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Yonsei Korean (연세 한국어) is a new set of textbooks written by Korean Language Institute of Yonsei University for foreigners and overseas. [연세 한국어] Yonsei Korean Price: $ Image 1. Larger / More Photos. * Language: English; Chinese; Japanese. Add Yonsei Korean Workbook(+ $17). Yonsei Korean 1 (English and Korean Edition) [Korean Language Institute Yonsei University] on mtn-i.info *FREE* Sogang Korean 1A: Student's Book.

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Yonsei Korean Language Book

Yonsei Korean (연세 한국어) is a new set of textbooks written by Korean Language Korean From Zero is a Korean language book series built on Korean. I don't know where you live (since you didn't specify), but mtn-i.info sells Korean textbooks (including the Yonsei series). They are based. Therefore, the Korean Language Institute of Yonsei University Language Research and Education Center has published a new set of textbooks forthe various.

Advanced Search Search Tips. This new textbook is an integrated collection, made up of various kinds of tasks and activities as well as focused practices of vocabulary and grammar. These practices enhance all of the four communicative skills: The interesting topics and situations discussed in the textbooks will enable learners to perform a wide range of communicative functions using the Korean language. Having the highest reputation in the Korean language education for more than 50 years, the KLI has compiled a large quantity of textbooks to enhance the quality of the Korean Language Education. Recently, the demand for the Korean language has been increased by foreigners around the world as well as Koreans living out of the nation. For this reason, the demands of the learners for textbooks have also become diverse. Therefore, the KLI has published a new set of textbooks for the various learners to acquire the Korean Language and Korean culture. The textbooks published by the KLI are classified into three parts: Each book is composed to develop the communicative functions that are required according to the learners' capability of the Korean usage. Please wait

Maybe they just revised some grammar explanations or the exercises. Two books in one! The textbook comes with 2 Audio CDs which includes the audio files of the dialogues. The book is for beginners as well as the audio files. They were recorded in a slow pace, well not very slow but fast enough for beginners to understand the dialogues.

The version also comes with Audio CDs for each book! The quality and the content of the books, add the free Audio CDs, your 30,won is worth it! The basic lessons included suits beginner students. There are available English translations for vocabulary words, dialogues and grammar explanations.

Each grammar pattern is well-explained in English. But the Yonsei classes changed my thinking. Having good teachers who will offer you extra details and more sample sentences can help alot.

I can feel the difference: If you have any specific questions on the book, feel free to leave a comment! If you have used the Yonsei books before, let me know what you think of them! I think basic korean to a certain level can be self-attainable.

I think having classes is fun since you attained a high level of fluency already, you can express yourself more and understand more. Learning technical terms is not that hard for you. It makes learning so much more interactive and new knowledge is readily absorbed.

[Course Forum] Yonsei Korean 1 Vocabulary (연세 한국어 1급 단어) - Korean - Memrise

Thanks for the review here. But I still enjoy studying the textbook! TL;DR Actually for a fundamental level such as basic having a teacher who constantly speaks to you in language is essential. You should be able to get them online. I dont think you can find them here. KLEAR is good for self-studies as you have recommended!

Yonsei Korean Readings

But i like how the yonsei textbook itself has ample exercies to practice on. I think that Yonsei Books are the best books to study with. I myself have never downloadd one but hopefully I will one day. Where do you download your Yonsei books?

Yonsei Korean

They are based in California US , so the site is completely in English, and the site says they ship internationally. The textbook which we used is really challenging and the vocabulary are tough. It may be a little overwhelming for those who […]. The textbook which I used is really challenging and the vocabulary are tough. Have you seen the earlier levels of this book? Does it also have the same format? I really like the format of this book.

And I think the quality of the book is really good. Oh well! I think I need to finish my books first. I was wondering if you could tell me approximately what Yonsei books are equal to which integrated Korean books? The following review is for the Level 6 book the only one I own now , so some of the content may […].

It was epic.

They are meant to be used in the Yonsei classroom! I found content was made much more accessible and I enjoyed learning in the Yonsei classes. It can get a little overwhelming and detailed for self-learners.

But the Yonsei classes changed my thinking.

Yonsei Korean PDF 1,2,3,4,5,6 Full+Audio (연세 한국어)

Having good teachers who will offer you extra details and more sample sentences can help alot. I can feel the difference: using the book in classes VS self studying now. And I love how the classes are conducted entirely in Korean!

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