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Tips and Tricks for Knitting Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket Baby . Premie bsj jacket, pattern in pdf Premature Baby, Free Knitting, Baby Knitting. After reading so much about EZ's Surprise Baby Jacket, I was curious so I starting searching the internet. After finding . pdf Baby Surprise Jacket Row Keeper. Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket. Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby knit this iconic sweater and see what all the fuss is about. Once you knit one, you' ll.

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Baby Surprise Jacket Pdf

Available in several books, or as an updated pattern, and now an ebook from Schoolhouse Press. From Schoolhouse Press: Elizabeth. The Baby Surprise Jacket was designed by Elizabeth Zimmermann in and remains a popular baby garment to this day. It is an excellent pattern for making. The ABC-SJ (Adult, Baby, Child's Surprise Jacket). Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Surprise Jacket has truly proven to be timeless, growing in popularity since its.

Does anyone know where I can get a free pattern for this? I'm VERY new at knitting and looking for something not too challenging for my knitting group that starts in a couple of days Here's a nice site for the BSJ, with pics. You can get a pre-printed copy of the pattern from School House Press. If free is all you are interested in, go to your public library. Check Elizabeth Zimmermann's books. The design is in at least two of her books. You're not going to get any on the net because of copywrite issues.

The copy that I use is a reproduced version of the original by-mail newsletter from Zimmermann herself. She has includes little chivvying remarks and jokes in with her pattern instructions, and lets her personality shine through the text of her pattern.

I feel like we would have gotten along swimmingly. A couple weeks ago, KP sent me, out of the blue, two of the most beautiful skeins of their new Hawthorne yarns:.

Lovely, deep-chocolate-colored fingering weight in Fawn Kettle-dye , and gorgeous rainforest-colored sport weight in Mt. The yarn is actually much more beautiful in real life than in any of these pictures-all subtle variation and intense shifting colors. Not washed-out and kind-of blueish. Perfect timing!

The new sport-weight yarn is perfect for size 5 garter stitch, and makes a super cute BSJ. The Hawthorne Fingering, held double, is just a little thicker than the Hawthorne Sport.

Ez Babysurprisejacket PDF

The brown parts of the sweater ended up a little stiff. The sweater, while not perfect, is super cute. Just saying. For some reason I decided that the perfect wedding gift was a hand knit or crocheted blanket.

I soon began to hate that decision. A herd? A pod? A holler? But this time, I am being smart about what hand knits I give out. Babies get sweaters. Not great big blankets. I went to Ravelry and started poking around for an alternative, and I found the perfect baby sweater. So, if you have a skein or two of something superwash, and you know of someone or six people in the family way, keep the Baby Sophisticate in mind.

EZ was sort of the original knitting blogger, so I have a bit of a soft spot in my heart for her. She published a quarterly knitting newsletter in the sixties that you could get delivered to your house for 25 cents. A deal, if you ask me. As you knit it up it looks like nothing more than a random pile of knitting. This sweater is one of my favorite things to knit for my friends that are expecting.

Or origami. Or magical origami. This pattern uses just about the same amount of yarn that a grown-up pair of socks uses, so one g skein of sock yarn will make an entire sweater. AND, this pattern looks really cool when you use self-striping sock yarn. So, go get yourself a copy of this pattern and make a bunch of baby sweaters.

The first of our newest surprises for knitters, The Complete Surprise book picture in thumbnails at left includes everything you will find in the pattern, such as EZ's original instructions and Cully's new custom sizing, plus the Circular Stranded Surprise Jacket for two-color knitters, and the newly designed Surprise Dress, Surprise Shrug, Surprise Snuggle Suit.

There's even a Surprise Scarf, which is a fun learn-to-knit project for beginners and an elegant garment for all. The calculator is a digital product; you choose the dimensions and gauge you want and the Calculator generates easy to follow row-by-row instructions for your custom-sized baby, child, or adult Surprise Jacket for print or download. The pattern or the book gives you all the technique instruction and variations you need, while the calculator makes sizing the jacket for baby to adult simple.

Ravelry: Schoolhouse Press Patterns #5, A-B-C-SJ (Adult, Baby, Child's Surprise Jacket) - patterns

If downloading the digital version of the pattern, email info schoolhousepress. If ordering the print version of the pattern, let us know in the comments section of the order that you would like a translation. Email to a Friend. Click each individual product to see product's images, features and description.

Be the first to review this product. Meg Swansen shares her wealth of knitting knowledge in a blog, with video technique demonstrations.

Schoolhouse Press #5 - Adult, Baby & Child Surprise Jacket

Visit Meg 's blog. The newest blog includes Meg's demonstration of increasing. At Schoolhouse Press, we care about your privacy. When you come to our site to look for an item, we will only use this information to improve our site and will not store it with information we could use to identify you. We do not share names, addresses, phone numbers or email addresses with anyone, nor do we sell them.

Schoolhouse Press.

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