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ORIGIN A LUX NOVEL BOOK FOUR Jennifer L. Armentrout This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the. Download mtn-i.info Description. Download mtn-i.info Free in pdf format. Jennifer L. Armentrout is a #1 New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling Origin. Lux (Series). Book 4. Jennifer L. Armentrout Author ().

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Origin By Jennifer L Armentrout Pdf

Origin (Lux - Book Four) by Jennifer L. Armentrout, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. (Lux ) Oblivion - Jennifer L mtn-i.info KB. (Lux 3) Opal - Jennifer L mtn-i.info KB. (Lux 4) - Origin - Jennifer L. >[PDF] Origin (Lux, #4) PDF Epub by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Origin (Lux, #4) by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Read Origin (Lux, #4) online by Jennifer L. Armentrout in .

I was so thrilled to read this one because we waited a lot for this one. And when I got it in my heads I couldn't leave it. It was such a cool book and the ending was mind blowing, that great. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other:

You don't say "thank you" just because he stays after you cried. And you say what you want, without thinking too much about it, because that's you unfiltered - and that's the ONLY YOU he should know and love! And Last And she writes in cliches but that's OK, because people that don't read as mach as WE do, love them - also they sell. And she is writing Young Adult and she also writes New Adult. And I think somewhere along the way she stopped seeing the line between the two.

I read through all of this book waiting for the love i felt for its predecessors to come back. It never did. This book might have tainted the whole series form me. I now wonder how i read any of them at all? So NO! I didn't like this book! And YES I am gonna read the last one because i came this far and i want to see how it ends! And YES i feel a little like a hypocrite because of it! My recommendation?!

If you are not as cynical as i am you might like this one and If you are not as old as i am then you might love this one. If you are bout of those things and also have a brain and opinions i don't recommend it!

Because they love each-other people, that's why!!!! Just to clarify things: the likes i have so far are for them not for the review. If you are not as cynical as i am you might like this one and If you are not as old as i am then you might love this one. If you are bout of those things and also have a brain and opinions i don't recommend it!

Just be prepared for the touches and the kisses and the legs spreading and gasps and growls while the people are dying around them. Because they love each-other people, that's why!!!!

Just to clarify things: At least, I should get your name. Teaser 3: A certain bone-deep understanding occurred and my hand tightened around the smaller one I held. It weren't stars we were staring at.

The sky was falling. Update Teaser 4: I wished I had said it more often, especially to Kat.


Funny how that kind of shit always turns out in the end. I knew that. The fact that I was still alive was testament to that. Like Dee said, though, there were worse things than death. Teaser 5: Update 8. Teaser 6: The shadow pulled away, moving forward quickly. My first instinct screamed Arum and to push away from it.

At the sound of the familiar voice, fear gave way to rage so potent that it tasted like a battery acid. I was on my feet before I knew it.

Here is a song that sums up Origin. This is the biggest teaser I have given you. Teaser View all comments. I'll take it. That's better than waiting a whole year. And since your a fictional character there is only one thing I can do about that Daemon, my sweet sweet Daemon, I. Blake has an excruciating painful slow death.

View all 48 comments. Aug 27, Nick rated it it was amazing Shelves: Me while reading the book: ET just phoned home. You would just look stupid. You can thank me later.

Highly recommended. View all 27 comments. Sep 15, xrysa rated it it was amazing Shelves: I can easily say that Jennifer is my favorite author.

The worlds that she creates,the characters and the stories,are so carefully written and developped. The lux series is obviously one of her series that I adore. Yes it's about aliens but nothing freaky. Everything is perfect and maybe I'm biased: D After that awful cliffhanger the book starts with Katy's pov. She's taken and they are apart now.

Daemon is determined to bring her back no matter the cost. The truth is that he doesnt even think about the consequences because he wants her safe. This Luc kid is more powerful than you think. New species will come to the surface. They are going to get betrayed. They will have to choose between family and life. The world will change! After reading this book many people say that it doesnt end with a cliffhanger. Is it just me that disagrees?

Origin (Book)

I cant really say anything else about this book because I dont want to ruin it for those who havent read it and there other readers who havent read the series so I dont think that they will understand much. Overall this is pure perfection. I am serious. Not annoying characters. Sexy hot alien babes. D I would love it if she wrote a book about Archer and Dee! Last but not least view spoiler [What the hell did Luc want the LH??

This kid is freaky.. I want a decade's worth of hours, so many that I can't add them up. View all 47 comments. Mar 23, "That's All" Ash rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jennifer Armentrout is… a big fucking deal. You know it. I know it. This woman has a manic talent with words!

And plot twists. And dialogue. And skyscraper-sized cliff-hangers. And heart-splintering moments. And her characters… LAWD! Because she makes sure Jennifer Armentrout is… a big fucking deal. And she does it fucking well. Random Tidbits. Pine needles must hurt like a bitch. Someone gets married. Creepy-ass ten-year-olds.

Origin Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

We find out what Luc really is. That has been bugging me forever! I really hope Archer gets his own book. Someone gets pregnant. Five characters die. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

And never piss off Luc. My studio. Sep 20, Lucia rated it it was amazing Shelves: Origin is a turning point in Lux series. This is not a childlish game anymore. Everything is more dangerous and more serious than ever before. Everyone had to pick sides and say goodbye to the content life they once had known. Full of action, Origin is the best part in series so far! My Daemon: My Katy: I loved dual POV.

In this book, Daemon is in his best confident-self. He is snarky. He is determined. I absolutely loved how badass Daemon was in this ins Origin is a turning point in Lux series. I absolutely loved how badass Daemon was in this instalment, he is definitely one of my all time favourite bookish heroes, if not the best!

I was shocked and speecheles once I found out what "origin" truly means. Action in this book blew my mind! Lux series is without a doubt the best YA paranormal series I have ever read, it is just so epic!

I could not put it down, Origin was pure perfection. And Katy's and Daemon's relationship? It matured, got stronger and I was swooning over them all the time. I loved everything about this book. The good, the bad, everything. Kudos to Jennifer L. Armentrout for creating this amazing story. I wish I had final instalment already! View all 49 comments. View all 11 comments. Sep 14, Wendy Higgins added it Shelves: I am so in love with this series - this book in particular.

I feel so many emotions for it right now. This story world just keeps getting better and better, and I keep loving Daemon and Katy more and more. So amazingly awesome. Jen's writing is spectacular. So much yum. Oh, and don't get me started on how cool it is to have a literary reference to my book in this novel!!!!!

How freaking surreal is that??? I give this book off-the-charts stars. Can't wait to see what Jen has in OMGosh!!!!!!! Can't wait to see what Jen has in store for us next.

View all 26 comments. Aug 22, Kadbury rated it really liked it. The story finally progresses and there's something different happening. The last book seemed pointless but this does not.

Can't wait for the end " There are two more books after Opal and like I said on release day, those two books yet untitled will be in dual POVs-- Daemon and Katy. That means there are going to be scenes from Daemon's POV! View 2 comments. Dec 14, Katerina rated it it was amazing Shelves: Oh fudgemonkeys,I feel like I just read a combination of X-Men,Star Wars and Richelle Mead 's Bloodlines with a hint of dystopia experiments on humans and all and scorching romance!

Yet Jennifer L. Armentrout created something unique and utterly hers. The woman is brilliant! If you hurt Kat,you hurt Daemon,not because of their bond but due t Oh fudgemonkeys,I feel like I just read a combination of X-Men,Star Wars and Richelle Mead 's Bloodlines with a hint of dystopia experiments on humans and all and scorching romance! If you hurt Kat,you hurt Daemon,not because of their bond but due to his devasting,wonderful and all-consuming love for her.

Surrender to the enemy? Participate in horrible experiments? Cause mayhem? Turn your back to your own kind? And he didn't stop there. The plot thickened,bodies piled up,betrayals stung and the heroes found out what they were willing to sacrifice. Kat was losing herself,she struggled with the changes in her,she succumbed to her anger and felt terrified by her determination to kill when the sense of self-preservation kicked in. And Daemon,even though he wanted to be a better man alien,he didn't hesitate to get his hands dirty if it was to protect her.

Even though Daedalus messed with their heads and used twisted means and I mean really sick means,those that make you want to go Hulk and leave nothing but ashes in order to right such tremendous injustice ,they were right about one thing: Because you will have to make a choice,Miss Swartz.

Between your own people or those of the one who mutated you. And I can't help but mention that Daemon proved time and time again that underneath his arrogance and jerky attitude he was so sweet he made your insides melt. He made me. And because of that,I knew it went both ways. And I made him. View all 18 comments. Aug 15, Claudia B. EDIT First things first. We have a cover and a synopsis don't know how I feel about the cover, though 2.

I don't know if my heart can survive a cliffhanger just like Opal 's. Reaction when I saw this: Just like that. View all 3 comments. This book was everything I was hoping for and more. The action, the writing, the flawed real awesome strong characters who I love so much and the story is just so GOOD! This has been a blessing for my ship heart! They are one of my favorite OTP's of all fucking time. I love him so much. They are all in they one way unique and badass. View all 14 comments. Mar 24, Christy rated it it was amazing.

It did! Daemon Black is on a mission to save the woman he loves and nothing and no one can stop him. Now, that is love. There is nothing else he could have done. No place else he would rather be than with her. Even with being stuck with the DOD, Daemon and Katy are both able to keep their spunk, banter, and sense of humor Daemon arched a brow.

I have them everywhere. No offense, but I have no desire to be making any weird babies with you right now. I choked on my laugh. Admit it. Her eyes rolled. Seriously, your ego knows no limit, no matter the situation.

I like to be consistent. That you are, she said, voice dry in my thoughts. Will they be able to do it before they break? There is so much going on in this book. You really have to read it for yourself. Daemon Black I just love Daemon Black more than ever!!! No one else can have me swoon, get me hot and bothered, and have me laughing my ass off all at the same time like Daemon! And when ever he says the word Kitten I LOVE him! D I love how unpredictable these books are!

Sometimes with longer series, books start to lose their steam as it goes along. That is not the case. This was just as wonderful as the first three books in the series! There is a minor cliffhanger, for those who are wondering.

But seriously, I adore these books! View all 77 comments. Mar 26, Catarina rated it it was amazing Shelves: Let me breathe for a minute. Or two. Or twenty. This was SO. Okay, this picks 5 completely amazing stars!! Okay, this picks up right after that horrible CH in the third book, with Katy stuck God knows where with the Deadalus and Daemon turning everything and everyone around trying to save her.

Daemon Black is probably one of my biggest book-crushes. Fact that should make me ashamed considering that he is a teenager and I should be a wiser adult! View all 97 comments. Jul 03, Inna rated it it was amazing Shelves: With the cliffhanger in the last book I couldn't wait to get my hands on this one. And also on Blake so I can strangle him.

This book just had so many reveals I think I still haven't been able to take all of the in. It was really fast paced and there were some reall Reviewed By Inna Inna's Little Bookshelves So I basically had an aneurysm while waiting for this book to come out.

It was really fast paced and there were some really shocking moments in it. I loved the dual point of view. I mean come on we got to be in Daemon's Black head, that itself could have made the book a winner for me. But Jennifer L. Armentrout did not stop there she gave us amazing, tender moments between the perfect, sexy, dirty mouthed, sweetheart Daemon and Katy, she raised the stakes, she introduced some amazing new characters, Archer I'm looking at you, and she killed a lot of people.

I didn't know if I wanted to laugh or cry or hyperventilate while reading this book. The ending I swear at this point I should have just been expecting another cliffhanger but yeah It's a cliffhanger not as bad as Opal don't think anything can top that one for me but yeah still pretty bad. I'm just going to end the review here because it would just be me fan-girling about Daemon. This book is close to perfection. On that note happy waiting until August.

So I just saw that the release date got moved.

Yep people it got moved. That can't happen I need this book!!!! I need Daemon I mean come on dual point of view?!?! My reaction to dual point of view: My reaction when I saw its due to release in June: This is going to be torture I'm going to count days until June. View all 15 comments. Dec 09, Maliha rated it really liked it. I need Daemon to find Katy, like, within the first ten pages. Katy so should've told him about Blake's dirty sleepover habits!! Please don't become half a psycho like Beth, Katy!!

Okay, we got everything we usually want by the third book: But Daemon, too little too late, don't you think, buddy? The blurb's a killer! Don't break up you guys! Keep it together, kick Blake's ass and defeat the Daedalus. And what truths can keep Katy and Daemon away anyway??? I'll die of shame if she ever picks Blake's side I don't like Daemon to be all alone on the cover but he looks so determined to get Katy!!

The surrounding does worry me though Just kidding! I'm sure he's his usual self, creating chaos and destruction for the one he loves: And the buzz of theories are making me uneasy - getting pregnant, losing memories, cheating-related misunderstandings are just unnecessary things that would ruin this WHOLE series for me. After a long time, I've found such an amazing series and an author I can trust to truly keep up her standards.

I would be really pissed. I mean, have you seen the cover? Have you zoomed in and seen Daemon's face? But I'm just trusting my instinct! Watch out Katy, Daemon 's coming to get you! Lux is surprisingly one of those series that stays in mind until the next book is out. The last book ended with a killer cliffhanger.

The final book. Origin was different from the previous books. It has more action, more drama, more betrayal and more suspense than ever. I was somewhat disappointed by the lack of romance and humor.

I get that this book needed to be a bit serious but I really want the old quirky, funny and incorrigible Daemon back. But with what happens in this book, Opposition is probably going to be lots more serious. She has some really cool powers now. Blake and any other traitors are dealt with quickly.

There are two major surprises in this book.

Katy and Daemon do something that got me crazy for Daemon all over again, and Dawson and Beth are in a really risky situation.

Like the other books, this title also has a huge reason behind it. And Katy and Daemon did it! I asked Jennifer to use one word to express her feelings about Origin, and her answer is: And the cover is enough reason to want this book. His love is fiercer than ever, and the action and suspense with have your heart pounding. Not to mention the cute kid Luc. His secrets are still quite hidden.

View all 5 comments. Jan 23, Laura rated it really liked it Shelves: No no no no, this just cannot end like that. So many deaths and I'm hurting for all of them -even the ones I never thought I'd feel-. Beth's pregnancy is a wreck train. I so can't forgive Matthew for doing that shit no matter what.

Damn book! Jennifer, you can't do this to us! Jan 03, Sandra rated it really liked it Shelves: Rounding down to 3. This is me at the end of Origin That was such a stupid way to end the book. For some of the readers it was a 'cliffhanger', but in my opinion it was like i said stupid and therefore i didn't like it. So i was like Right were we left off in Opal view spoiler [where Kat gets captured by the Daedalus Rounding down to 3. Right were we left off in Opal view spoiler [where Kat gets captured by the Daedalus and is locked up.

In pain. But this is Daemon. It's kind of normal for him to do that, right? As Daemon becomes more careless about the sacrifices he will have to make to protect Kat and his family from danger, the consequences might be leading to war, and something far more dangerous than any of them can handle.

Together they can do it. But what if they are not together? Are Daemon and Katy even standing on the same side? Let me start by saying why i didn't give Origin 5 stars. One of my biggest issues was probably not liking at all where the book was going. I found myself wishing that the author would re-write it sorry.

Well she didn't exactly say who it was, but come on, really? It was the same as writing it on a piece of paper in big letters and then shoving it at my face.

It was obvious it was Beth because Katy is a too young, and b i think it would ruin the story. Then we got the part about marriage.

That screamed 'Katy and Daemon' from the second i read it. Who would be wild enough to do that at the drastic time? Of course Daemon. On to the good things. He didn't change one bit which made me very happy and glad. Even when his and Kat's life was at risk, guess what?

He still had that 'kiss my ass, i'm the best' attitude which i love! I want a years-worth of seconds and minutes with you. I want a decade's worth of hours, so many that i can't add them up. I loved Katy too!

She didn't annoy me and i thought she was a brilliant heroine. Very strong, independent, and kind but with a bad attitude. I absolutely love it when the MC are a bit rebellious. I also loved all the other characters - Dee, Dawson, Beth, Archer can i have him for breakfast?

I adored all the action , and the hot and sweet scenes between Daemon and Katy. BTW - There were more of those in this book which i was very happy about. His kiss And because of that i knew it went both ways. The twist about the traitor who was among them all along was a bit shocking to be honest.

I predicted it in the previous books but i forgot all about it so it was still a surprise. I'm not very pleased about Beth view spoiler [being pregnant. How the heck are they gonna cope with a small child on the way, especially that it's half Luxen and hybrid with all that crazy shit powers? Origin was still a very good read that managed to captivate me , and i liked it.

At times more than others. Loved the characters, the action, the twists and the new info we got about Daedalus and some other things too.

The Darkest Star (Origin #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Looking forwards to reading book 5 Opposition - coming out "I love you," I said, our lips brushing. Look at the cover reveal for Origin.

I'm sorry this is nothing personal , but Now, look at these

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