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They get married. Welcome to 2 States, a story about Krish and Ananya. They are from two different The Story of My Life - Helen Keller. Pages·· TEFL courses in person and tutored those taking distance your lesson plan so that they can talk to you Putting Your Le One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat. Welcome to 2 States, a story about Krish and Ananya. They are from two different states of India, deeply in love and want to get married. Of course, their parents.

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2 States Story Of My Marriage Pdf

2 States: The Story of My. Marriage () is Bhagat's fourth novel. The author reflects on the conflict of love. The story tells us about a couple from two diverse. Sorry, this document isn't available for viewing at this time. In the meantime, you can download the document by clicking the 'Download' button above. Chetan Bhagat, in "2 States: the Story of My Marriage" novel deals with a very serious theme of in a light way. This novel definitely gives us cultural shocks.

Print I always love stocking up on South Asian literature when I take trips to India and my relatives living there have picked up on this. I was even more pleased because both my cousin and his wife had already read the book and could not stop raving about it. I was very excited to explore this novel, especially, since it allowed me to get a glimpse of what kind of stories my cousins in India enjoy and can relate to. Chetan Bhagat is on the rise among the younger generation in India and has written five best-selling novels so far. The novel focuses on the love story of a Tamil girl, Ananya and a Punjabi boy, Krish, who were on a mission to get married.

But finally, it is revealed that Krish's father travels to Chennai to meet Ananya's parents and successfully convinces them, by spending a whole day. Thus, father and son are reconciled and the novel ends with Ananya giving birth to twin boys. Krish says that the babies belong to a state called 'India', with a thought to end inequality. Main article: 2 States film When a film adaptation of the novel was first announced, it was to be directed by Siddharth Anand and the lead roles were played by saif ali khan and Priyanka chopra.

However, the project was called off due to creative differences over script. Later, it was announced that the screen adaptation of 2 States would be produced by Sajid Nadiadwala with Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra in the lead roles and Vishal Bhardwaj would be directing the movie. It was later declared that Imran Khan will be playing the male lead in the movie. But then, due to clash of dates, Imran and Priyanka had to opt out of the movie as well.

After a lot of brainstorming, it was finally confirmed by producers Karan Johar and Sajid Nadiadwala that Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt will be seen playing the lead pair in the movie. This movie was released on 18 April In India, there are a few more step: Boy loves girl, Girl loves boy.

2 States Book Review

Girl's family has to love boy. Girl's family has to love Boy's family. Boy's family has to love girl's family. Girl and boy still love each other.

Then they get married. In his novel Chetan Bhagat portrayed the Indian marriage scenario and the grip of the youngsters is 21st century. The subtle style of Bhagat's writing will continue to win him accolades from all over. He sensed the nerve of the youth of the perfection.

Their love story was the inspiration for the book 2 States. When the novel open, we find Krish in a psychologists clinic to get counseling and here he narrates his story.

In the first few pages we are introduced with the campus life of IIM Ahmedabad where Krish see Ananya and fall in love with her at the first sight as in looks, she is a real traffic stopper. As happens in college life they start messaging each other and start hanging out. Time passes by very speedily and now it is the time of placement. Both the lovers with the intention to getting their families familiar with decide to invite their parents for the convocation.

Ceremony as it is very necessary in India that parents must approve your love relationship.

Here we are introduced with Krish's mother and Ananya's parents. Krish's father does not come for it because the relationship of Krish with his father is very tense.

The light friction between Ananya's mother and Krish's mother get started in the ceremony itself and the dream of the lovers to get married shatters. Krish tries hard to convince Ananya family for marriage, but all his attempts are in vain. Then after with a view to being involved in the family of Ananya, he takes the tuitions of her brother, prepare a presentation for her father, but it does not yield any profit.

Krish did not lose hope and carries on his desperate attempts to win the love of Ananya's family members. He also helps Ananya's mother to present herself at a concert organized by his own bank. Ananya's mother's talent in music is appreciated by all and she becames the centre of attention in the concert.

Then after a dinner party is arranged by Krish exclusively for Ananya's family.

2 States The Story of My Marriage

Here he proposes to accept him as their son-in-law. The emotional appeal of Krish is really heart touching "I Krish Malhotra would like to propose to all of you. Will all of you marry me?

Now comes the turn Ananya to win the love of Krish family members. Then they tried to convince Krish mother.

2 States Book Review | My India

The problem was Krish mothers relatives who do not quite like this. They say that should not marry a Madrasi but end up agreeing with them when Ananaya tries help one of Krish's cousin to get married. In the same way she expect some gifts from her parents and feels disappointed on seeing them empty handed.

Their cultural differences win the second meeting and this time not only the parents, but the lovers too depart. This cultural counters and encounters continue till the end when Krish and Ananya get married.

The author somehow tried to conclude the novel with some understandings leaving apart their cultural difference. The novel has a Language in India www.

Book Review: ‘2 States – The Story of my Marriage’

The young couple begets twins and the couple feels happy to say that their children belong to a state called India. A Typical Novel 2 states is a typical novel which predicts the cultural contradictions between two different states of India. This contradiction is found almost everywhere in India.

This is in existence even before colonization and it continues even in Post Independence India. Only the degree of arrogance has been slightly reduced due to education. These cultural contradictions may take quite a longer time to get rid off from the minds of Indian people. Srm Gmail. Com Language in India www.

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