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Kitab Tazkiyatun Nafs Pdf 1/3. Kitab Tazkiyatun Nafs Pdf 2/3. kitab tazkiyatun nafs kitab tazkiyatun nafs pdf kitab tazkiyatun nafs. Download Tazkiyatun Nafs Pdf apk for Android. Pdf Book Nafs Syarah Tazkiyatun Indonesian translation. PDF | p> This study aims to discover the interpretation of tazkkiyatun nafs There are four verses discussed that Prophet teaching about the Holy Book and.

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Kitab Tazkiyatun Nafs Pdf

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Thus, I have been familiar with the basic terminologies of hadith classification, such as sahih, hasan, daif, etc. Only recently, I came across the expression rigorously authenticated. During my participation in IBFnet, the premier internet forum about Islamic finance and banking, one of the threads I participated in was related to Riba and hadith. Zuhayli cites a hadith as following: "Hakim relates on the authority of Ibn Mas'ud that the Prophet said, 'Riba is of seventy three kinds, the lightest in seriousness of which is as bad as one's marrying his own mother; for the Muslim who practices riba goes mad. Thomas that Ibn Majah adds the following comments about that hadith. Abdur Rahman Al Ma'shar. The scholars are unanimous on declaring him daif [i. Well, the author never responded to that query. Then, another participant, Atif Khan, 4 used the same expression in the context of another thread [Message ]: The Prophet Allah bless him and give him peace commanded us to adhere to the jamaa Tirmidhi, rigorously authenticated , I was still not familiar with the expression, so I posed the question again to Atif Khan. The reply to the question came with some implied pity for me that how is it that I didnt already know this.

According to al-Ghazali and generally Sufis, that tazkiyat al-nafs need help from Allah. All human effort at Tazkiyat should always be accompanied by supplication for Allah's intervention without which human effort will bear no fruit. On the other hand, it is wrong for a human to make no effort and passively expect Allah to intervene. Humans must play their role before expecting Allah's help. It was his habit from an early age, he says, to search for the true reality of things. However, he was eventually delivered from this with the aid of the divine light, and thus recovered his trust in reason.

As a result of these studies, he came to the realization that there was no way to certain knowledge except through sufism. In order to reach this ultimate truth of the Sufis, however, it is first necessary to renounce the world and to devote oneself to mystical practice. Al-Ghazali came to this realization through an agonising process. Al-Ghazali explained in his autobiography why he renounced his brilliant career and turned to Sufism. It was, he says, due to his realization that there was no way to certain knowledge or the conviction of revelatory truth except through Sufism.

This means either that the traditional form of Islamic faith was in a very critical condition at the time, or he simply did not agree with the standard day to day grind of "ordinary" Islam. This realization is possibly related to his criticism of Islamic philosophy.

In fact, his refutation of philosophy is not a mere criticism from a certain orthodox theological viewpoint. First of all, his attitude towards philosophy was ambivalent; it was both an object of criticism and an object of learning for example, logic and the natural sciences. He mastered philosophy and then criticized it in order to Islamicize it. However, he was also forced to admit that the certainty of revelatory truth, for which he was so desperately searching, cannot be obtained by reason.

Through his own religious experience, he worked to revive the faith of Islam by reconstructing the religious sciences upon the basis of Sufism, and to give a theoretical foundation to the latter under the influence of philosophy.

marriage by Imam Al-Ghazali - PDF Drive

Thus Sufism came to be generally recognized in the Islamic community. Though Islamic philosophy did not long survive al-Ghazali's criticism, he contributed greatly to the subsequent philosophization of Islamic theology and Sufism. According to al-Ghazali the essence of a person is the nafs and not the physical body.

Thus personality and behavior are referred to as the nafs. Meaning of nafs: It has two meanings.

Kitab Tazkiyatun Nafs Pdf

First, it means the powers of anger and lust in a human being The second meaning of nafs is the spirit, the human being in reality, his self and his person. However, it is described differently according to its different states. Satan is an enemy of humans.

A human who wants to stay pure must be vigilant against Satan's influence.

mukhtasr Ihya

Satan has limited influence over human action. He causes waswasah Satanic whispers. He leads astray. Satan is never away from humans.

Every human has a Satan around him or her. The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, in a very revealing metaphor said that Satan circulates in the human body as does the blood.

Satan will always try to confuse humans. He, for example, will attempt to prevent the human from waking up in the morning to pray. The human is however not helpless against Satan. There are many simple actions that will chase Satan away and all of these are part of the process of tazkiyat al-nafs. To describe this theory of purification of the nafs, al-Ghazali divides the nafsinto two: moderate and excessive. Al-Ghazali then says that after the purification of the nafs is achieved, man should busy himself with cleansing the heart qalb ,which he describes as being able to ruin the whole body when it, i.

Al-Ghazali cites the popular Tradition from the Prophet: Truly, in body is a chunk of meat, when it is good, the whole body will be good by it, and when it is ruined, the whole body will be ruined by it, indeed it is the heart, a chunk of meat suspended beneath the chest to the left side. Its purity is in the soundness of its senses and its turbidity is in the deficiency of its senses.

Like other sufi masters, al-Ghazali regards the qalb as being like a mirror, which grows rusty like iron. He quotes the tradition from Apostle of Allah. Qalbbecome rusty as iron becomes rusty. When its senses are sound, its soundness will be obtained, and when soundness is obtained, the soundness of the qalb will be obtained.

When its senses are unsound, the qalb will be unsound and the rest of the body will be unsound because of it. He says, this kind of world is opposite of the world of creation because the latter appears through the means of matter and the extension of the days. For they mean by nafs the principle which unites the reprehensible qualities of a man.

They affirm: One must strive against the nafsand break it. But it is characterized by different qualities according to the difference of its states.


As a result, the doors of the benevolence of Allah Most High will be closed to it. Thus al-Ghazali suggests that the clearing away of its blackness will be accomplished through faith. According to al-Ghazali, that reality need struggle [with purification of soul]. Purification of soul is applied with two way: first, to empty soul from bad morals [with takhalli], and second, to fill in soul with good morals [with tahalli].

Furthermore, tazkiyat an-Nafs according to al-Ghazali as the basis for development and improvement of the personality. It is a long, pro-active, and uphill task. A faultless hadith in which there is no weakness either in the chain isnad or in the text matn. Hasan approved. A hadith like a sahih but for the fact that some of its narrators are found to have defective memory in comparison to the narrators of a sahih hadith. It is inferior to sahih. Hasan Approved is a sahih tradition except for the fact that some of its narrators are found to have a defective memory in comparison to the narrators of Sahih hadith.

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