woveyour orms. Clop your honds. ReodingC Here'sthe bqnd! Con you heorthe drums? Twenty-one drums!

Theyore yellowred ond blue. Allof them ore gold ond shiny. Here's fhe bond! Con you heor the flutes? On Dod'sshoulders. Woveyour crrms. We don't likespiders. Write Yesor lVo. Phonics O Look and. Reodingcomprehension I Reod the sentences. I om the musicmoh. I con ploUthe piono And this is how I ploU. I'm woving Hooroy! The big bross bond We're clopping our honds. I'm woving Now I The big hond. We're up ond down. Lookf I Reqdthe poem. Chooseo word for eqchline. We'te up and down.

The brossbond Is coming to town. At two o'clockJockplogsthe pionoond he sings. Theseois blueond the sunis shining. Jockiscleoningthe Thereis ship. The porrotis doncingond tolking. O -' U Look! Whqt ore these? Whoseqre theg? Jockhosgot two pictures. At 9 o'ctockhe cteansthe ship. Jockhosgot o pictureof hismum. Squawkf i: Where qre theg?

Mg dou ock. Drow pictures. Units At At nlneo'cLock scl"rool. I l"ravebreakJcrst I get up crt slx o'cL at seveno'clock. Project2 AT eigl"rto'clocklgo to I write Lnrngbook. There's bread. TheA'rein this basket. There'swater ln the jug.

Thereore sandwiches Point qnd sou. What elsehave Uougot? I 3 C Listenqnd sqg. What have Uou got ln Aour lunchbox? Have Uou got a. Grommorin conversotion olwogs 1 C Listenqnd sog. I atwauseat sondwichesfor [un ch. In November it iscold andDecember again. They areverypretty. Weseelightning andwe hearthunder. Thesun shines brightly andtheskyis blue. We swimandwe eaticecreams. Therearepinkand whiteflowerson thetrees. Thereisa rainbowin thesky. In the it isdark. There aresevencolours in a rainbow.

In MarchandAprilit oftenrains. Sometimes it isfoggy. In September it is andOctober sometimes windy. Sometimes thesunshines. Thereareyellow evening lightsin thestreets andin the houses. Sometimes it snows. In MayandJunethereareflowers in our gardens. In JulyandAugust it is hot. Reodingcomprehension I Circlethe correctmonth. In o pink hond. Reqdthe sentences. Thereiso storm. Themonth is Themonthis 5 lt isverghot. Themonthis q Thereore prettgflowersin the gorden.

Themonthis September. We ore eotingicecreoms. Here'so pink elephont. Morchingwith the bond. Themonthis Phonics O Look and. Here'so pink drink. Themonthis April. Unit7 ffi. Thesunshinesin April. Mg birthdou'sin December. Listening What are Amg and Sam doing? Morchond April Februorg.

I likeAugust. Julgond August. Closscomposition Look! Write qbout the two months. We weclr Io ll I!. Todagwe're [n shorts and T-shlrts.. Look ever there!

Look over there! Thetrears are veru brg. It's h. Look at thosegtraffes!

English World 2. Teacher's Guide

This ls fantasticl I can seezebrasand monkegs. I Shewas. I Ask qnd qnswer. Whot'sthe tlme? Look at mU wotch. I urommor rn conversollon? What'sthe tlm ft'stwo o'ctock. Itsheodwos big. It wosnine o'clock intheevening. It woso vergfunngmonster!

Nowit is seveno'clock. Lookof John's book. Johniswoking up. Itsnosewos round. D ReadinsoJtl? Yesterdou Johnwosin bed. A monster woson John'sbedbutJohnwosnot scored. Itshoirwos block. It wosholfposteleven. Hisbookwoson thebed. It woso funng book. It wosholfpostten. Whotis in it?

L dr-. It wosuglubutit wosfriendlg. Themonsteris noton John'sbednow. It is morning. The gueenweorso silverbelt. Countthe gold. Underlinethe wrong sentences. A monsterwosunderJohn'sbed. It wosholf postnine. Helpthe king.

Holdthe gold. Yesterdog Johnwosin bed. Johnwosnot osleep. Coldmilk ond old gold. Phonics O Look and listen! Readingcomprehension 1 Reod. TheUwere toll. TheUwere green. TheUwere good. Theg were short. TheUwere hoppu ond sod. TheUwere smoll. The wonderful monstersfrom Mors.

I O Lookot the pictures. TheUwere oll in mU heod! The wonderful monstersfrom Mors! Theg morchedthrough the town. TheUwere oronge ond red. TheUwere big. Listening ffi ffi Yesterdag afternoonJoe wos at home. TheUwere bod. I Look qt the pictures. Closscompositiq Its qrrnswerelongbut its l. Jon'sln front of me. What'sthat in the sky? Stondnext to me. Where'sthe fish? The whate is next to the boat. The whale ls behindthe boat. Therewere two birdson the house. I Whatcan Uouremember?

Therewos a house. Therewere th. It Listenond reqd. Therewereo hundredtitttefish! We ore! Yesterdou Are Uouhovingo greothotidog? It wosfontostic! Therewereten gregdotphins. TheUwere noisg. Therewosone hugerock. Thissnokeconswimin the seo. It wospinkondbtue. Thegweren'tfriendtgondI wosscored! Therewerelotsof titttefish. Therewereshorksbehindthe rocks. Ben Subject: Theoquorium Hi Ben.

Whotore Uoudoingtodog? Pleosesendon emoil. Nextto it therewoso verulongbtockond gettow It wos snoke. Therewoso beoutifutjetlgfish. Do goutikethem?

I om sendingUouthesepictures. Behindthe rockwerethreeredfish. I 'i Phonics C I listen! Underthe rocktherewos o blockond gellowsnoke. In front of the rocktherewoso beoutifuljellgfish. Findthe correctpicture. Nextto the blockrocktherewoso big silverfish.

ConUouseeo greentree ond o monkeg'spinkfeet? It sleepsin thot tree with o cokeond o sweet. A jell gfish. Sommgthe soilor. Whot con Sommgsee? Whot conSommusee? Whot con Sommusee? Soilingon the seo. Listening lovethe seal. Sommuthe soilor. He conseethe seo! A fish. A whole. Liketl're ieLLf isl"i. Reodthe sentences. Lookof the pictures. Finish the emoil. Theu ore re. It wasfqntastic! Closscomposition Lookl Yesterdaywe wereqt th e aXuqriurn.

YesterdaWC wbre crt tl"reariirncrl crrk. Theonimolpork Hi Scrrn Thrcrnksfor the plcturesof fhe cLquclrlurn. TUnnu 1. Yesterdog Somond Amg were on o boot. Thereis breod. AmUwotchedthem for o longtime.

Thereore lots of beoutifulonimols. Amg'sdod pointedto the dolphinsond the wholes. RW Whqt qnimqlswere in the seq gesterdog? Where were theg? Somond AmU ore of the onimol pork.

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