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+ Microsoft Word Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: How you can connect Question4: How to edit PDF document in ? For any other details on Microsoft Word job roles and Microsoft Word job Interview Question and. Top 25 Microsoft Word Interview Questions & Answers g) You can edit PDF file now with word, once file is edited you can save it as PDF or in Word format 7) In MS word how you can create a user entry forms?. Basic Interview Questions for Microsoft Word, Access, Excel, and PowerPoint Tell me about the most complex document you have created in Word and the features . A relationship is usually a link between two common fields in the tables.

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Ms Word Interview Questions And Answers Pdf

TOP 50+ MS Word Interview Questions and Answers: Question 1: Is g) You can edit PDF file now with word, once file is edited you can save it. Most frequently asked top Basic And Advanced MS Word interview questions and answers pdf with detailed explanation for competitive examination and. Microsoft Word Interview Questions And Answers in for more Microsoft Word Interview Questions And Answers to download in pdf format.

How many different documents you can open at one time? No more than three b. Only one c. As many as your computer memory will hold d. As many as your task bar can display

You can specify the folder Word points to when it starts this setting can also be changed another way see How do I change the default folder for Open and Save? You can program a shortcut key sequence click in the Shortcut key box and press the key combination you want to use.

In addition, you can set the window size Word uses by default maximized, minimized, or normal and you can choose a different Word icon click the Change Icon button.

If you are asking this question, you have probably typed text then spaces in an attempt to make columns. This method is not advised, and you are likely to have other problems, especially if you try to change the page margins. If you are trying to make a table, then use the Table command see How do I create a table? To turn a link off, right-click on the link, select Hyperlink from the pop-up menu, and then select Remove Hyperlink. To select a browse option, click Select Browse Object on the vertical scroll bar bottom right hand corner , point to any button on the Browse Object palette to see its description, and then click a button to set it as the browse option.

The Normal template is the default template that is used when you start Microsoft Word or click the New Blank Document button. Some Word commands include an option to modify the Normal template see How do I change the default margins?

If you modify the Normal template, all new documents you create will include those modifications. The Normal template file Normal. If you delete the Normal template file, Word will create a new Normal template file with the standard document settings the next time it starts.

TOP 50+ MS Word Interview Questions - Latest MS Word Questions Answers

For more information on Word Templates, see What are Templates? How do I use them? How do I make a template? Drag the command to a toolbar. By default, the new button has only a text label. If you choose Tools from the Options menu, then click on the General tab, you can select two check boxes that will help you learn the equivalent Word commands. Click here for a table of WordPerfect 5. For example, if you press the Delete key to delete a block of text, you have to confirm the delete by pressing the Y key similar to what happens in WordPerfect when you delete a block of text.

To get rid of document mark-up you must accept or reject the edits or comments to remove them. Accept and Reject Icons.

MS Word Interview Questions and Answers

Accept and reject revisions and comments as you go through the document using the accept and reject icons on the Reviewing Toolbar. When this process is completed you will see a message saying that there are no more changes to accept or reject. The Works 6. Specifically, this converter works with Works , 4. After download is complete, follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation. The character format of the number symbol in a numbered list item is contained in the paragraph character at the end of that item.

If you just need to fix one or two numbered list symbols whose formatting somehow got changed:. Click on the Font button. Any of the font attributes you apply here will affect only the number symbols in the selected list. December 31, , Posted By: Latest Interview Questions , Views: To edit PDF document in Marital Status: Date of birth: And for that you might need drop down list, check box or combo box. How can I find out the names of the buttons on the toolbars in MS Word?

Hover the mouse over any button and its name will appear in a box near the mouse pointer. How to create an Index in MS Word? Mark an index entry: Select the text to mark as an index entry. Mark the all index entries, then generate the index: Click on OK to create the index.

If you edit your document after creating the index, you will have to update it: Click to the left of the index you want to update.

Press F9. How to change the default font in MS Word? Here is how you do it in Word: On the Format menu, click Font.

Click Default. How can I display more toolbars in MS Word? Choose Toolbars from the View menu. Select the toolbar you want an active toolbar has a check next to its name. Clear the Windows in the Taskbar check box: No, you can add comments by selecting: Click on the Office Assistant, then click on Options. Clear the Use Office Assistant check box.

What is going on with the document windows when I have more than one file open in MS Word? Why are my columns not lined up when I print in MS Word?

Where are the comments located in my document in MS Word? It will depend on the view you are using in Word. Comments look different in different views. It is up to you which one you use! Can I add or remove buttons from the toolbars in MS Word? To add a button to a toolbar: Select Customize. Click on the Commands tab. Select an item under Categories. Select an item from the list of Commands. Right-click on the new Toolbar item.

Select Default Style the button will become a plain square. Right click on the new Toolbar item again. Choose Change Button Image, then select a button image.

Close the Customize dialog box. To remove a button: Drag the button you want to remove off of the toolbar. How do I number pages in MS Word? Choose Page Numbers from the Insert menu. Superscript b. Subscript c. All Caps d. The spike a.

Allows you to combine text from several documents and tehn insert all the text into one document at on we time b. Allows you to edit auto text entries c.

Allows you to format auto text entries d. The word wrap creature a. Automatically move text to the next line when necessary b. Appears at the bottom of the document c. Allows you to type over text d. How can you make the selected character super scripted a. What is the short cut key to open the Open dialog box?

F12 b. Shift F12 c. What is the shortcut key to split a table? Which key is used to increase left indent? How many different documents you can open at one time? No more than three b. Only one c. As many as your computer memory will hold d. As many as your task bar can display.

Which of the following is the second step in creating a macro? Start recording b.

300+ TOP MICROSOFT WORD Multiple Choice Questions and Answers MCQS

Using your mouse or keyboard, perform the task you want to automate c. Assign a keyboard shortcut to the macro d.

Give the macro a name. When assigning a shortcut key to a symbol, you should always try to select a key or key combination that is: Which feature is used to replace straight quotes with smart quotes as you type? Auto Correct as you type b. Auto Change as you type c. Auto Format as you type d. Smart Tags as you type. Which of the following command is not available in Tools menu? Auto text b. Auto correct c. Auto summarize d. Auto Entry b. Auto Correct c. Auto Add d. Auto Spell. If you want to convert a symbol or several lines of text into an AutoCorrect entry, you should: Insert the symbol or type the text in a Word document first.

Then, select the text or symbol and go to the Auto Correct dialog box. Click the Tools menu and choose Auto Correct Options. Then, click the Insert menu and choose Symbol or click the Format menu and choose Paragraph to add the symbol or paragraph to Auto Correct. Auto Correct can only accommodate one line of text.

Microsoft Word Interview Questions & Answers

It is not possible to convert a symbol or multiple lines of text into an Auto Correct entry. Then, select the text or symbol and click the Edit menu followed by Paste Special. Which option is not available in Insert Table Auto fit behavior?

Fixed Column Width b. Auto Fit to Contents c. Auto fit to Window d. Auto fit to Column. When you click on File menu in Word , it opens a. File menu b.

File Commands c. Backstage View d. File Ribbon. Tabs stop position cannot be the following alignment a. Decimal Alignment b. Center Alignment c. Bar Alignment d. Justify Alignment. Why the document you created at home displays with a different font at school? Because you have a different printer at school than at home b.

Because you have a different monitor at school than at home c. Because the font you used at home is not installed on your school computer d. Because the version of Windows is different. Search the selected text b.

Paste the selected text c. Bold the selected text d. Open the specified file. Placeholders b. If the number of columns is selected 1 and the line between check box is marked, where is the line drawn? None of Above. A feature of MS Word that saves the document automatically after certain interval is available on a.

Save tab on Options dialog box b. Save As dialog box c. Both of above d. After typing header text, how can you quickly enter footer text? Press Page Down key and type the text for footer b. To move the cursor page to page of document a. You can jump to the next column by a. Clicking with your mouse on the next column b. Which of the following enables you to paste data multiple times?

Windows Clipboard b. Office Clipboard c. None of the all. You need to jump to the next column breaking current column right at the cursor position. How can you break column? Break command from Insert menu d.

Both b and c. In Word you can force a page break a. By positioning your cursor at the appropriate place and pressing the F1 key b. By changing the font size of your document. How can you increase the font size of selected text by one point every time? How to use Format Painter multiple times a. Format Painter cannot be use multiple times. What is the default font used in MS Word document? Times New Roman b. Arial c.

Calibri d. Which of the following is not a type of page margin? Left b. Right c. Center d. Both are same. They are only two different ways of capitalize text. It is faster to convert from Change Case than from Font dialog box c. Change Case makes conversion permanent but All Caps on Font can always be reverted d. All Caps on Font dialog box makes the change permanent where Change Case can be always reverted.

Align Right b. Select All c.

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