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Beijing's famous Tiananmen Square is big enough to hold one million people, while the historic Forbidden City is home to thousands of. However, the charm of the colossal city is not limited to these infamous locations. Way to travel in Beijing is to appreciate the numerous quadrangle courtyards. Yiheyuan. (Summer Palace). Beijing. University. China People's. University. Qinghua . Forbidden City. Rear Gate. Beijing .. THE CITY GUIDE AND MAP. OF.

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Beijing City Guide Pdf

Create your own Beijing travel guide! All you have to do is select the type of places you'd like to include (restaurants, museums, etc.). When you're done, you can. BEIJING GUIDE. 3. Beijing is one of the most magnificent cities in. Asia. Its history is truly impressive. The me- tropolis is dynamically evolving at a pace that. Detailed and high-resolution maps of Beijing, China for free download. Travel guide to touristic destinations, museums and architecture in Beijing.

North of Beihai Park, the Mansion of Prince Gong stands in an historic district of hutongs, the old alleyways that riddle the city. To the south, Tiantan Temple of Heaven is a majestic example of Ming dynasty design. Sightseeing in Beijing can be an overwhelming prospect. No other city in Asia, and few other cities in the world, offers so many must-see attractions. With the help of our maps you can find the detailed locations of other popular sights including Museum of Natural History, Metro ditie , Aquarium, Badaling, CBD, World trade Center, National Convention Center, National Theatre, Niujie Mosque - just click on a selected map to access a high resolution version that can be downloaded and printed; or saved onto your mobile device. You can find the detailed locations of these places on the maps above. Forbidden City - The universally accepted symbol for the length and grandeur of Chinese civilization is undoubtedly the Great Wall, but the Forbidden City aka Imperial Palace Museum is more immediately impressive. A ,sq. Temple of Heaven Tiantan Gong Yuan - At the same time that the Yongle emperor built the Forbidden City, he also oversaw construction of this enormous park and altar to Heaven directly to the south. Summer Palace - This expanse of elaborate Qing-style pavilions, bridges, walkways, and gardens, scattered along the shores of immense Kunming Lake, is the grandest imperial playground in China.

This tourist attraction and landmark is located 85 kilometres from Beijing. The hotel was fully refurbished in , which has set a new standard for the hospitality business and not the hotel is ready to greet even most discerning travellers.

Upon entering, guests will see a giant hall with a broad ladder, sparkling chandeliers and columns. For example, you can attend a sauna.

Beijing top tourist attractions city travel maps

This ritual is very popular with locals and is known for its healing properties. There are many saunas and wellness centres in Beijing, with sauna Number 8, which is located on Chaoyang Park Rd, being one of the most … Open Festivals and events in Beijing Chinese culture and traditions are always in the centre of attention among tourists, and Beijing is proudly called its lullaby.

Nowadays Beijing is a modern megapolis, which stored its unique signs of the ancient capital of a great civilisation. The number of amazing destinations and cultural landmarks in Beijing is enormous, as well as the number of various festivals. Chinese New Year is the most outstanding … Open Hotels for romantic escape In Beijing, it is simple to find a romantic hotel for every taste.

Beijing Prime Hotel Wangfujing is located not far away from the historic street of Wangfujin. Beijing Area Map Beijing Municipality covers an area of 16, sq km, including the city districts and the suburb districts. Below map shows main attractions of Beijing suburb districts.


This map covers the area inside the fifth ring road, showing photos and locations of key attractions including the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, and the Summer Palace , and railway stations and airports. Learn more about Beijing's attractions. Click to enlarge it!

Free Beijing City travel guide in PDF

Read more about Beijing's Forbidden City. Beijing Tian'anmen Square Map Our Tian'anmen Square map shows you the layout of this world's largest city square and it gives you a better perspective of those national buildings around it. This Tian'anmen Square map also gives you the latest tourist information about those national sights around it.

Read more about the Temple of Heaven. Learn more about Beijing Zoo. Beijing Subway Map This is Beijing's most up-to-date subway map.

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