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hexagonal bolts (unthreaded and blanks), nuts and socket screws to the following materials: GENERAL ENGINEERING GRADES: BS & BS ( , BS ISO metric black hexagon bolts_screws_nuts BS Page Table 11 — Dimensions of ISO metric hexagon head bolts. Free download British standard (Pdf file): BS ISO metric black hexagon bolts, screws and nuts - Specification from the Largest Open Online Library.

BS The British Standards Institution ? A list of organizations represented on this committee can be obtained on request to its secretary. Relationship with other publications This British Standard should be read in conjunction with BS EN ISO as it contains tables that reflect up-to-date best practice for mechanical properties of bolts. Higher proof load values have been allocated to the revised property classes in BS EN ISO in order to ensure that fracture of the bolt generally occurs in the case of overloading. Nuts in accordance with this standard cannot be fully loaded with sufficient assurance up to the yield point of the appropriate bolt, or beyond this, without the possibility of the nut thread being stripped, and for this reason it is essential that new designs of nuts for use with BS bolts and studs conforming to this standard conform to BS EN ISO In order to differentiate nuts that conform to this British standard from that those that conform to BS EN ISO vertical bars have been added to the symbols for strength grade designations e. It has been assumed in the preparation of this British Standard that the execution of its provisions will be entrusted to appropriately qualified and experienced people, for whose use it has been produced. Presentational conventions The provisions of this standard are presented in roman i. Commentary, explanation and general informative material is presented in smaller italic type, and does not constitute a normative element. Requirements in this standard are drafted in accordance with Rules for the structure and drafting of UK standards, subclause J. This means that only those products that are capable of passing the specified test will be deemed to conform to this standard. Contractual and legal considerations This publication does not purport to include all the necessary provisions of a contract. Users are responsible for its correct application.

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Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot. Other Standard. BS standard: ISO metric black hexagon bolts, screws and nuts - Specification. E-Coins fee: Overview standard BS Click the Download arrow icon. If the link fails, the document cannot be downloaded, please click on the Broken link to let us know.

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Search a Document. Other criteria ID Document name. The choice of method of manufacture is left to the manufacturer. Free-cutting steel may be used where permitted in Table 15 , or otherwise by special agreement between the purchase and the supplier.

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The nuts shall withstand the proof load stress given in Table 16 when tested in accordance with Annex A. Nuts that are exempt from proof testing shall have a hardness not less than the minimum agreed between the purchaser and the supplier and not more than the maximum given in Table The tests shall be made in accordance with Annex A.

Table 11 Nut marking Strength grade designation Marking symbol 8 8 10 10 12 12 20 Finishes The bolts, screws and nuts shall be cleanly finished, sound and free from defects. NOTE 2 If the bolts, screws or nuts are to be coated, the type of coating should be stated in the enquiry and order. Nominal size and thread diameter Standard nominal lengths? NOTE 2 Sizes shown in brackets are non-preferred. The manufacturer should be consulted about lists of stock production sizes.

NOTE 2 The inclusion of dimensional data in this British Standard is not intended to imply that all of the products described are stock production sizes. BS ? Rockwell hardness B HRC max. Vickers hardness HV max. A The proof load is calculated by multiplying the proof load stress by the tensile stress area of the bolt.

C All nuts other than those exempted by agreement between the purchaser and the manufacturer. Nuts with a specified proof load in excess of N see Table 16 may be exempt from proof load testing. Such nuts shall meet the minimum hardness as agreed between the purchaser and the manufacturer. Table 15 Chemical composition of steel nuts Strength grade designation 4 and 6 8 10 Chemical composition limits check analysis Carbon max.

Manganese Phosphorus min. In such cases, the following maximum phosphorus, sulfur and lead contents are permissible: phosphorus, 0. NOTE 2 Alloying elements may be added if necessary to develop the mechanical properties of the nuts stipulated in Clause For stress under proof load, see Table Figure A.

If the threads of the mandrel are damaged during the test, the test shall be discarded. NOTE It might be necessary to use a manual wrench to start the nut in motion. Such wrenching is permissible providing it is restricted to a half turn and the nut is then removable by hand after this initial loosening. The thread shall be tolerance class 5h except that the tolerance on the major diameter shall be the last quarter of the 6g range of the minimum material side.

Apply the impression to the top and bottom face of the nut, otherwise on the side of the nut. Annex B normative Basic dimensions for sizes greater than 68 mm diameter The range of nominal sizes included in this British Standard is adequate for most of the applications for which this series is employed. However, information on larger sizes is provided in Table B. Table B. The purchaser is advised to consult the supplier concerning current production sizes. Table C. The number to the left of the dot is one hundredth of the nominal tensile strength in MPa, and the number to the right is 10 times the ratio between the nominal yield strength or nominal stress at permanent set limit, R0.

Table D. BSI is incorporated by Royal Charter. About us We bring together business, industry, government, consumers, innovators and others to shape their combined experience and expertise into standards -based solutions. The knowledge embodied in our standards has been carefully assembled in a dependable format and refined through our open consultation process.

Organizations of all sizes and across all sectors choose standards to help them achieve their goals.

BS4190-2001 ISO metric black hexagon bolts_screws_nuts Specification.pdf

Revisions Our British Standards and other publications are updated by amendment or revision. We continually improve the quality of our products and services to benefit your business. Copyright All the data, software and documentation set out in all British Standards and other BSI publications are the property of and copyrighted by BSI, or some person or entity that owns copyright in the information used such as the international standardization bodies and has formally licensed such information to BSI for commercial publication and use.

Except as permitted under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act no extract may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means — electronic, photocopying, recording or otherwise — without prior written permission from BSI. Information on standards We can provide you with the knowledge that your organization needs to succeed. Find out more about British Standards by visiting our website at bsigroup.

BS : ISO Metric Black Hexagon Bolts, Screws and Nuts - Specification

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