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The story about the heiress of the world's largest gang and her mission to be the top student without revealing her true identity. Your not so ordinary gangster. Read the best stories about #academy, #action, and #cool recommended by I_am_a_badgirl. Download Gangster Academy - [].txt, Size: KB, File name: Gangster Academy - [].txt, Uploaded.

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Gangster Academy Ebook

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In it she intimately reveals the romance between herself and the child's father, her hopes for their marriage, and her unparalleled joy in motherhood. As Katie reads on, she realizes that the man she loves is Suzanne's husband. Now, filled with terror and hope, Katie must struggle to understand what has happened - and find out if her new love has a prayer of surviving. Editorial Reviews bn. The first focuses on Kate Wilkinson, who thinks she has found the perfect man to love in Matt Harrison, until he suddenly disappears on her without explanation. The second story comes into play when Kate goes in search of answers and finds them in the pages of a diary that a young mother has written for her infant son. It is Matt who has sent the diary to Kate, warning her that reading it might be difficult but that it will also explain his behavior. Yet despite her feelings of jealousy, Kate finds herself liking this other woman, whose love for her son is both beautiful and intense. While the overall style and genre of this tale vary considerably from what Patterson fans have come to expect, his trademark feel for suspense is very much at work in this poignant and moving tale.

Pandion insists that Sloane bring out the entire Imperial fleet that is in hiding in order to surprise the New Republic when they bring an armada, but in the end, Sloane's idea of sending the Imperial Star Destroyers away so that their ships cannot be detected wins, and with that the space above Akiva is once again clear.

Norra speeds off to the home of her sister, Esmelle. Instead of finding Temmin there, as he promised, she is alone. Temmin was back at his shop, spying on the thugs who were ransacking it.

They still hadn't found the secret entrance to the lower half of his shop. However, he falls off the roof because of how slippery it is, and the noise draws the attention of one of the thugs, who captures Temmin.

Soon after, Norra shows up, looking for her son, and shoots the only thug still there after he tries to shoot her first. Sinjir wakes up in a cage, dangling from the ceiling in a dark room, after someone threw several stones at him. When he looks around, he sees that it was Jas who was throwing the stones.

She uses a lockpick that she keeps hidden in a fake horn on her head to pick her lock, then going and releasing him.

They go to Surat's place and find him about to remove Temmin's tongue, before killing him. Jas pushes Sinjir in, and he defeats one of Surat's thugs and steals away with Temmin. However, right as they are about to leave the cantina above Surat's prison, a quartet of stormtroopers arrive.

They sneak out the side door, taking out one of Surat's thugs, but are soon pursued into a dead end. Jas drops her blaster in surrender, but then, through the lightning, Temmin sees Mister Bones behind the Imperials and thugs, who jumps into the fray.

The Social Gangster by Arthur B. Reeve

Jas, Temmin, and Sinjir take off, and Norra pulls up in a speeder, escorting them to safety. As the meeting goes on with the Empire's leaders, Rae Sloane slowly realizes that nothing of importance will ever come out of this meeting.

Pandion is calling for direct confrontation, the style of which had lost them the war to this point, whereas Tashu is calling for retreat to the Outer Rim, where they should learn the ways of the dark side of the Force. Arguments rage, and no conclusions are made. On Chandrila , during a news broadcast, an angry citizen throws rotten food at Olia Choko , a New Republic public relations representative.

Instead of taking the citizen away, Olio calls him forward, asks to hear his concerns, and then proposes that he become a member of the new Senate in order to voice those concerns and have them addressed. The citizen is shocked, but he gladly takes the opportunity.

The Social Gangster by Arthur B. Reeve - Free Ebook

Jas and Sinjir are crowded around a table, examining a makeshift map in order to plan their capture of the Imperials. Norra walks in, and then Temmin, and they all discuss what to do about the secret meeting taking place in the palace. They all decide to work together, splitting the bounty, and more importantly for Norra, doing her duty to the New Republic.

After not hearing back from the search teams, Admiral Ackbar sends out a probe droid into the Akivan system in order to find out more information. The last thing he wants to do is fall into another Empire trap. The probe droid finds traces of the destroyed ships, and reports back.

Ackbar then decides that it would be best to send a small strike force of commandos into Akiva to get a ground report on the events taking place there. Jom Barell is in the atmosphere above Akiva. He and his fellow five commandos make a jump from a shuttle into the air, and right as they jump, the shuttle that they jumped from blows up. Then the bright flash of turbolaser, and one of his fellow commandos is shot down.

Soon, Barell is the only one left alive, and he makes a very rough crash landing on the planet surface below. On the planet Sevarcos , a site where the Empire used slaves to mine spice, a battle between the New Republic and Empire rages.

Three slaves are huddled away from the battle, torn about what to do. One of them says they must run before the Empire wins and sends them back into the mines.

However, the Wookiee among them suggests they charge into battle, believing they should help the Republic soldiers defeat the Imperials. He runs out, ducking laserfire, to release some rancors kept captive by the slavers, and unleashes them onto the battlefield. The tide of the battle is turned, and the New Republic wins. The three slaves decide to explore the galaxy on their own, free to do as they please now.

Part Three Edit The shooting down of the commandos has sent the meeting of the Imperial Future Council into even more chaos. Pandion suggests they fight the New Republic head on, knowing that they will soon send their fleet, but Shale believes this will only lead to the defeat of the Empire once and for all. Sloane tries to calm everyone down and pretend that nothing bad is happening, and finally they agree to once again start the meeting. Meanwhile, Jom Barell wakes up from his crash landing to see three stormtroopers standing in front of him, which he quickly disposes of despite the pain he is in.

Norra and Jas travel together through Myrra, the capital of Akiva. They see a random citizen throw a rotten fruit at a pair of stormtroopers, a good sign that the people are fed up with the Imperial occupation.

Jas heads to Temmin's shop, where she clears out the thugs who were attempting to drill their way to the lower half of his shop, where the real goods lie. They then head to the rooftops, where two TIEs are parked. While Norra distracted the pilots, Jas used her sniper to take them down. Norra then steals one of the TIEs.

Meanwhile, Sinjir walks up to an Imperial communications station, telling the stormtroopers he is an Imperial and demands to see their officer. Grudgingly, they call up their officer, and when the scans ensure that he really is Sinjir Rath Velus, who is supposed to be dead, they let him in.

Inside, Sinjir steals the officer's pistol, shooting him in the back, and Mister Bones jumps in, taking care of the two stormtroopers. Once in the comm station, they make a holovid showing a supposed stormtrooper shooting an innocent kid in the back and laughing. They then broadcast this across Myrra, planting the seeds for an uprising. On the planet Taris , three Acolytes of the Beyond , Sith worshippers, download a lightsaber from a dealer who claims the lightsaber belonged to Darth Vader before his death.

They say they plan on destroying it, so that it can return to its master in death. However, while the lightsaber's blade is red, there is no guarantee it was actually Vader's. At the comm station, Temmin, Sinjir, and Mister Bones head to the rooftop to escape. On the roof, they hear the distinctive sound of TIE fighters, as two appear in the sky. They take cover as the TIE's shell the comm station with laserfire, intent on destroying it before more propaganda can be spread.

Mister Bones jumps into the air as the second TIE passes, breaking its windshield and taking it to the ground.

A third TIE enters the fray and starts shooting at the first, blindsiding it and taking it out of the sky: Norra has entered the fray.

She takes off for the satraps palace, but is dogged by two more TIE's. Taking down one, she aims for the shuttles that are the Imperials' only lifeline off this planet. Admiral Sloane sees this from the ground and, thinking quickly, fires a turbolaser at Norra from the ground, totally destroying her right wing and sending her into a death spiral.

Norra aims for the shuttles as her crash site, with one last wish that they actually put ejector seats in these fighters. Sloane looks out from the palace windows to survey the damage.

All three Imperial shuttles have been taken down, but fortunately Crassus' yacht wasn't on the planet and is still functional. She notices a growing crowd outside of the palace; Akivans who are ready for change, creating a dull roar of noise. She returns back to the meeting and tells the rest of them that they will be leaving on Crassus' yacht as soon as it arrives back on the planet. In hyperspace, Han Solo and Chewbacca travel to Dasoor. As soon as they pull out of hyperspace, they receive a transmission from an old friend named Imra.

She mentions that she has a job on Kashyyyk , the home of the Wookiees , with a very small window. Han tells Imra to gather everyone they know, and tells Chewbacca to gather some fellow freed Wookiees, so that they can head down to the planet and free their homeworld. After the TIE fighter crash into the palace, the power went out temporarily, freeing Wedge from his shackles.

He sneaks around the palace, narrowly avoiding being caught by stormtroopers looking for him. Once he comes across a secret passage, he uses it to ambush Sloane's personal assistant, Adea Rite , wounding her and stealing her holoscreen, allowing him to send a message to the New Republic calling them to war.

Sloane soon finds his body, crumpled up on the ground, with the holoscreen open to a rebel frequency. Temmin starts to break down into tears, when the door opens and a cloaked figure sits down at the end of the table. When Norra pulls back the veil and reveals that she is still alive and that TIEs truly do have an ejector seat, Temmin launches himself towards her to embrace her in a huge hug.

On Coruscant, Jak walks through the most dangerous underworld levels on the planet. Using a special card, he is allowed entrance to meet the Thorn , where he asks for a weapon, having saved the life of one of Thorn's closest companions. He wants to use it to take out power in Coco-Town with the help of the Anklebiter Brigade , a group of very young kids fighting against the Empire. Back on Akiva, the planet is consumed in turmoil. People burn effigies of the satrap and Darth Vader in the streets, chanting and raging at the Empire and the satrapy.

Jas watches it all, proud of herself and her new friends for setting the spark to set Myrra ablaze. Meanwhile, Sinjir tells Norra to trust him, because even though he was an Imperial, it was his job to hunt down other Imperials, to find the weakness in other Imperials, and then punish them accordingly.

When Temmin returns from his shop with maps of the catacombs below Myrra, they plan on how to sneak into the palace using the catacombs. However, their plan involves traveling past the old underground droid factory, which is supposedly haunted and nobody has returned from alive. They will use some thermal detonators from Temmin's shop to blow holes into the walls of the palace once they get there. On Naboo , two kids from the Anklebiter Brigade are meeting potential parents, people who could adopt them.

One of the kids feels entirely out of comfort with all of the rich nobles around, and decides to run away from it all, hoping to find a transport back to Coruscant where he can rejoin the hot war between the rebels and the Empire. Finally beginning their trek into the catacombs, Jas pulls Temmin back and asks him about his crate.

When he says it's a weapon, she tells him that's he's wrong, and opens it for him. What's inside are data cubes, and they agree to sift through the information on them and sell them to the right client as soon as this is over. When they near the droid factory, Sinjir begins to probe Temmin, thinking he's hiding something secret from them down here. He throws a stone at the droid factory entrance to prove it isn't haunted, but then a mechanized howling comes from inside, and they all start running.

Admiral Ackbar has received Wedge's transmission, a very short message calling for help. He decides now is the time to act, sending a small fleet to Akiva, with more in reserves, ready to arrive at any sign of trouble.

In the palace, Sloane is still attempting to calmly control the situation as the others of the IFC grow increasingly restless and angry with her. The shuttle is taking too long to arrive, she thinks, but nothing can be done about that. She decides to call the three Star Destroyers back into the system, ready for battle when it arrives.

Jas turns to fire at the oncoming horde. At first they look like droids, with glowing eyes and mechanized wails, running along the walls like spiders. However, as they approach, she realizes they're not droids, but creatures, noseless with a mouth full of sharp teeth, identified by Temmin as Uugteen. They keep getting closer and closer, an entire hive, and she can't stop them. Temmin comes back, tugs on her shoulder, telling her to come along, and she relents.

As they start running, he realizes they have a box of detonators. Pulling Mister Bones along, who wants to stand and fight to protect Temmin, he pulls one detonator out of the box, setting it, and then throwing it back into the box.

Martin Scorsese

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