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White Night (The Dresden Files, Book 9). Home · White Night (The Dresden Files, Book 9) White Night A Novel of the Dresden Files Read more. White Night A Novel of the Dresden Files 09 · Read more · White Night (The Dresden Files, Book 9). Read more · White Night (The Dresden Files, Book 9). White Night TheDresden Files Book IX Jim Butcher Contents Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter F.

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Dresden Files White Night Pdf

The Dresden Files Book 9 White Night by Jim Butcher CONTENTS CHAPTER One Many things are not as they seem: The worst th. White Night is the 9th book in The Dresden Files, Jim Butcher's continuing series about wizard . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. By Jim Butcher. The suggestion for the Sci Fi channel tv series. In Chicago, a person has been killing practitioners of magic, these incapable of.

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Upcoming SlideShare. Like this document? Why not share! An annual anal Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. There are circumstances beyond his control that are acting on his mind in ways he may not be aware of yet. But he's learning about that, and his friends won't let him get too out of hand. Or, at least, they'll all go down together Highly recommended for urban fantasy readers.

View 2 comments. Jan 19, Deborah Markus rated it it was amazing. This is a good book. Good wizard-is-a-private-detective-in-modern-day-Chicago book. You should read it. First, though, go read eight other books. Not eight random books. I mean, you can. If you want. I'm not the boss of you, the way my local library is the boss of me.

I'm just saying, you should read this book but first you should read the eight "Dresden Files" books that come before it. Jim Butcher does a decent job of summing stuff up, but the world-building is amazingly intricate and the plot is way complicated and there are all kinds of awesome characters you'll want to follow from day one.

You do NOT want to just jump into the middle of this party.

That'd be like showing up at a New Year's Eve bash at Okay, the analogy isn't perfect. So read this book but first read the previous books in this series and be happy that Harry Dresden has finally stopped giving that pages-long speech he used to give once per volume like clockwork about how people don't believe in the supernatural anymore, which is TOTALLY BOGUS because have you looked around lately?

Plus Harry's stopped being quite so much of an idiot when it comes to being all protective about women, possibly because he got his stuff stolen once too often by a female perp he let his guard down with in a way he never would have with a guy.

View all 9 comments. May 21, Michael rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Fans who've read previous Dresden Files novels. The ninth Harry Dresden novel is the series riches and most densely plotted to date--and the first in the series I can't recommend to someone coming to the series cold.

Not that this is a bad thing. It's a great thing for readers of the Dresden Files. While Jim Butcher does deliver payoffs and resolutions in his previous eight books, here in "White Night" he steps that up a notch, bringing back old friends and enemies to Harry Dresden's world all while building on several key plotlines from the The ninth Harry Dresden novel is the series riches and most densely plotted to date--and the first in the series I can't recommend to someone coming to the series cold.

While Jim Butcher does deliver payoffs and resolutions in his previous eight books, here in "White Night" he steps that up a notch, bringing back old friends and enemies to Harry Dresden's world all while building on several key plotlines from the last several novels as the war between the various supernatural factions begins to reach a boiling point and Harry Dresden is, once again, at the center of it all.

If you're coming into this cold, you'll be thorougly confused. If you've read the previous eight books, you're probably going to eat this up with a spoon, eagerly turning the pages, waiting for the next development to hit. Murphy calls Harry in on a case that may or may not have supernatural undercurrents. Harry discovers a message that only he could find and begins to look into a series of similar deaths. Finding the same message, hidden in the same way, Harry suspects a serial killer is on the loose in the supernatural community.

The problem: Harry is convinced Thomas isn't the killer, but the evidence is pretty damning. Harry begins to pull at the threads and uncovers someone or something targeting women of a Wiccan order. They've already asked for help from Harry's first love, Elaine, who is now a private eye in Los Angeles who investigates the supernatural.

All of this we find in the first hundred or so pages and that's just when it gets interesting. Butcher weaves together a complex, fascinating story with Harry firmly at the center, trying to find the pieces of the puzzle and prove the innocence of his half-brother.

In the midst of al this, we learn about the politics of the current battle between the Red Court and the White Council and how Harry fits into a plan to possibly tip the balance. Along the way, we meet old enemies and have call backs to the first novel in the series.

About the only thing I found frustrating about this novel is that in the last book, Harry determined a secret group was plotting within the power ranks of the White Council. And while this development is brought up, we never get any movement toward discovering who or what is behind this and what their agenda is. I realize that Butcher may be setting up some things for future installments, but a revelation this big seems a bit difficult to only pay lip service to in the story.

But that's the only detraction I can find in this superb entry in the Dresden series. Butcher keeps getting better and better, continuing to keep the Dresden Files as one of the must reads on my bookshelf.

View 1 comment. Time jumps, lots of random things happening Still one of my favorite series of all time and I'm still jumping right into the next book!

Another pretty good Dresden book.

White Night

But first thing I want to mention is the amazing narrator, James Marsters. It's the first time I listened to Dresden audiobook, and I loved it. James Marsters does an awesome job and he sounds pretty much like I imagined Harry would sound. I think I am definitely going to download an audiobook when the next Dresden book comes out. If you read any of my reviews of Dresden Files, you know I am a huge fan.

I think I even get a little bit overenthusiastic in some of my r Another pretty good Dresden book. I think I even get a little bit overenthusiastic in some of my reviews, or give the books slightly higher rating that they actually deserve. But well, can't help myself there. These books are pretty entertaining for me, they are fast-paced and full of action, magic, supernatural creatures and awesome characters.

This series is like a drug, and I am addicted. And Jim Butcher is an awesome author, and it was great to see how he improved with every next book. It was interesting, but nothing special. But then the series slowly started to become more complex, Jim Butcher's writing better and better, and characters deeper and more complex. Now it feels like it's really big journey and it's really cool to be part of it. And Jim Butcher's has a way to make you feel like you are part of the story.

If he starts a sentence like: Have you ever thought about? Have you ever felt? He is pretty good in making you feel that way, and I love that when I read his books.

I will try not to get overenthusiastic in this review, I promise; Of course, there are some things that I don't like about the series. First of all, since every book is told from Harry's POV, you need to like this character to enjoy the series. If you can't stand the guy, you obviously aren't going to last this long in the series. And while I really really like him, there are times that he annoys me greatly. He can be pretty whiny, he has a hero complex and he often forgets that he is not the only one who can deal with the problem or who notices things.

Well, he usually is th most qualified I would say, but sometimes he is a big drama queen too. I am glad that one of the characters pointed it out to him in the end.

I didn't like how he was withholding the information from one of his friends in the end. I think he should have learned that lesson by now. And the other annoying thing is the fact that almost every female monster has to be pretty, sexy woman and of curse Harry can't help but notice it ever time. The amount of beautiful and sexy women in these books, who in fact are horrible monsters, makes me roll my eyes sometimes. But, we see things through Harry's eyes, and I guess he can't help it or change it.

It's just who he is and how he sees some things and he is far from perfect. But I guess I wouldn't like him so much if he was perfect.

And although there are some annoying things about these books, they always stay in the background, at least for me, there are just too many cool things about Dresden to make me complain about the things I don't like for too long. White Night is another pretty good Dresden book.

It follows the usual pattern, there is a crime and Harry gets to investigate. That's how it usually starts. But it was never boring. First of all, this time I kept dreading that one of the characters I really liked was involved in the crimes.

Second thing, Harry was joined by someone from his past. I don't really like her that much, but it was cool to learn more about her and it was also cool to see her in action. For once, Harry wasn't the only wizard responsible for destroying some of the buildings; Plus compared to some previous crimes, this time it was much deeper than some kind of crazy, blood-thirsty monster murdering innocent people.

I love how Jim Butcher keeps revealing just a little bit of what's really going on in each book.

And the ending was pretty cool, it was enough to give this book 5 stars. I love magical duels. I got to see one in the end, and Harry wasn't the only wizard involved. I love reading about other wizards and see how they use magic. It's usually quite different than the way Harry uses it, and that's always pretty interesting and cool to read.

And the bad guys joined the good guys to kill some of even worse bad guys in the end, and I really liked it. White Night might not be my favorite book of Dresden, but it's among the ones I like the most. And I liked how some of the issues were resolved in the end.

And I also have to mention one thing. I really appreciate the fact that Jim Butcher doesn't really kill a lot of the characters. At least so far, I am kind of dreading what happens when the final books get released, because there is no way that every character I love is going to survive. But anyway, thanks to the amount of books in this series, we really could get to know some of the characters so well, see them grow and develop.

By now, they really feel like old friends.

This book is probably 4 or 4. Five books? Nine books? How about sixteen books? White Night was a book nine and unless something ground breaking happens I don't think I will make it to book 16 there's more coming after that too I'm sure.

This was everything that a good Dresden Files novel should be: But I still felt a little bit bored. Maybe because we already met the villain in the previous book.

Maybe b 3. Maybe because the concept seemed really cool, but then everything kind of got turned around degrees and I just wasn't into it?

I don't know, this wasn't bad, but it wasn't particularly great either. Especially in the middle - things dragged quite a bit, despite the never ending action I don't even know how's that possible. But, once again the ending was amazing and I will be definitely picking up number 10, just maybe not too soon. This is definitely not a series you can binge, it does get quite repetitive.

You want to stretch them out and savor every book a good time apart from one another. Don't worry about forgetting stuff - Butcher is great about catching the reader up one of the best really. I think the crazy attention to details largely contributes to that. I love how Butcher never forgets that Mouse is a living, breathing, pooping dog and not just a super hero side kick.

I love that Harry gets cranky and tired, and he sleeps and eats like a normal functioning human. In too many books main characters are portrayed as those "super warrior machines that only keep fighting for justice, or whatever". Harry is real and I think that's the beauty of it.

Also, he can make fun of himself and it's hilarious and I just love it. I really need more of their interaction in every book. Even Bob the Skull is a fantastic and well rounded character. I liked how Elaine was brought back, but also thought that there was nearly not enough of hermit all.

Also, I never really liked suzan, so can we just stop mentioning her?

White Night (The Dresden Files) - Wikipedia

Plus, there hasn't been a sex scene in at least two previous books, Butcher are you okay? I'm worried over here. View all 4 comments. Jul 06, Rob rated it it was amazing Shelves: Executive Summary: This is one of three books from the Dresden Files series I've given 5 stars to, and if you follow my reviews, you know that's something I try not to do lightly.

I really enjoy it start to finish. Audio book: I could just copy paste this section from book to book. James Marsters is great. If you've been reading my previous reviews or listening to this series yourself you know that. Highlights in this book include him actually yelling during one scene and this crazy french accent Executive Summary: Highlights in this book include him actually yelling during one scene and this crazy french accent.

Full Review So I finally arrived to what was for years my favorite Dresden book. I'm still not quite sure, but I think Changes edges this out for best in the series. This is the book that turned me into a herald for Jim Butcher. I couldn't shut up about this series for awhile. I would tell anyone who would listen they should read this series. This happened a second time after Cold Days last year. Now this isn't a life changing book or something.

It just one of those books I have trouble putting down. Page-turning fun. In fact I spent at least 2 hours doing nothing else but listening to the ending. Normally I'm driving, riding my bike, running errands or doing stuff around the house. I ran out of stuff to do to keep listening, so I just sat in my easy chair and finished it.

Gone is the stranger coming to Harry's office. Butcher simply takes all the building blocks he established in the previous books to tell a really fun story, with a truly awesome ending. I'm probably overselling this book.

Only one of my friends I've since recommended this to seems to love this book as much as I do, and he stubbornly refuses to admit Changes is a better book. Still, if you don't thoroughly enjoy this book, why are you still reading this series? Murphy calls Dresden to check out a crime scene off the books. A woman is dead. It turns out a lot of them are. They appear to have committed suicide, but something just seems off. If you know this series, you know if there is one thing that turns Harry Dresden from well reason detective to charge in first ask questions later neanderthal, it's when someone is hurting women.

Especially in his town. Harry is going to do whatever it takes to put a stop to it, even if it kills him. We finally get to see Harry be a true badass in this book. There have been glimmers before, but nothing quite like this. With my vague memory of the next few books, it's something we won't quite see again until Changes either. This book shows that both Harry Dresden and Jim Butcher have both matured into something more then when they started.

View all 20 comments. Love this series! Jim Butcher is slowly building up a massive plot, revealing only a few small teasers each book, developing the threads and strings that will all eventually be pulled together in a massive showdown. Little hints at Harry's background are also building up slowly, working towards a big reveal.

In this episode, Sgt Murphy calls Harry in for his unofficial opinion on a series of deaths made to look like suicide Love this series! In this episode, Sgt Murphy calls Harry in for his unofficial opinion on a series of deaths made to look like suicides. Harry pretty soon works out that some minor magical folk are being targeted in Chicago and other cities even though the Peace Accord between the White Council of Wizards and the Vampires is still active.

Other people have disappeared as well, in the company of someone who looks like Thomas, Harry's half brother. Harry soon finds himself back in the White Court of vampires, having to overthrow a deadly plot. Plenty of fast action and witty dialog make this another enjoyable read.

White Night (The Dresden Files, Book 9)

Harry has some new gadgets to play with and we get to see more of Ramirez and in particular his wizardry in fighting skills. Molly is coming along as an apprentice and becoming less sullen teenager and more junior wizard, Harry's dog Mouse exhibits some of his hidden talents and Harry's first love, Elaine is in town adding some spice and reminders of Harry's early life.

View all 3 comments. White Night opens around a year after the previous book. Harry and his apprentice Molly are investigating a rash of suspicious murders. I always feel a little lost when I first start theses books. It has to do with the time in-between when one book ends to when the next one starts. Investigating, he meets with a group of practitioners who've banded together and hired Elaine, Harry's former lover, for protection.

Cowl detects Dresden and blasts his psychic thread. Dresden wakes up next to his melted model of Chicago, which absorbed most of the blast. After incorrectly singling out a practitioner, Helen, as an accomplice, Harry tracks Thomas to his boat, where they learn that Thomas has been smuggling magically talented women out of the city to protect them.

Before Thomas can finish explaining, Madrigal Raith and his ghouls attack, and the group flees.

Dresden 9 - White Night

Following more deaths and investigation, Harry figures out the Skavis is one of the women in time to save Elaine from its attack. Lara Raith escorts Dresden and Ramirez into the Deeps, a cavern, where they wait until the right moment to challenge Vittorio "Grey Cloak" Malvora and Madrigal to combat for violation of the Unseelie Accords. Vittorio and Madrigal accept the duel to the death. They all fight with a combination of physical and magical weaponry and defenses.

Dresden kills Madrigal. Vittorio calls Cowl, who opens a gate from Nevernever, ushering in an army of ghouls. While the ghouls rampage, Dresden opens another gate. Thomas, Murphy, Marcone, and his mercenaries arrive with automatic weapons and high explosives.

They escort Lord Raith, Lara, and their entourage to Dresden's gate. Vittorio casts a spell that crushes Dresden, Lara, Thomas, and Marcone to the floor.

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