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You Against Me by Jenny Downham - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Enjoy this chapter sampler from YOU AGAINST ME by Jenny. If someone hurts your sister and you're any kind of man, you seek revenge. If your brother's accused of a crime but says he didn't do it, you defend him. Download and Read Free Online You Against Me Jenny Downham You Against Me by Jenny Downham Free PDF d0wnl0ad, audio books, books to read, .

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Get Free Read & Download Files You Against Me Jenny Downham PDF. YOU AGAINST ME JENNY DOWNHAM. Download: You Against Me Jenny Downham. You Against Me de Jenny Downham. Si alguien hace daño a tu hermana y tú eres su pariente masculino, buscas venganza, ¿no?. your sister and you're any kind of man, you seek - wo, 01 dec GMT [PDF]You. Against Me by Jenny Downham Book Free Download You.

Jenny Downham born is a British novelist and an ex actor In her first book, Before I Die, the fictional account of the last few months of a sixteen year old girl who has been dying of leukemia for 4 years The book is told in the first person The book was acclaimed and was short listed for the Guardian Award and the If you are searching for a book You Against Me by Jenny Downham in pdf format, then you have come on to faithful site. Comment: This item shows signs of wear from consistent use, but it remains in good condition and is a good working copy. All pages and cover are intact , but may have aesthetic issues such as small tears, bends, scratches, and scuffs. C DGC Records..

All the way around, this would be a difficult situation. You don't even know who's telling the truth until about two thirds through the book, but even then there is damage to both families no matter what. Rape, as a crime is such a difficult one to prosecute and without definitive proof there would always be a shadow of doubt cast on both sides. Even with this tough subject, I highly recommend this story.

I thoroughly enjoyed it! Well-told and realisticBy miamsI read this book in one day. Every time I put it down the characters haunted me and I had to pick it back up. It was a wonderfully told love story set against a backdrop of devastating realities.

Not only is the story compelling, the author is hugely talented. I am always impressed by an author who can provoke me to feel sympathy for a character who is, for all intents and purposes, a "bad guy" which is exactly what this author does in some of the scenes between Ellie and her brother, the alleged rapist. At least once, I was moved to tears which has been known to happen to me when watching movies but rarely happens when reading a book.

I realize not everyone may be comfortable with the content since this book discusses sex, drinking, smoking and drug use by teenagers. But having raised a teenaged girl who became an impressive adult, I learned that all of these things exist in their world even if we rather they didn't. Accepting that all these things might become her reality and talking openly about them is part of the reason I believe that my daughter never did any of those things. As such, I think the author wrote a realistic depiction of the teen world and handled these issues responsibly.

I also loved the author's style of writing. Lyrical, at times. She captures the essence of the teenaged voice. She made such an impression on me, I was compelled to write this, my first review that is longer than three lines.

You Against MeBy alex riddelli absolutely loved this book! I didn't know what to expect of this book but i was pleasantly surprised! If someone hurts your sister and you're any kind of man, you seek revenge. If your brother's accused of a crime but says he didn't do it, you defend him.

You Against Me by Jenny Downham

When Mikey's sister claims a boy assaulted her, his world begins to fall apart. When Ellie's brother is charged with the offense, her world begins to unravel. When Mikey and Ellie meet, two worlds collide. This is an unflinching novel from the bestselling author of Before I Die. It's about loyalty and the choices that come with it. Above all, it's a book about love. Starred , Publishers Weekly, July 18, "Well-drawn characters allow readers to sympathize with nearly everyone With no tidy solutions, it's an unflinching portrayal of love under pressure.

Crisp, revealing dialogue, measured pacing and candid, unaffected prose round out this illuminating novel in which any reader can find someone to root for or relate to. The hard question at the heart of this book what would you do?

For her young readers, Downham frames it remarkably well. Starred , School Library Journal, November 1, "Downham brilliantly captures the struggle of these two star-crossed lovers as they navigate the stormy waters of family loyalty, social workers and legal systems, job and school.

With touching honesty, she brings her characters to life in this poignant story of love and choice. She lives in London with her two sons. From the Hardcover edition. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. One Mikey couldnt believe his life. Here was the milk on the counter in front of him. Here was Ajay, hand out expectantly. And here was Mikey, scrabbling for coins among the old receipts and bits of tissue in his jacket pocket.

A woman in the queue behind him shuffled her feet. Behind her, a bloke coughed impatiently. Anger stirred Mikeys gut. Sorry, he mumbled. Ill have to leave it. Ajay shook his head. Take the milk and pay me tomorrow, its all right. And here, take some chocolate for your sisters. Youre OK. Dont be daft, take it. Ajay put a couple of Kit Kats in the carrier bag with the milk. And have a good day, yeah? Mikey doubted it. He hadnt had one of those for weeks. Still, he managed a quick nod of thanks, grabbed the bag and legged it.

Outside, the rain was still going, a fine mist falling into light from the fluorescent strip above the door. He breathed in deep, trying to smell the sea, but the air smelled of fridges something to do with the fans blowing warm from the shop behind him.

He yanked up his hood and crossed the road back to the estate. When he got back to the flat, Holly was sitting on the carpet in front of the TV, eating Cookie Crisps from the packet. Karyn had stopped crying and was kneeling behind her, quietly brushing her sisters hair. Mikey looked her up and down. You feeling better? A bit. So, you want to tell me what happened?

Karyn shrugged. I tried to go out. I got as far as the front door. Well, thats something. She rolled her eyes. Crack open the champagne. Its a start. No, Mikey, its the end. Holly needed milk for cereal and I couldnt even manage that. Well, Ive got some now, so you want a cup of tea? He went to the kitchen and filled the kettle. He opened the curtains, then the window. The rain was slowing down and it smelled fresh out there now.

He could hear a child crying. A woman shouting. A door slammed three times. Holly came in and dumped the cereal box on the counter. Mikey waggled the collar of her pyjama top. Why arent you dressed for school? Because Im not going. Yeah, you are. She collapsed backwards against the fridge, her head flung up towards the ceiling. I cant go to school, its the bail hearing! He frowned at her. How the hell did she know about that? Listen, Holly, if you promise to go and get dressed, Ill give you a Kit Kat.

Is it two or four sticks? He rummaged in the carrier bag, pulled out one of the bars and dangled it at her. And can you wake Mum up? A woman shouting. A door slammed three times. Holly came in and dumped the cereal box on the counter. Mikey waggled the collar of her pyjama top.

Why arent you dressed for school?

Because Im not going. Yeah, you are. She collapsed backwards against the fridge, her head flung 6. I cant go to school, its the bail hearing!

He frowned at her. How the hell did she know about that? Listen, Holly, if you promise to go and get dressed, Ill give you a Kit Kat. Is it two or four sticks? He rummaged in the carrier bag, pulled out one of the bars and dangled it at her.

And can you wake Mum up? Holly looked up, surprised. If this wasnt an emergency, he didnt know what was. Holly shook her head as if the idea was crazy, grabbed the Kit Kat and ran away up the stairs. Mum thought the police would help Karyn, that was the trouble. After taking Karyn to the station and reporting what had happened, Mum had stepped back, probably telling herself shed done her bit.

But the police were crap. Theyd asked Karyn loads of personal questions, even though she was upset.

Then the cop who brought her home frowned at the mess, like she was judging the whole family. Mum thought that was normal, but Mikey had bitten his tongue in frustration, tasted blood in his mouth, the rust and the thickness of it. Later, when the cop went, Mikey got the address out of Karyn and told Jacko to bring the car. Jacko brought the lads with him too, but when they got to the bastards house they were too late Tom Parker had been arrested hours ago and forensics were already scouring the place.

For nearly two weeks Mikey had tried to swallow the anger. But 7. How did he watch Holly stroking Karyns arm, squeezing her shoulder, giving little wet taps to her face, like she was a radio that needed tuning or a TV that had gone wrong?

Mums solution was to hide herself away. But an eight-year-old comforting a fifteen-year-old meant the world was upside down. And something had to be done about it. He made the tea and took it through, put it on the table in front of Karyn. Shed made a nest for herself on the sofa. She kept doing that covering herself with cushions, blankets, jumpers. Mikey went over and sat on the edge. How you feeling now? With the light behind her she looked so sad. Hes probably out already, she said. Just walking about having a nice time.

He wont be allowed anywhere near you. He wont be allowed to text you or talk to you or anything. Hell probably be tagged, so he cant go out after dark. She nodded, but she didnt look sure. Theres this girl at school, she said. Last term she had seven boyfriends and everyone said she was a slag.

This again. Youre not a slag, Karyn. And theres a boy in my tutor group and he had ten girlfriends. You know what they call him? Mikey shook his head. A player. Well, theyre wrong. So whats the word for someone like him? I dont know. She sighed, lay back on the sofa and stared at the ceiling. I watched this programme on TV, she said. What happened to me happens to loads of girls. Loads and loads. Mikey looked at his nails. They were all ragged. Did he bite them? When did he start doing that?

Most girls dont report it, because hardly any boys get done for it. Something like six in a hundred. Thats not very many, is it? Mikey shook his head again, bit his lip. When I opened the door just now, there were some kids down in the courtyard and they all looked at me. If I go back to school, everyone will stare at me too. She lowered her eyes and he felt the shame wash off her in waves. Theyll look at me as if I deserved it. Tom Parker invited me to his house and I went, so how can anything be his fault?

She pushed a handful of hair from her face. That doesnt even make any sense. He wanted her to stop talking. He felt a rising panic that if she didnt stop right now, she was going to go on and on for ever.

Maybe shed even talk about the night it happened. He couldnt bear to listen to that again. Im going to get him for you, he said. It came out loud and sounded very certain. You are? It was strange how words meant something when they came out of your mouth. Inside your head they were safe and silent, but once they were outside, people grabbed hold of them. She sat up.

What are you going to do? Im going to go to his house and smash his head in. Karyn pressed the flat of her hand against her forehead as if the thought of it gave her a headache. Youll never get away with it. But Mikey could tell by the sudden glow in her eyes that she wanted him to do this for her. He hadnt done it and he should have done it. And if he did it, then she could stop hurting.

There was a bloke on the estate no one messed with. Hed got his sons moped back when some kids nicked it. He knew people who knew people. That was the kind of man everyone admired. If you tried to hurt him, youd bounce off. Mikey had never battered anyone before, but the thought of that bloke made him feel stronger. He stood up, certain of his plan. Hed go alone this time, take gloves and wear a hoodie. If he didnt leave fingerprints, hed get away with it. He went to the kitchen and dragged the tool box out from under the sink.

Just holding the spanner made him feel better there was something about how heavy it was, how definite it felt to hold it in his hand. The feelings went into the object. He felt positively cheerful as he put on his jacket, rammed the spanner into his pocket and did up his zip. Karyn looked at him, her eyes shining. Youre seriously going to get him?

And youre seriously going to hurt him?

I said so, didnt I? And thats when Mum staggered in, fag in hand, shielding her eyes like everything was too bright. Holly was jumping up and down behind her.

Mums awake. Shes actually downstairs.

You Against Me by Jenny Downham - review

Reporting for duty, Mum said. It was like watching someone come up from a dive. She had to remember who she was, that she really did live here, that today was the bail hearing and this family really did need to get their act together. Holly cleared a place for her on the sofa, then sat on her lap and rubbed noses with her. Do I have to go to school? Can I spend the day with you instead? Course you can. Mikey said. Karyns cops coming round, remember?

Mum frowned. Is she, why? Because thats what she does. I dont want her to come any more, Karyn said. She asks stupid questions. Well, shes coming anyway, Mikey snapped, so Holly cant be here, can she? You want a cop to notice shes not in school? Light dawned on his mothers face.

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She looked around the lounge and over to the kitchen. Both rooms were a mess the table covered in junk, unwashed plates and saucepans in the sink. Youve got about an hour, Mikey told her. She glared at him. You think I dont know that? Holly put the TV back on at top volume and music crashed around them.

Turn it off, Mikey yelled. It would send their mum back to bed. But Holly ignored him so he unplugged it. Mum rubbed her face over and over. Make me a coffee, Mikey. Make it yourself, he thought. But still, he switched the kettle back on and rinsed out a mug. After this smoke Ill wash up, Mum said. She took another puff on her cigarette, then looked right at him in that way she sometimes did, as if she could see right inside him.

You look tired. Looking after you lot, thats why. Where were you last night? Out and about. Were you with that new girlfriend? Sarah, is it? That was the last one. No, that was Shannon. Holly laughed long and loud. Youre so bad, Mikey! In his pocket the spanner hummed. He handed Mum her coffee. I have to go now. Go where? Ive got business. She scowled at him. I dont want you looking for trouble. She was a bit clever like that. You thought she was hung-over and wouldnt notice stuff, but she often did.

I mean it, she said. Keep your nose out. We dont need any more hassle. But all he said was, Im going. What about Holly? She cant walk to school on her own. Then youll have to take her. Thats what parents are for, isnt it? She shook her head at him. You know whats wrong with you, Mikey? No, Mum, but I bet youre about to tell me.

She took up her fag, knocked off the ash and took a last deep drag, blowing the smoke right at him. Youre not as tough as you think you are.

Down the stairs, two at a time. Mikey swung a left, avoiding the takeaway wrappers and beer cans strewn round the bus shelter, dodging two old blokes with their shopping trolleys taking up all the room on the pavement, and started to run. Away from the estate, past the crowd of kids outside Ajays with their breakfasts of crisps and Coke, past the butchers and the card shop, towards the high street. The sky was flat and grey. The air smelled of diesel and fish.

He ran through the market. The stalls were going up, the crazy colours of the fruit and vegetables all chucked together. The usual group of lads hung about on the benches. He ran past a girl with a pram, a woman counting her change outside Lidl, an old man with a walking stick, an old woman clutching his arm, both tiny and hunched.

He was going to keep running until he got there.

You Against Me Jenny Downham Pdf

He was going to mash Tom Parker. Tom Parker would never grow old. At the traffic lights, a bloke leaned out of his car window and whistled at a girl. Smile for me, baby. The girl gave the bloke the finger, then saw Mikey and waved. Hiya, Mikey. He jogged on the spot as she crossed the road towards him. Hey, Sienna. I cant talk now. She pressed herself close, gave him a quick kiss.

Youre all sweaty. I was running. Away from me? He shrugged as if that was too complicated to understand. I need to go. She crossed her arms and frowned at him. Will I see you later? It was like the world got bigger or louder or something, pressing in on him and asking for stuff. He looked right at her, tried to feel what hed felt only a minute earlier when he saw her waving, some sort of warmth.

Meet me at work, he said. I dont mind. You dont mind? Well, thanks very much! She wrapped her arms around herself, didnt even look back at him as she walked away. He wasnt good for her. He wasnt actually sure hed ever be good for anyone. He couldnt be bothered most of the time.

Girls asked too many questions, and they always expected you to know how they were feeling, and he was always getting it wrong.

Hed lost minutes now, lost momentum. He started running again. Away from the high street, following the curve of Lower Groups of kids walked slowly in the same direction a gathering, a building up. Karyn should be with them. He ran in the road to avoid them, past the teachers car park, past the gates. He stalled when he saw some of Karyns mates on the bridge, four of them huddled together looking down at the water.

One of them spotted him and nudged the others and they all turned round. He was supposed to stop, he knew that. He was supposed to go over and tell them how Karyn was, to pass on her thanks for the notes and little presents they kept sending. But he knew what would happen if he did theyd ask questions. Like, When will she see us? And, Why wont she answer our texts? Like, Whens the trial? And, Do you think shell ever come back to school? And hed have to tell them that he didnt know, that nothing had changed since the last time theyd asked.

He snapped on a smile and waved. Cant stop. Dodging cars, faster now, over the junction, past the station and up the Norwich Road. One foot in front of the other like a warrior.