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Book Layout Templates We are proud to deliver the highest quality printed books in the business. A key part of that is making sure the files we send to our. We'll be making a 6"x9" PDF for print; but you can easily change the document to or download our free package of formatting templates to get started quickly. Blurb makes it easy for you to create any kind of book or magazine—in both print and digital formats—for yourself, to share, or to sell. Blurb BookWright's easy-to-use features allow anyone to publish custom photo book, magazines, and novels in either print or ebook format.

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Book Making Templates

Built to industry-standard specifications, our pre-designed templates will make your book stand out, without all of those newbie mistakes. Handcrafted by an. Download FREE book layout templates for self-publishers. If you've already typed your book, it will probably be easier if you just make a copy of your file, and . After you have collected all your ideas, you can start writing in a text editor of your Free starter kit with a digital guide 'Write a book' + Word and PDF templates.

Select "Whole Document" under Apply To. Switch over to the Paper tab. Adjust the height and width to match the paper size your book will be printed in. Select "OK" to save the changes. Setting up Bleeds for Your Interior Book Template If you want the interior pages to bleed where the artwork goes right to the edge of the paper and are using Microsoft Word, or any other word processing program, you will need to add. For example: If you want a 5. We will trim off. For a professional interior book layout, we recommend that you keep any elements you don't want trimmed off, at least a. Also remember to select Mirror Margins, when setting up your custom page size in Microsoft Word. If you are using Microsoft Word, or any other word processing program, it can be very difficult to set up bleeds correctly and have everything line up evenly throughout the interior of the book. We suggest using a more robust piece of software like Adobe InDesign. Adobe does offer a free trial for 30 days, and has monthly plans as well.

This will help you determine a theme around which to center your cover. Bring your words to life through visuals Have a photo in mind for your cover? Simply upload it to your template and edit it as you see fit.

Or, if you aren't quite sure what you want for an image, scroll through free stock photos and find something attention-grabbing and suited to your work. Make your text a treat to read Next, you can adjust your font so that it is custom-tailored to your title and other cover text. Select a font that is not only bold and eye-catching but also fits with the mood you're conveying. Publish your cover for the world to see Finally, your cover art is finished and ready to share.

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Save your cover image, and then download it for printing or attaching to your e-book. You can also spread your cover across social media to attract attention for your actual book release. Design a cover that tells a story Now you know the basics of how to use this e-book cover creator to form your book cover, but you can take as much time as you need to ensure your artwork is spot-on.

You can adjust your color palette to reflect the genre or create an emotional impact, and you can even put a filter on your background image if you need a unique effect. These templates are wonderful! Quick Start Guide Training: Built to industry-standard specifications, our pre-designed templates will make your book stand out, without all of those newbie mistakes.

Handcrafted by an award-winning book designer, our exciting technology allows you to format your book for both print and eBooks at the same time, using a program you already own and know how to use, and without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars hiring a designer. On Sale. Learn More. See All of Our Designs.

Check Out Our New Covers. Check Out Our Interior Service. Hand-Crafted Design We have our roots in classic book design, and our templates show it. Fully Customizable Our templates use all of the built-in features of Word, Pages or InDesign so that you can completely customize your book layout and design as you like.

Create a booklet or book

Detailed Instructions We include fully illustrated instructions for using the template at every step of the way. Complete Support Our templates include access to our professional technical support and customer service staff who are delighted to help you.

Productivity Through Innovation. All of our designs are engineered to export to both eBook and Print, so you can create your print edition, eBook edition, or both, with the same file, using our exclusive 2Way Technology.

We include versions of the templates in Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, and Adobe InDesign, so you have the ultimate choice in which tool you wan to use to format your book, with every download.

Create a booklet or book - Word

You can export your manuscript from popular writing tools like Scrivener, and import the text into our templates to fully format your book. Our Premium Designs for Print and eBook offer incredible typography, sophisticated design elements, and a full set of features that will please authors of every niche and genre.

Better yet, our templates easily convert to eBook too, so your high-end print book, and eBook both look professional and well-polished, with minimal effort. Achieve offers a feature-rich design with stylized formatting for a variety of books. Britannia gives your non-fiction work a classic and timeless look and feel. Focus boldly gets to the point you want to make quickly, with striking chapter openings. Leadership creates books that exude confidence, featuring strong typography.

Balance creates a clean, uncluttered look for your contemporary novel. Bomber will give your thriller, paranormal, sci-fi or fantasy novel impact without shouting.

Crimson brings a classic elegance to your book, a style that every reader will love.


Electric's airy and open design creates a free flowing space for your words. Historian is designed for your historical fiction in any era, with a dramatic chapter opening. Bard sets the stage for your fantasy novel with evocative ornaments and typography.

Pulp is a purpose built design for creating professional looking literary novels. Spark is a revolutionary design for creating dapper and sophisticated books. Inspire creates a beautiful environment for your aspirational work. Noir perfectly serves thriller, mystery, and suspense readers with a pared-down design. Fling aims to please romance readers with graceful ornaments and a clean, open design. Quantum bring excitement and a feeling of impending action to your science fiction books.

Flourish establishes an ideal environment for your work with distinctive typography. Legend evokes feelings that you stir in your readers with its elegant script display font.

Free Book Templates

Lightning is a contemporary design with sans serif typography and modern style. Premise imparts a balanced and rational tone to your most dramatic stories. Ralph Ellison Ralph Ellison is regarded as one of the most read and studied African American authors of all time, and his works have become a staple of the literary canon and influenced American culture and politics.

Ellison is best known for his books Invisible Man and Juneteenth. Faulkner is known for his accurate portrayal of life in the American south. Her stream-of-consciousness style is recognized for its influence on modernist literature. Asimov bring the style and substance of the legendary master to your publications. The Ellison template has a light and airy feel, and an illustrated title page and floral ornament. The Hemingway template is a classic container for your works of fiction and literary nonfiction.

Nin's symmetrical title page and minimal chapter openings keep your readers riveted. Woolf embodies some of the aesthetic and strength of classic English literature. Affection brings fun and a bit of irreverence to pre-teen fiction with some sparkle.