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As of today we have 78,, eBooks for you to download for free. MVC 5 with Bootstrap and Knockout - All IT eBooks Beginning for. Trademarks/ are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies. Marker that adds a signature at the beginning and end of each page served by. NET Core and Blazor Applications on Mac. Free Architecting Modern Web Applications with Core Understanding Azure: A Beginner's Guide. Free.

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64340 downloads 89424 Views 18.35MB ePub Size Report Ebook For Beginners For Beginners: The Simple Guide to Learning Web Programming Fast! [Tim Warren] on For Beginners Grab this GREAT physical book now at a limited time discounted price! Are you ready Ebook cover image. Hi, can anyone suggest a good C# book for beginners in which every basic thing is explained?. 4. Step by Step. George Shepherd Each chapter includes a summary of objectives near the beginning. □.

You should choose books that are usually written by professionals who recommend best practices and different methods of solving a business problem using the technology. You should choose books that are usually written by professionals who recommend best practices and different methods of solving a business problem using a technology. Now choosing the right web development books out of the thousands available from different authors and different publishers, is a daunting task. NET book you would recommend? NET applications? I finally decided to make my recommendations public and hope that these recommendations will help you out if you have been looking out for a similar list.

Instead, he proposes an alternate, if more difficult, paradigm involving new patterns and new complexities and culminating in a new, pure-AJAX architecture. You ll learn why far better solutions result from the second, more radical approach and you ll get practical guidance on how to implement this new architecture for Rich Internet Applications RIAs Microsoft.

NET: Architecting Applications for the Enterprise - Make the right architectural decisions up front and improve the quality and reliability of your results.


Led by two enterprise programming experts, you ll learn how to apply the patterns and techniques that help control project complexity and make systems easier to build, support, and upgrade right from the start.

Get pragmatic architectural guidance on how to: Build testability, maintainability, and security into your system early in the design Expose business logic through a service-oriented interface Choose the best pattern for organizing business logic and behavior Review and apply the patterns for separating the UI and presentation logic Delve deep into the patterns and practices for the data access layer Tackle the impedance mismatch between objects and data Minimize development effort and avoid over-engineering and deliver more robust results Get code samples on the Web.

The bulk of the rest of the book begins with the basic concepts around the model view controller pattern, including the little history and the state of the MVC on the web today. Next you dig deep into routing and see the role URLs play in your application. You will deep dive into controllers and views and see what role the Ajax plays in your applications.

The last third of the book focuses entirely on advanced techniques and extending the framework. Books on C 3. NET 9.

NET is a technology and not a language. To use the technology effectively, you should have a command over the language like C or VB. NET that goes into building up the logic for these web pages. Books

C in Depth: What you need to master C 2 and 3 - C in Depth is a completely new book designed to propel existing C developers to a higher level of programming skill. One simple principle drives this book: explore a few things deeply rather than offer a shallow view of the whole C landscape. If you often find yourself wanting just a little more at the end of a typical chapter, this is the book for you.

Pro VB and the. NET 2.

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Books on Silverlight - Silverlight is a lightweight cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in designed to create rich internet applications which is freely available for download. Here are two books I recommend for Silverlight. NET technology that developers use to design next—generation Windows applications.

Data-Driven Services with Silverlight 2 - This comprehensive book teaches you how to build data-rich business applications with Silverlight 2 that draw on multiple sources of data. NET Framework. NET web pages.

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NET pages. Learning jQuery 1. Even if previous attempts at writing JavaScript have left you baffled, this book will guide you past the pitfalls associated with AJAX, events, effects, and advanced JavaScript language features. Experienced programmers will also be aided by its conceptual consistency.

You'll also learn how to utilize regular expressions and build dynamic user interfaces. This valuable insight will help you apply JavaScript solutions to the business problems faced by Web developers everywhere.

Books on CSS - Cascading Style Sheets CSS is very important for web design as it is allows for consistent separation between the styling of a page such as layout, fonts, color from the content of the page. Here is one book I recommend to getting started with CSS.

This book introduces you to HTML and CSS as you follow along with the author, step-by-step, to build a fully functional web site from the ground up. Hailed as the most definitive treatment of WCF available, this relentlessly practical book provides insight, not documentation, to help you learn the topics and skills you need for building WCF-based applications that are maintainable, extensible, and reusable.

Programming Entity Framework - Programming Entity Framework is a thorough introduction to Microsoft's new core framework for modeling and interacting with data in. A couple of my friends have bought this book and recommend it for beginners. NET 4. It's an architectural pattern that has been around since the 's and 80's.

One way to do that is to download and review the lifecycle of an MVC web application. This is pretty much everything in a nutshell. Everything is laid out for you in specific terms. I even have this printed out and posted on my wall at work. I bought this as an eBook when it came out and I reference it once in a while just to get back to the basics sometimes. Pluralsight has over 1, courses on everything from web to mobile to virtualization.

Once you pay, I would recommend learn, learn, and learn some more. NET - Cory House Most of these courses take between hours so make sure you set time aside and learn what you can, as fast as you can.

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I want to also thank Udemy. Please provide feedback as well so we can make it better. Make Something! Finally, start applying that knowledge by building something.