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Welcome to the Dynamic Presentations Trainer's Notes. In these notes you . The Dynamic Presentations DVD includes expert advice from the author Mark Powell together with mtn-i.info 5 Trainees. Dynamic Presentations Mark Powell. ~CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS Cambridge Business Skills. CAM BRIDGE UN I VE RSITY PRESS Cambridge. Mark Powell. Cambridge Business Skills. Professional English. 2 Audio CDs inc lud e d. Dynamic Presentations. Powell. Dynamic Presentations is an exciting.

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Dynamic Presentations Mark Powell Pdf

Actions. Report. Mark Powell. DYNAMIC PRESENTATIONS. mtn-i.info Dynamic-Presentations- mtn-i.info KB. 6. Dynamic Presentations. Dynamic Presentations is a business skills books from a leading business English Dynamic Presentations looks at what constitutes a successful, motivating presentation and gives Mark Powell. Table of Contents. Cambridge University Press, 96 pages. Cambridge Business Skills Series ISBN Dynamic Presentations is an exciting new course for.

This publication is in copyright. Subject to statutory exception and to the provisions of relevant collective licensing agreements, no reproduction of any part may take place w ithout the written permission of Cambridge University Press. Cambridge University Press has no responsibility for the persistence or accuracy of URLs for external or third-party internet websites referred to in this publication, and does not guarantee that any content on such websites is, or will remain, accurate or appropriate. Information regarding prices, travel timetables and other factual information given in this work is correct at the time of first printing but Cambridge University Press does not guarantee the accuracy of such information thereafter. What about passion? If something doesn't seem to work at first. People will forget what you did. You'll have a feel for effective body language and the ability to make facts and figures unforgettable. But great presentations are rare and always remembered. Mark Powel! Communications Welcome to Dynamic Presentations. You can access this material at http:

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James F Foley. Tim Banks. Bob Dignen. Dynamic Presentations DVD. Bill Mascull. Book Description Aimed at today's busy executives and those studying for or wishing to further their careers in business, Dynamic Presentations looks at what constitutes a successful, motivating presentation and gives learners an insight into the essential skills and techniques they will need to ensure their presentations are both motivating and memorable.

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He has extensive experience teaching business English and is a well-known teacher trainer in this field. He is the author of the business English course Business Matters. Conten ts presenting in english. Emphasis 1. Useful Expressions Answer Key. Without exception, all good presenters have one thing in common, enthusiasm, both for their subject and for the business of presenting it. Enthusiasm is infectious. Audiences can't help but be affected by it.

And the best public speakers always make what they say sound as if it really matters. They know that if it matters to them, it will matter to their audience. Many things contribute to the success of a presentation - new and unusual content, a clear structure, a good sense of timing, imaginative use of visual aids, the ability to make people laugh.

But above and beyond all of these is enthusiasm. What kind of language and what kind of techniques will best show your enthusiasm for your subject? Based on the latest research into business communications, Presenting in English analyzes what makes a speaker sound dynamic and enthusiastic. I t identifies the key skills employed by all effective presenters. The basics of introducing your topic, structuring your talk and referring to visual aids are dealt with in Sections l and 2.

The remainder of the book focuses on:.

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As a presenter, the ability to pace your speech and use your voice to create impact is the single most important skill you need. You will be more effective if you are in control of your voice by your use of stress, pausing, intonation, volume, and silence. Content Language You can't give a good presentation unless you have something to say. Being confident about your content is crucial. Presenting in English helps you to identify and organize all the key words and phrases you are likely to need and teaches you how to make simple visuals work for you.

Rhetorical Technique Once you are in charge of both your voice and your content you can start to think about how best to present your subject. Sections 4 and 5 teach you the techniques successful speakers use automatically.

Choose the techniques that suit you best and work on perfecting them. Perhaps the most unpredictable part of a presentation is the question session.

Powell Mark. Dynamic Presentations

This may be after your talk or you may invite questions during it. Section 7 systematically teaches you how to field different types of question and deal effectively with the subjects your audience may raise.

If you are an inexperienced presenter, it is probably best to work through the course section by section, making sure you do all the presentations before you move on. Pay special attention to the basic skills in Sections 1 - 3. If you give presentations in English regularly and want to improve your style, go through the contents list with your teacher first and decide which areas to concentrate on.

When you give short presentations in class, take the time to prepare your notes thoroughly with any visuals you might need. Don't be afraid to read out some of the most important or complicated parts of your talk.

As long as you read them well and keep good eye contact with your audience, this can be very effective. At home If you are working alone, use the cassette as much as possible, as it will give you the vital listening input you need.

Play it again at home or while driving. If you can, get a friend or colleague to listen to you giving short presentations yourself. Try recording some of your talks and compare yourself with the speakers on the course cassette. A lot of the presentation extracts in the course book contain phrases and expressions which you could use directly yourself. Sometimes whole sentences and paragraphs could be used with only small changes. Make a habit of noting these down for future use.

Try to study regularly if you can. Most of the units in Presenting in English are only one or two pages long. Try to cover three or four units a week. Even doing two units a week is better than doing nothing for months and then going into a panic the day before you have to give your presentation! Gradually build up your competence and confidence. Many of the input tasks in Presenting in English consist of short presentation extracts which are recorded on cassette.

Exercises which are on tape are marked like this. Extract 1: What two pieces of information does the speaker open with7 Did they surprise you? In two words If you like W rite in t he missing words Always memorise your last few lines. This is the time to deliver straight to them: I In the famous words of So what does all this really mean for you..

How far do you agree w ith what Harvard law School presentations coach Sonya Ham lin has to say about closing a talk? Try to leave them with a thought thac will continue to provide an echo after you stop.. Opening and closing Try to make your last line or tvvo truly eloquent. Summary Wisdom Action. We have a saying where I come from. Emotion a Let's take a look back at what we've spoken about this morning. But this is your last chance to get your message across. Andy Bounds. But that would be to sell it short.

How could you avoid the danger he describes in this extract from one of his podcasts? When you prepare a presentation. Turn to page 78 for product and service ideas or use an idea of your own. You'll see people actually put their coats on and leave.

When I say the word 'summary' at the end of this podcast. Think of another glamorous and brilliantly designed product you admire a fashion item. How does it work? Why is it so effective? I could tell you that it was the making of Jaguar. And if you don't believe me. The word 'summary' switches people off. That's what I'd do. Think about it. TV presenter 7 et 1. The E-Type is quite simply the most beautiful car in the world.

You can evaluate your performance using the feedback form on the website. The presenter is using a technique called 'The loop'. It was. Can you think of any others?

Are we makin g progress? I'll be.. I'll just. Complete th e 'signpost language' below: We n eed to explain: Rob Ceraghty The Wow Factor 1 Rob Geraghty mentions some of the ways in wh ich a presentation is like a journey Smooth structure A presentation is very much like ajourney It's an enormous ma rket..

This goes back to. Now is the time to focus. The first one has been done for you. By the end of this talk. Deci de w hether the phrases below refer back or point forward and circl e th e appro priate arrow.

Th en listen and check your answ ers. Our share price has soared in particular on what it is we do best. Link the presentation extracts below and label the 'link phrases' w ith the appropriate functi on.. Mentioning w hat you'll be talking Yogi Berra. Each presentation begins with an attention-getter and then progresses through three stages.. Do you have a system for 'arrang ing the various parts'? Compare techniques with a partner. Modify it if you need to..

Then put those parts into the most effective orde r and expla in your structure to a partner Smooth structure In making a speech. Look at the sets of expressions opposite and label the part they refer t o below. On the one hand The great est Whatthis there 's really no and made several advantage of means is. I guess you're It's going to This could have Another alternative Now How does it It's in a class measure up to of its own.. I know what might be to It's taken is..

We must also And we can't ignore.. Let me reassure It might We can't rule out. It easily outclasses I outperforms On the other The basic balance.. The fact latest research.. One possible On the plus months I years We need to consider It's bound to. It's a popular Our research In actual fact We envisage take account the fact that..

The figures clearly It's commonly believed that Yo u can eva luate you r peliormance using the feedback form on the website This allows with "' " plus is All m I foresee. Another you Over the coming Recent studies misconception that People tend for granted In one Statistically to assume these days study.

In the years from It's also a question of. In terms of We've upgraded You're also So now you the competition? Roman Mark Twain. Whic h version sounds more like a conversation and wh ich more like a presentation? Version 1: Conversation 0 Presentation 0 Version 2: Conversation D Presentation 0 In order to get your audience to really take in what you have to say. Try pausing for a second after 'spaees between words'. The pause is absolutely the most important thing you can do.

Now try two. Try two. Gerry Spence. Ooug Jefferys. Voice power Without good No word was delivery. Which version sounds best? If you could pause just once. How long is too long?

How can a good use of pausing be helpfu l to bot h speaker and audienc e? The other should underline the stressed words and phrases. Myth number one is that what you actually say is only seven percent of the message.

How is it different from yo ur partner's version? But think about it. Thirty-eight percent is how you sound and fifty-five percent is how you look. One of you should mark the pauses on the script below like this I.

I mean. Myth number two is that public speaking is most people's greatest fear.


What do you notice about where the pauses come? When does the speaker's voice go up before a pause and whe n does it go dow n? Listen to part of a presentation about public speaking. The comedian Jerry Seinfeld has a great joke about that. Conversation Presentation a speak fa ster?

Experiment wit h long er pauses and louder stresses unt il you find a ve rsion that feels comfortable for yo u. Take turns readi ng the script in 4 yo urselves using the marked pauses. Or Louise Mahler. He says. I there are a lot of myths about speaking in public. But my guess is we soon wi ll. But profits are down. Voice power Martin Luther Ki ng did not use fillers in his impassioned 'I have a dream' speech. Of course. It's hard to gain a foot hold in India.

It wasn't the 'I have a urn. They both last about 45 seconds but how are they different? The scene: W hoever urns and ers the m ost has t o speak again! But we don't do so well in Europe. In each extract below underline th e main stress in the two sentences. And t hen I'll hand you over to Jan.

But th at was a particularly bad quarter. An d both concern cash flow. But not as well as we could be doing. But harder st ill to gain one in China. But not impossible.. But fortunately our market share isn 't. Bu t it' s a good start. Or this co uld just be a temporary blip. Lawrence Garfield. Once highly successful. It's hard to gain a foothold in India. There are a couple of points I'd like to make.

Someone else in your group will count th e number of t imes you use a fill er. I didn't kill it. How do the t w o speakers ' styles compare? Think about pace. Keep getting an entrepreneur of post-industrial America. It's going to make in the company that you too late for prayers. Larry the Liquidator. For even if the prayers own. I'm your only friend. Rehearse your t alk a few t imes. W ho did the better job?

Who gets your vot e? This proud company. I want you to look at him in We're just not broke. This man leaves nothing. New technologies. I'm playing God with other people's money. It w as dead w hen I got here. Don't thoughts concerning the vote that you're blame me. Fiber optics. Each team should choose a presenter to oppos e th e other team and coa ch them to deliver their speech by going throu gh the text: You know self-destructing.

There is the instrument of our Obsolescence. We're dead all right. When both teams are ready. And you know the all of his glory. He creates I don 't make anything? I'm making you nothing. But don't take my word for it. Whether it's a chart. Think about these features: Which do you think he'd prefer? Which looks more like your own slides? Show your slides to someone who doesn't speak your language.

Write notes on the points you agree with. PowerPoint is a visual medium. Italian Dutch Swedish Japanese 4 You've been asked to give a short team presentation on family business in India. Then compare t he two presentation slides below. If you're expecting your audience to read your PowerPoint.

In groups. Visual aids I hate to tell you. Listen to business people talking about some of the best uses of props they've seen presenters make and answer the questions below. Discuss your ideas with a partner. How far do you th ink they've been improved? Ouarte Design 5 Nancy Duarte is one of the wo rld's lead ing presentation designers. What do you think she means by 'career suislide'?

Too many bullet points and your key messages will not stand out. Quoting figures is not as effective as telling anecdotes and stories to il lustrate your point. What do you think these rules might be? Never apologise for being unclear. Or does it? Think of the key message of one of your own presentations. Only bullet key points. It's a mistake to get too involved in the details. Compare your ideas with those in the Key. Antoine de Saint-Exupery. How far do you follow these rules?

In fact.

In pairs. Don McMiflan. You can evaluate your performance using the fe edback form on the website.. Complete them using the words in the box You heard most of them in the presentation extract in To give you the I should.

Slides are slides. It is common to create slides with lots of text and detailed charts because the slides will also serve as a leavewbehind document. Big mistake. Many presenters include everything under the sun in their slides 'just in case' or to show that they are 'serious people'.

How could you implement his idea in your own presentations to give your audience 'the best of both worlds'? You can't say everything in your talk. Wh ich is closest to yo ur own situation? Compare w ith a partner. Documents are documents. Know the data from memory. Read the advice of 'Zen' presentations expert.

Who kept theirs NoMay.. How far do you agree w ith him that. Anempts to merge them result in what I call the 'slideument'. Garr Reynolds. What are the dangers of 'data-dumping'? Decide w hat data France to keep in the slide and what to South Korea leave for the handout. And never distribute a printed version of your slides as a handout. Offer one-on-one briefings if desired. I Tom Peters. Make it clear that you have done a staggering amount of homework.

Finland Germany Compare your ideas w ith Sv. Allude to the tons of research that are available. Ninety-eight percent in reserve. Tom Peters has given thousands of presentations. Galla Communications. Read w hat he has to say about numbers and do w hat he suggests by matching the figures to the contexts e-h.. Present the information below in round figures. Carmine Galla. Make numbers meanin gful.

Nu mbers don't mean much unless they're placed in context. Then listen to the model version on the CD. We said that's enough memory to listen to your music while traveling to the moon and back! Then listen to the CD.

If you ca n. Then listen and check your answers.. Th en listen and compare your vers ion w ith the one on the CD. Turn to page 85 to practise flu ency with figures. That nu mber doesn't mean much to most people.. Nokia and IBM in co mmunication skills. Recently I worked with a company that launched a gigabyte memory card. Duarte Design.

Facts and figures As a presenter. Audiences that are analytical. To w hat extent d o you agree wit h her that there's such a thing as 'technical data' and 'marketing data'? To prevent these assumptions. Brainstorm all the verbs you know to describe the following trends: Which of the verbs yo u came up with can be converted into nouns?

Nancy Duarte is one of th e world's leading presentat ion designers. This is especially true when it comes to presenting data. Nancy Duarte. If your data has been boiled down or clarified too much.

Some of them may serve more than one function. Add the modifiers in the box to the chart according to their function. In Janua ry our CT rate went up The ad had an immediate impact Then in February we saw a drop The market is b Examp le: P is marginally higher than E marginally higher than just as high as by far the highest almost as high as not quite as nowhere near as high as more or less the same considerably higher than equally high a b c d e 6 Put the following phrases in order from a large decrease to a huge increase: You can evaluate your performance using the feedback form on the w ebsite.

All in all.. Then listen and check In March the fig ure fluctuated But that's still w ell To reach out to your audience you need to be just a little bit larger than life. Body language 'Act natural' is always good advice.

Begofla Arsuaga. Kinsey Consulting Services 1 Think about the comments of the communication experts above and discuss the following questions with a partner: How could you make your body 12nguage 'just a little bit larger than life'?

Hollywood legend Mae West. Is it the same in your country? Is it good advice? Do you agree with his point about content?

Would you take his advice? Carol Kinsey Coman. You are your most important visual aid. Communicadia When your body language is out of alignment with your verbal message. Wh ich do you associate with men and which with women?

But on the other hand. And thirdly. How could you be a bit more gender-neutral? Are all these gestures acceptable in your culture? Memorise the short presentation extracts below. It's about you. The whole t hing has been a disaster from start to finish. And there are two main reasons for this. What gestures feel nat ural for you? How does it compare with yours? Do you think it's possible to show t he following qualities through your body language?

What postu res and gestures might signal the qualities in 17 How wo uld yo u know the speaker lacked t hese qualities? Just for fun. Body language It has been well established by researchers that those who can effectively read and inte rpret non-verbal communication. Can yo ur group guess w hat you are sayi ng? It's not just about body language. In what ways co uld they be distracting or create the wrong impression? Are yo u guilty of any of them? Is it poss ible to have both?

The template on page 87 may help. Make some of the annoying gestures above as you speak and see how many they can spot! Try to make your main points as graphic and dramatic as possible.

When you're ready. What makes a partic ular gesture distracting? How is it similar to standing behind a podium? What's the solution to 'the podium trap '? How can you guard against this? What should you do? Can you work out what they are?

Spend 10 minutes making some notes. With a partner. Increase rapport in the statements below by changing some of the pronouns to the first person plural. To demonstrate your authenticity. The choice is you rs.

Dynamic Presentation. students' book.pdf

Harvard Business Review journalist and expert on developing authenticity and charisma as a speaker. The first one has been done for you as an example. And your listeners will know you're the real thing. Mike Crabiner. Or Nick Morgan.

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