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Flawless: A Pretty Little Liars Novel. Sara Shepard . groaned—Ali was imitating Imogen Smith, a girl in their class who was a little bit too in love with her. a pretty little liars novel SARA SHEPARD For MDS and RNS An eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind. —GANDHI. “This new edition of Flawless Consulting is highly germane to educators. Pretty Little Liars #2. Flawless. Foro Purple Rose. Foro Purple Rose. P agin a. 3.

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Pretty Little Liars has 31 entries in the series. Flawless. Pretty Little Liars ( Series). Book 2. Sara Shepard Author Cassandra Morris Narrator (). Pretty Little Liars (Although Emily was pretty certain that being forced to hide her IRISH GIRLS chrome, and white lights that made the flawless diamonds. How will I download Pretty Little Liars books in PDF form? Sara Shepard's #1 New York Times bestselling Pretty Little Liars series, Pretty Little Liars, Flawless, .

Automatyczne logowanie. If he looks at you funny, watch your back. Every town has a black-cat boy. In Rosewood, his name was Toby Cavanaugh. She tilted her face one way, then another, and puckered her pink lips. Spencer held up a lemon-yellow cashmere cardigan to her slender torso. Would Sean like it?

Pretty Little Liars: Flawless. HarperCollins Ebooks, The second book in the Pretty Little Liars series begins with a prologue that is told in the omniscient third person perspective. The prologue takes place four years prior to the narrative present, during April of sixth grade, just a couple of months before Alison DiLaurentis was murdered.

She and her four best friends Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily were having a slumber party and trying on different outfits. They looked outside and saw Toby Cavanaugh, a creepy neighbor boy, spying on them. Alison insisted that they ought to get revenge, and the other girls reluctantly agreed.

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He and his step sister Jenna were inside, and she was blinded. Alison told the girls everything would be okay, and the next day Toby confessed to setting off the firework. He was sent to boarding school, and Jenna went to a school for the blind. The girls decided to go to a park and talk things over in private.

On the way over, Spencer felt guilty because she knew more than the other girls. The night of the fire, she had seen Toby confronting Alison because he had seen her light the firework. Alison had blackmailed him into taking the blame by threatening to reveal seeing something he had done to Jenna.

At the park, the girls decided to keep in contact about A, but at the end of the chapter they all left, and Spencer got a text from A about keeping her information about Toby a secret from her friends.

Hanna left the park with her best friend, Mona, and the girls talked about Foxy, the biggest charity ball in Rosewood. She went home and found her father, who she had not seen in years, waiting for her.

He was there because she had been getting in trouble and her mother had called him. Emily went to the Gray Horse Inn where Maya was staying. Last week, the two girls had kissed, but Emily was frightened of her feelings and did not want to admit to being gay. She went upstairs with Maya, and the girls kissed again, but then Emily got a threatening text from A and she ran away, telling Maya they could only be friends.

Aria went home and discovered her parents were in a fight. Aria knew that her father had had an affair when she was in sixth grade.

Aria and her brother Mike went out together and snuck into a bar. They had fun, until they spotted their father with his old mistress, Meredith, on a date.

Spencer had kissed him last week, and her family had found out about it and emotionally disowned her. Spencer ignored the message and went downstairs to try and apologize again to her sister, Melissa, but it was helpless. She tried to call Sean, but he would not answer her. While cleaning the rooms, she found some prescription pills in a cabinet and stole them. Emily went to swim practice and tried to quit the team, but her coach made her captain and she decided to stay.

Her ex-boyfriend Ben, who caught her kissing Maya the week before, attacked Emily in the locker room. And she was pretty in an irksome way, with her thick, dark hair, huge, earnest green eyes, and pursed red lips. Ali thought for a minute. He spent every other waking second there, playing with his Game Boy or, who knows, building a giant robot to nuke Rosewood Day. Luckily, we know just where they are. Then Hanna cleared her throat.

Emily and Aria shrugged in agreement. Ali clapped her hands and gestured to the couch by the window. You can watch from here. The Hastings compound had its own windmill, eight bedrooms, a five-car detached garage, a rock-lined pool, and a separate barn apartment. It was partially obscured by tall elms and pines, but the streetlight illuminated it just enough for them to see its vague outline.

They fell into an edgy silence. But something about this made them all just a little…uneasy. Emily and Aria jumped back. Spencer and Hanna pressed their faces against the window. It was still dark across the street. A brighter light flickered from the tree house window, but that was all. Hanna squinted. The side patio light snapped on. There were loud voices, and Mr.

Cavanaugh burst out the side door. The fire started to spread. Then came the sirens.

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Aria looked at the others. Ali stood in the great room doorway. Ali looked worried. Paramedics poured out and rushed to the tree house. The rope had been lowered down. Someone might see them. Spencer crouched behind a bush and looked across the street. She felt someone creeping up behind her. Was Toby hurt? Was he…dead? All the girls, inside and out, craned to see.

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Their hearts began to beat faster. Then, for just a second, they stopped. It was Jenna.

Several minutes later, Ali and Spencer came back inside. Ali told them all what happened with an almost-eerie calmness: No one had seen her light it, so they were safe, as long as they all kept quiet.

If the cops would blame anyone, it would be him. All night, they cried and hugged and went in and out of sleep. Spencer was so shell-shocked, she spent hours curled in a ball, wordlessly flicking from E! When they awoke the next day, the news was all over the neighborhood: Ali read it out loud as they all gathered around her kitchen table, holding hands.

The few days that Jenna was in the hospital, she was hysterical—and confused. Doctors said it was probably post-traumatic stress.

The girls, especially Spencer, participated overzealously, although of course they pretended not to know anything about what had happened. If anyone asked, they said that Jenna was a sweet girl and one of their closest pals. As for Jenna, she never came back to Rosewood Day. She went to a special school for the blind in Philadelphia, and no one saw her after that night.

Bad things in Rosewood were all eventually gently nudged out of sight, and Toby was no exception. His parents homeschooled him for the remainder of the year.

The summer passed, and the next school year Toby went to a reform school in Maine. He left unceremoniously one clear day in mid-August. The girls watched as his family tore down the tree house that afternoon.

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The five of them went white-water rafting and rock-climbing, and tanned on the banks of the lake. At night, when their conversation turned to Toby and Jenna—as it often did that summer—Ali reminded them that they could never, ever tell anyone. That night, when they zipped themselves into their five-girl tent, J. Crew cashmere hoodies up around their heads, Ali gave each of them a brightly colored string bracelet to symbolize the bond.