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Shop our entire collection of Manhattan Prep GRE courses, books, and resources . Whether you're just figuring out how to study for the GRE or are already in the. Books · Prep Packages · Online Resources · Self Study · Official Guides For the GRE · Practice Materials. tests. GMAT · GRE · LSAT · SAT / ACT · Executive. Manhattan Prep GRE Set of 8 Strategy Guides (Manhattan Prep GRE Strategy 5 lb. Book of GRE Practice Problems: 1,+ Practice Problems in Book and.

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Manhattan Gre Book

Manhattan GRE Set of 8 Strategy Guides, 2nd Edition (Manhattan GRE Strategy Included in this all-in-one set are books devoted to each of the test's major. Updated ******* The Korean hackers sample question papers are included too. Manhattan 8 Books. I would have done very bad if not for Manhattan's 5 pound book. I recommended it to all my friends while studying from it and after the GRE too.

Go there now. Burn all your other prep books! Were money not an issue, I could say this with confidence. That is not to say that Manhattan GRE is perfect though it comes close in the math portion. And, of course, money is an issue. This arboreal decimation explains the price. Each book is based on certain GRE concept areas. Another covers quantitative comparison and data interpretation. Within each book, concepts are broken up into chapters. Other prep companies treat most concepts superficially and provide few pertinent practice problems. While this may sound trivial, staring an unruly forests of facts and figures can quickly drive one batty. By the time you get to the end of each book, you will have been exposed to the range of concepts tested on the Revised GRE and been given ample opportunity to practice. With these books you will actually learn. They also offer a free online practice test.

Reading Comprehension also contains some flaws. Doing a smattering of verbal practice from this book might not hurt much, but relying solely on this book for verbal would be a big mistake.

Yet, many of the math questions in here are much better than those found in books by other test prep companies. Still, there are some low-quality questions scattered in the mix, but really: I also like how the questions are roughly arranged in terms of difficulty so you can move your way up. On a side note: Jump around a little, circling back to sections you learned previously. As I noted in the beginning, many questions were removed, specifically in the math section.

For solid quant practice this book offers a trove of practice. Hi just want to know about the difference between the official ETS guide book and the Manhattan prep book , in other words would i need them both? Because of this, you can expect the questions in the OG to be very similar to the ones on the real test. For Manhattan, that may not be the case all the time.

In general, Manhattan does a fairly good job of emulating the kinds of questions that show up on the test. With that said, the Manhattan books are always good for extra practice.

I am now collecting all the required informations and materials for the said exam. Can you suggest a study plan and some useful materials which might help me. I recommend you first check out our suggested study schedules here. There are 1-, 3-, and 6-month study schedules that will take you through Magoosh lessons and practice as well as other recommended resources. And to help you determine how long you should study, check out this post: I am planning to give the exam again after a month.

I used all the best material out there- Manhattan 5 Lb for maths and Barons for verbal along with the ETS official guide. Can you please recommend what changes I should make in my material to refer this time.

But, we can help get you on the right path. If you want to get a better sense of what we have to offer, I would suggest signing up for our free 1-week GRE trial.

Manhattan GRE Books Review – #1 Book in GRE Test Prep

This will allow you to see how the site works and try out a selection of lesson videos and practice questions. At the same time, I would look at our pre-made study schedules to structure your retake or at least to help give you some ideas! The 1-Month Daily Study Schedule may be your best fit! Best of luck, Sheetal! Hi my name is Chandika Kiran. I saw for materials to prepare…ie one is Manhattan gre 5lb and other one is Official GRE book of 2nd edition. These both the books I have downloaded in the form of pdf to mobile.

But the book Manhattan gre 5lb is published in the year But i need the latest edition of book of Manhattan GRE 5lb…. So can please help me for the latest perfect material one and only material for preparing for GRE exam and to Score very good marks and take GRE exam in I need a one n only perfect latest edition material for Scoring in GRE both in general test and in subject test, for appearing GRE exam in year Can u please help me in this. Thank you! Nice choices! The GRE has changed very little since , especially when it comes to Quant.

Still, if you want the very most recent Manhattan resource, I recommend the second edition of the Manhattan 5 Lb. Now, as I said, Manhattan and the OG are great materials. Successful tst takers use good GRE preparation content form many sources. This blog is one good source. There are tons of good sources for GRE reading practice too. So certainly stick with some good books, such as Manhattan, the OG, and other books of similar quality. But be open to using any materials that may help you.

I completed the first edition of Mgre 5lb , Is it advisable to complete the second edition as well before taking the test? The best way to gauge whether you are where you want to be would be to take a mock exam. From this, you can see how much more preparation you require and how you can best pivot your studies! I have the Online pdf of Manhattan 5lb 1st edition. Do i need to download the 2nd edition of 5lb, given the fact that i have not yet started studying from the 1st edition?

The 1st edition is still quite good for the Quant section. The 2nd edition has definitely made some improvements, but if you have yet to use your 1st edition, you can feel free to use this resource. I just gave my GRE today and received a score of V: I was advised by many to give the test again as my quant scores were very low and it was a necessity if I wanted to get in to a good college for my field of choice i.

Browsing through several reviews including this one, I have decided to practice Manhattan 5lb practice book to boost my quant scores. Would be book be sufficient enough alongside the ETS official guide to elevate my score to and above?

Manhattan and ETS are a very powerful combination for boosting your Quants score. I know I am downloading Magoosh Premium- I really need those practice questions! You have mentioned that Princeton Review is good for strategies. With that said, I can see how they would help people with weak math backgrounds. Can you please comment on it? Will that be enough? By the way, I would like to ask. I aim for the max in Math, and I also a little bit good with Math cause I studies continuously math from high school and several course in my university as well.

Which more books you would recommend me to aim for the maximum in Math I already sign up for the Magoosh prep courses and plan to download the Math book of Manhattan as well. I will take the GRE test in middle of next August. Thanks in advance: If you exhaust these you may also want to pick up a copy of the GMAT Official Guide though half of the questions do not pertain to the GRE, you still get close to that do.

Is there much difference between reading comp. First Edition and the Revised one Manhattan series? It happens: That really depends on the area in which you need the most work.

For instance, if you struggle on Reading Comprehension, then pick up the RC book. Do they still contain the strategy for the old GRE because the revised one was on August ?

Manhattan GRE Book Review - Magoosh GRE Blog

Would it be a problem if we use such old book because until July that we have the new collection. Thats right. But if i want to do more exhaustive practice ,which book or rather which study material would you refer? Should i use gmat books? You are correct, in that there is no one book. I signed up with you guys over the weekend and am getting a lot of use out of your material so far. What would you recommend I do to compliment the magoosh material so that I have the best chance to do well on the quant portion of the exam?

Book-wise, Nova offers a lot of practice problems. You do get some challenging problems. You may also want to consider using GMAT material. The Data Sufficiency question type is not relevant to the GRE, but you should get plenty of mileage out of the Problem Solving questions.

Can you tell me which book to refer for practising reading comprehensions?? True, the books do not contain much practice material. If you look at the back, however, there is a code.

Enter the code into the website and you have access to 6 tests. That equals a lot of practice material: That is a good question: As for the Magoosh GRE prep, we are all computer-based. I aim high for the Quantitative part.

Where should I download them. Can I download in site. I am in Europe. I believe the Manhattan books are all for download on site, including site. You should not have a problem downloading these books there: Actually site. I myself am in Spain and site Spain has them listed but they are not available for download yet.

If someone finds a place let me know.

site US does not ship to Europe. I leave questions in the reading comprehension questions because the allowed time finishes. What should i do about that? I have gre after on month. It is okay to leave a few questions blank, esp. Think of it this way, if you rush to finish the exam, you will miss many questions you would otherwise get right.

At the same time, there are ways to speed up. Perhaps this post on how to approach Reading Comp. I will be taking the GRE for the first time in August 3 months from now.

I have a strong background in math as I am majoring in physics but I know that the math I see in my courses is very different than the math in the GRE test and I need refreshing on certain topics. I am looking to score in the top percentile for the math quantitative part of the test, will the Manhattan series be enough?

Would 3 months be enough to master the quantitative part? I am aiming to apply for top universities in the fields of engineering and physics. If you run out of material, and you want more practice questions, Magoosh has some of the trickiest quant questions in the industry. For a competitive verbal score, flashcards alone are the tip of the iceberg. I know MGRE has You may also want to check out our Ebook: I have not yet seen the ones on the flashcards I better review those soon: I am an engineering major and I am aiming to score or above on both the quant and verbal.

Thank you so much. I definitely think that your prep should be enough. As long as you are using your material wisely, i. Work on weaknesses instead of focusing on strengths, and that should help you achieve your score.

Also there are books ,like barons gre, which do not provide a wordlist at all. A combination of etymology and GRE words would be great! You should also check out our vocabulary Ebook. The meanings have been explained in a fun way.

GRE Prep Online Guides and Tips

I found the kaplan top wordlist in the workbook, but it is nowhere close because the only way i could figure out you can learn the kaplan list is by blindly mugging it up. Making vocab fun is the best way to make it stick: With Verbal only reading comp.

Do they accurately represent actual GRE test? Scores in the two I attempted not sure if i should count on them: Attempted ETS Powerprep tests also: Really panicking now. Hoping to touch the mark. Could you please tell me if these test are similar to the actual GRE exam?

Anything else I could attempt? One thing I can say is the content of the MGRE tests is a much better indication of the test, especially the verbal questions. Both the Princeton Review and Kaplan are off the mark. The PR are far too easy, and Kaplan, on Verbal esp. Wow, you are definitely studying a lot each day: To really find content that mirrors the difficulty of questions found on the actual test, the only two who come close are MGRE and Magoosh.

Chris, Thanks to you and all the team. I am a Magoosh subscriber and will be recommending Magoosh every chance I get. On the math side, I moved through all problems twice, but left questions incorrect. On test day I had a good day and scored Q and V. I am in pursuit of PhD admission in history and while I am happy with these scores; however, at this point I need a combined score to feel like I finished what I started when I started out by wasting my time with Kaplan.

I need your expertise on meeting my goal: I want to take my Q score from to to hit my goal.

I believe that completing this will get me close to my goal, but what else do you recommend? I have not used the Manhattan GRE books and after considering your review I imagine you will recommend that for me.

I know a is a lofty goal, but Magoosh is in my opinion the industry standard for GRE study prep and I am entirely glad I found you on a web search 8 months ago! Please let me know what you think. Would really enjoy some of your explanations on the math side — your explanations on the verbal are personal and make students feel like you are the personal tutor — and invaluable personal feel to Magoosh.

As a final side note: Magoosh predicted my score perfectly—my scores were right in the predicted range! Wow, it is great to hear how helpful we have been in helping you prep for the GRE. And congrats on your Verbal score: Going through the questions you missed on Magoosh would be a good idea. As you implied, you really want to understand why the correct answer is correct and the incorrect answers incorrect. For even more questions, you can always use GMAT material.

You can also download a free GMAT test from mba. Anyhow, let me know if that makes sense, and feel free to keep peppering me with questions. And at any point, drop a line and let us know how your prepping is going.

I definitely want to make sure you hit your goal this time around: It looks like a new MGRE is coming out in early July — am hoping they release it sooner…do u think that is a possibility?? July is too far away although I do want a great score…. So go ahead and download the 2nd Edition: Chris , i have a question. Recently , i am going to download Manhattan books as you said they are at better quality than others.

I want to get better marks in Quantitive part.

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I know the basics well and I would need a perfect score in Math for my PhD admission which book would you recommend? NOVA offers many practice questions. You should also use GMAT material: I am planning on taking the GRE and am interested in an online live class. Do you have any thoughts on which may offer a better class? I know you think very highly of the Manhattan books.

A friend of mine took a Kaplan class and said she was not very impressed because it taught to the lowest learner. Would Manhattan provide a more stimulating learning environment? Thank you! Material-wise MGRE is clearly the winner. The instructor standards for Manhattan are very high.

I know, from past students, that Kaplan hires teachers with little experience and not very high test scores. But still…. I recently bought the Magoosh gre premium plan and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Since I did not want to leave out any preparation options I have decided to also prepare from Manhattan Prep gre books after reading your book reviews on it. However I already have the Manhattan Prep gmat books the 8 guides which a friend of mine gave me. I was wondering if I can prepare the quant section for the gre from the gmat books. Thanks Talha. Thanks Chris for the prompt reply.

What about the verbal section? Since the RC is common to both the gmat and gre, can i also use the mgmat books for just the RC? Thanks a ton. Yes, the RC has good overlap. I think the strategies are pretty good, but the questions themselves rely too much on obscure vocab.

My question: How much better is edition 2 than edition 1? So you definitely want the new one, even though it is significantly costlier. I scored in my gre last year after studying for 10 days. Quants Verbal I want to try again in 3 or 4 months and my target score is I believe I can get plus in math and plus in verbal. What material do you recommend for me? I was thinking magoosh and Manhattan math guide.

What do you think? The Magoosh Manhattan combination is definitely the best way to go. With all the helpful tips and practice material questions, mock tests, etc.

Any thoughts on the EZ solutions series of books? I have heard they are very strong for the quant section. Do you plan on preordering the book? English is not my first language and i achieved a band score of 7. Therefore, how should i start my preparation for these test downloading only manhattan series books are enough or i also need to download Manhattan GMAT and Veritas Prep book.

Plese let me know if there is any book or series of books to improve specially in analytical or math from basic to advanced. You will be fine as an international student, using just the MGRE series. Hi this is karthik. I would do as much research on-line as possible. See if you can talk to former students. Thank you very much for the prompt reply Chris! I just placed an order for that. Is that possible?

I can upload it for the readers too in a comment page if you think thats feasible… Again, thanks a lot for your inputs Chris. Appreciate it. There are a couple of links that gets me confused.

Can you pls help me out over here. Below are the two links, pls do let me know which one to pick from.. The one you have depicted here is by Manhattan gre, gmat. Looks like there is another one exclusively by Manhattan gre? I am a visual learner and I remember the answers so I cannot practice with these questions as often. The Manhattan series seems to be the most promising in this area but is still lacking. HI Chris: Princeton Review: Cracking the New GRE But, a friend think these will not enough for me, i.

Then for a range of study plans that blend the best books and on-line resources take a look here:. To master vocabulary, no one book will do. In fact, using only books is not the way to mastering vocabulary. The two links below should guide you in the right direction:. That said, MGRE has a word list that you can easily turn into flashcards. Each word is good one to learn for the GRE. First of all, this blog is incredibly helpful!

However, now I am preparing for the GRE. Would this be a fair assumption? Also, as a suggestion to your blog readers, some excellent novels to improve vocabulary: The math overlaps significantly — though you can avoid the Data Suff.

You get the dry academic passages and you get other passages that are more encyclopedia-esque. I qualified that by saying that females tend to love the book, whereas males tend to go more for the Count of Monte Christo though many enjoy both books. The key of course is a great read with lots of vocab words. I think this topic definitely deserves a blog post: Here is our day study plan and an overview of our various study plans. I am sure you will find one that works for you and your time frame.

How do they calculate the scores? Is some sort of scaling done? And how accurate are these scores? I think we will need a lot of data over time to see how well the MGRE tests correlate. For now the best indication of your score is the PowerPrep tests. This Plan acts like a guiding source and I have decided to follow it.

These books are pretty expensive. Currently I have the following resource. Do I really need to get Manhattan series. Or, could you suggest any alternatives to Manhattan. Sure, you can definitely manage without the MGRE resources. I would recommend at least downloading one MGRE guide. That one guide will give you access to all 6 on-line MGRE tests.

Those tests are very helpful from a practice standpoint. There is a website named http: I looked over the math and the questions look okay. The questions in the ebook may be okay. I recommend downloading just one book and seeing if the questions are similar to those found in the GRE. If so, then go ahead and download the others. The explanations are pretty awful. And if half the battle to the GRE math is answering the question quickly, then Nova does not offer many helpful strategies.

That it is pretty strong across the board makes Nova pretty obsolete. I forgot to ask you one more question, I have a bunch of GRE books for the old version of the exam do you think they could be helpfull in math and verbal or should I just throw them away and download new books?

I would only keep the old books if they are ETS books. The practice questions were written by the creators of the test. Sure the test has changed, but much of the logical required to answer questions, esp. Magoosh is also excellent for RC — our lesson videos will help you develop an effective approach. I want to improve it, so I downloaded words from majortests. It would be great if you could suggest some books for verbal…. Have a look at: Your suggestion that guide 8 relies too much on obscure words seems right to me.

I felt pretty good after doing Magoosh mock exams until Manhattan hit me with their obtuse vocabulary. Oh yes, those words are definitely obscure. The good news is each book comes with a code that allows you to access the tests for free.

I am preparing for gre, and I need some material for verbal section; can you please provide some material for me? Check out our free Magoosh trial. Sign up on gre. If you sign up you can access hundreds and hundreds of questions.

The math on the GRE is definitely easier — however, it is no cakewalk. To score in a competitive range you still have to have a solid grasp of the fundamentals and be able to think quickly. The complexity of the questions the trickiness etc. As for memorizing vocab…doing so will def. However, you want to have a strong sense of how those words function in context.

Therefore, I am able to study on my own for standardized testing. I am mostly worried about the verbal section of the GRE because my vocabulary is not as extensive as it may need to be. I have no experience with the format of the GRE exam.

Do you provide that with the magoosh online experience or do I need to get other books to learn about it? I have a strong math background, and I feel that I will only need refreshing. I have the money to download the manhattan books, but I am unsure about their sentence completion section. Do you have a suggestion about how to determine what will work best for me? I see that your online practice is on sale now and I would like to download it while on sale.

The Magoosh product focuses on how to attack questions and how to answer specific questions we have hundreds! Does the review on the magoosh website provide enough math refreshers, like formulas and strategies, and verbal strategies so that I would not need to download a book? Yep, we do have a few things on our blog that you will find helpful.

For Quant here is a litte cheat sheet. For verbal, you can definitely cruise around the blog. There are also vocabulary posts featuring high-frequency words.

From your experience and knowledge which test do you recommend for an international student, and do you think 3 months will be enough to prepare for the test? What is the best book for either test? Afterwards, determine where you rank percentage wise. If the scores are about the same, go for the GMAT. It still carries more weight, b. If your GRE score is higher percentage-wise, then I would recommend spending your three-months prepping to take it.

Hi Chris, awesome! Thank you very very much for your kindness and great suggestions. I am planning to do GRE in Sept. But I want to complete my M. So, how can I prepare for GRE and get a good score? Another point is the need to get the latest edition of every book — if someone gets the Manhattan GRE book now, he or she might lose something new or a current topic from their next edition; especially those who are planning do their GRE exam months or more later.

If I sign up for Magoosh online Premier, is it enough? How else can I start my preparation for GRE? Please give your great and kind suggestion. As someone whose native language is not English I commend you for your initiative. I definitely recommend reading in conjunction with learning vocab. The new GRE is no longer a raw vocab test. Rather it tests your knowledge of words in context. For instance, Newsweek and Time magazine are good places to start. If anything Manhattan GRE, out of all the paper books, is the most up-to-date.

Magoosh alone should be helpful for verbal. But a lot of that depends on if you are a video learner. Honestly, I am very confused that which book is better because you said Manhattan GRE is better and some other blogs i.

Need your great and kind suggestions please. Thanks for your message. I think you bring up a good point: Some test taker might not like the way book are presented, be it Kaplan or GRE. Understand your need and find the right test prep books.

Its not possible to download all the available GRE Test prep materials in the market. Apparently, he is recommending Kaplan because it is well-known. According to whom? My experience with students who only used Kaplan before coming to me, as well as GRE tutors, in no way supports this assertion.

In all, his review is very vague. Does he at any point discuss the content in the book? No, he sticks to generalities. To say that Kaplan has good strategies is an example of where he is making a general assertion without backing it up with any specifics.

My reviews make general assertions about each specific section, and back up each assertion with specific examples. I essentially dissect the content on every part of the test. Not surprisingly my posts are much longer. I also balance the positive with the negative, providing a view that is comprehensive and nuanced. He does neither. Well, to answer that question, email the happyschool blog and see if he or she can give you any specifics for why you should choose Kaplan. The difference in quality is so vast that to say Kaplan is better is downright laughable.

You mentioned that the verbal section in the Manhattan series is flawed. Consider giving us a try. We offer a free trial — and I personally recorded all plus verbal videos so I can attest to their quality. Chris, what do you think of electronic version of these books? In terms of price, it is definitely a winning proposition. The ability to scribble on the paper is lost, and I wonder how much that will affect the overall experience.

At least working with scratch paper could somewhat make up for this. Yes I am leaning towards downloading print version because its easier to work with. I must have made a mistake. I will make the necessary changes in the post. Thanks for pointing that out. The page number does not match with the paperback version. Thanks for the great review: I think many will find it helpful. So it sounds like most of the cons are related not to the content but to the electronic format which always a lot of hiccups at first.

Yes, you are right! They are cheap for a reason. But the content is the same! So think carefully before downloading. Open your clock time, then the time zone and check if the time on your time zone is the same as the country where you are.

After adjusting the time try to activate again. That should solve the problem. That sounds better because the entire series of manhattan prep is quite costly as compared to ur site. Another question i want to ask u is tht am confused whether critical reasoning questions comes from the verbal section or not.

For the Revised GRE, critical reasoning is part of the reading comprehension section. The GRE has quantitative comparison QC , that, while easier, may necessitate that you practice this question type. Unlike Manhattan GRE, we are completely computer-based. All instruction is by video. Just had quick question, You mentioned a CD — Does it come with every guide? Secondly, does it have any updated text completion questions? To access them you have to scratch the back of the book for an access code you only need to download one book to get all the tests, which is great.

The overall quality of the tests is pretty high. Is it bad enough that you would recommend only downloading the Quant sections for Manahattan? And another book for Verbal? What is your strongest recommendation for verbal practice? The best prep for verbal is the ETS material. I recommend downloading the book, which comes with the a mock test.

Get a feel for those questions and you should be ready. I think most of the words will end up freaking people out. I accidently bought the 2nd edition. Should I download the 3rd? But to summarize… Among all the other tomes Manhattan is supercoolawesome..!

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