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Our eBooks are available as ePub and/or PDF files. The format of the eBook will be listed on the product page before you download it. Please make sure you select a. Men At Arms Books - Osprey Publishing. Identifier OspreyCampaignOperationBarbarossaospreyCa. Identifier-arkark:/ /. Items 1 - 32 of 32 Each fleet has access to different ships, tactics, [click here for more], Osprey Publishing, $ $ Add to mtn-i.info Order.

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Osprey Publishing Epub

Osprey Publishing has 12 entries in their OverDrive catalogue. Livre en anglais - ePub - Osprey Publishing - mars Steven Zaloga offers up a rigorous and absorbing study of the first major Allied operation in Normandy. Osprey Publishing is an Oxford-based publishing company specializing in military history. Predominantly an illustrated publisher, many of their books contain.

download from other retailers. Please note that ebooks are subject to tax and the final price may vary depending on your country of residence. Technologically sophisticated and powerful, the crossbow has long enjoyed a popular reputation for villainous superiority because it could be used with little training as a weapon of assassination. The study of bow designs, trigger mechanisms and spanning devices reveals a tale of considerable mechanical ingenuity; advances that produced a battlefield weapon requiring comparatively little training to use. It was an extremely useful weapon, and especially effective in siege warfare for both attack and defence. Advances in trigger mechanisms, spanning and bow design allowed the development of ever more powerful bows. In this study acknowledged weaponry expert Mike Loades traces the origins, development, combat record and lasting legacy of the crossbow, the formidable projectile weapon that played a key role in a host of battles and sieges across Europe and Asia. See larger image. Osprey Publishing Series: Weapon List price: This website uses cookies to improve user experience. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy.

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Can we respond to you about this? Start Over Advanced Search. Products found in this section Sort by: A Fistful of Kung Fu is set in a modern world walking a precarious line between the technological advances of next-generation technology and the tradition and mysticism of A World Aflame — Interwar Wargame Rules —39 The 21 interwar years have become disproportionately popular in the wargaming world in recent years. The many and diverse conflicts that raged during these tumultuous times of political, social and religious upheaval, are often comparatively minor in the grand scheme of world military history, yet have fired the imaginations of wargamers looking for something a little different.

From the Chinese Civil Across A Deadly Field — Regimental Rules for Civil War Battles Up until now, ACW games have either taken a regimental approach for a more tactical game or a brigade-level view for a more grand tactical game — and gamers have plenty of both regimental or brigade level ACW rule sets to choose from.

However, both approaches have drawbacks. The pure regimental approach — such as in Johnny Reb — can make it difficult to fight a very large battle, Bolt Action: This latest supplement for Bolt Action covers the armies of France, Belgium, Norway, Poland, Greece and the Netherlands that stood against the German Blitzkrieg, as well as the resistance and partisan forces that sprung up in the aftermath of occupation.

This digital Armies of Germany This book provides Bolt Action players with all of the information they need to field the military forces of Germany. Detailed army lists allow players to construct German armies for any theatre and any year of the war, including the early campaigns in Poland and France, the dusty tank war in the North African desert, the bloody battles on the Eastern Front, and the final defence of Normandy, occupied Armies of Italy and the Axis While many nations flocked to the side of the Allies, others joined forces with Germany as part of the Axis.

Armies of the United States With this latest supplement for Bolt Action, players now have all the information they need to field the varied military forces of the United States of America. Entering the war after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States immediately went to war on several fronts. From the D-Day landings to the final battle for Berlin, this volume gives players everything they need to focus their gaming on these final campaigns in the European Theatre of Operations.

Scenarios and special rules offer something for all Bolt Action players, regardless of the armies they collect.

[eBook] Katya's War

Tank War Tank War, the new supplement for Bolt Action, gives players the option to expand their games to a whole new level — armoured warfare. Recreate such great engagements as the battle of Kursk with the scenarios, army options and special rules found in this book. Whether you want to add more armour to your existing armies or build an entirely armoured force, Tank War has you covered.

Using miniature soldiers, tanks and terrain, you can fight battles in the shattered towns of occupied France, the barren deserts of North Africa, and even the sweltering jungles of the Pacific. Players get to decide which of Dragonslayers From Beowulf to St. George With its fiery breath, scaly armour, and baleful, malevolent stare, the dragon became the ultimate symbol of evil and corruption in European folklore and mythology.

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Often serving as a stand-in for Satan, or the power of evil gods, dragons spread death and hopelessness throughout the land. Only heroes of uncommon valour, courageousness, and purity could hope to battle these monsters and emerge victorious These rules use individual stands as the basic playing pieces; this means that individual casualties are not removed from units and the number of miniatures you own Hercules Hercules battled gods, men and monsters in a lifetime of violence and destruction.

Today, Hercules is best known for his 'twelve labours', a series of near-impossible tasks assigned to him as punishment for the killing of his wife and children. Although they have produced books of all types, the main focus remains on military history, particularly the military history of Britain.

Osprey Publishing now publishes an average of books a month. Shire Books was acquired in , and the science fiction, fantasy and horror imprint Angry Robot was purchased from HarperCollins in Aircraft of the Aces - A series that focuses on fighter pilots who became aces with first-hand accounts, aircraft profiles, unit listings, and scale plans.

Campaign - individual battles or campaigns in military history. Combat - a new series detailing the differences between soldiers in the field. Combat Aircraft - Concentrates on one of the greatest aircraft in aviation history, the technology behind it, and the men who flew it.

Dark Osprey - a comedic series detailing paranormal topics such as Nazi zombies and alien invasions. Duel - comparing contemporary opponents, such as French and British frigates in the age of sail or German and Soviet tanks on the Eastern Front.

Elite - details individual units or tactics. Essential Histories - Each book studies the origins, politics, fighting, and repercussions of one major war or theatre of war, from both military and civilian perspectives.