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What is more important: a successful career or a happy marriage? In the small town of Hubli, Shrikant discovers that he is attracted to his plain-looking but. GENTLY FALLS THE BAKULA: A CRITICAL STUDY. This chapter deals with a critical analysis of Sudha Murty‟s third novel Gently Falls the. Bakula published. You can find book gently falls the bakula by sudha murthy free in our library and other format like: gently falls the bakula by sudha murthy free pdf file gently falls.

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Gently Falls The Bakula Pdf

All about Gently Falls the Bakula by Sudha Murty. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. Gently Falls the Bakula book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Gently Falls The Bakula 'Shrikant was restless Hold. mahmood khaleel alhusaree surat luqman, mahmoudellithy_sou2elbanat_midohitscommp3, mahmoud ahmed alaweqeueleoeme, gently falls the bakula by.

With an OverDrive account, you can save your favorite libraries for at-a-glance information about availability. Find out more about OverDrive accounts. We want your feedback! Click here. Gently Falls the Bakula by Sudha Murty ebook. Subjects Fiction Literature. What is more important: In the small town of Hubli, Shrikant discovers that he is attracted to his plain-looking but charming neighbour Shrimati, who always does better than him in the school exams. Shrimati too falls in love with the amiable and handsome Shrikant and the two get married.

Members Reviews Popularity Average rating Conversations 56 3 , 3. Add to Your books.

Add to wishlist. No current Talk conversations about this book. This simple story turns into a complex one, when Srikant starts loving his career more than Shrimati and when she starts realizing that her life is going no where apart from revolving around her husband and his needs. Though here we sympathize with Shrimati a lot than Srikant, I felt somewhere she is also responsible for his change in behavior.

I felt She was too submissive than needed. The open ending is quite appropriate here, but still I would like to assume that at one point of time they again met and lived with each other happily!! Though the language is very simple which Sudha Murthy has used, yet I think that brings a lot more beauty to this story. The connection with the story for me started instantly from the very first page as the background and religious practices which Sudha Murthy has explained here, I know it and have seen very closely too.

Somehow I feel if I would have read this in Kannada the original language which this was written in , I would have definelty enjoyed even more!

Gently Falls the Bakula

Bharat May 30, A simple but riveting story of a well educated and well to-do couple, where post marriage the husband takes the center stage while the wife fades in the background. I have always been very fond of keeping plants at home. Relationships are also the same way, easy to get into, but difficult to nurture.

Amidst family protest the two get married and shift to Mumbai. The book charts the journey of the couple. What does she do with the self realization? And like the Bakula, it is in her later years, after she 'falls' and had 'dried' that her 'fragrance' becomes sweeter and she comes alive again. And, the historic story of sage Bhamati that Shrimati narrates to Shrikant proves to be almost prophetic. Overall, I liked the book, though I was peeved by the characters. Recommended if you want a glimpse of yesteryear Indian society and some interesting Indian History lessons.

Jul 01, Diya Waghmare rated it really liked it. Brb crying. Mar 23, Sanhita added it. I liked the book as it highlights the little joys that we miss out daily running the regular routine. This book is very close to my heart. Plot Summary: It is a story of two classmates, named as Shrimaan and Shrimati. Both are equally brilliant student and neighbour. There is one Bakula tree who separates their houses. They were class- mates up to tenth standards, Shrimaan thinks he would top this year i. Shrimati loves History so chooses t Introduction: Shrimati loves History so chooses this, while Shrimaan selected the subjects which can make him go in IT field.

During higher secondary education both started loving each other. The duo's love blossom under the Bakula tree at their home. The Bakula tree is the sole witness of their love. Soon both get married without the consent of their parents who are not ready to marry them because of an age-old family rivalry. Shrimati's mother-in-law never accepted her. Soon Shrimati join him. A brilliant student Shrimati dedicates her life to shape the career of Shrimaan.

As the time passed away Shrimaan who is very busy to earn money hardly has any time for Shrimati. After a long time, Shrimati realized, it is not her life she has to do something for her. Read on to know how Shrimati decides to live for her. Writing Style: One of the key feature of Sudha Murthy's book is easy language, even the new reader can flow with the novel.

I've read this novel in just one day. My perception: As I stated earlier, this is a book which is motivator for me. All the Indian girls are taught to sacrifice something for everyone either it's her parents, brother or husband. But nobody cares us, here Shrimati who has sacrificed everything for her husband found nothing and finally decide to live for her and her love towards history. I recommend this book to every girl.

Jul 28, RC Bombay Filmcity added it. All was rosy until Shrikant tasted success at a very young age and his ambitions saw no boundary.

Gently Falls the Bakula by Sudha Murty

Nothing was more important to him than his work life. While on the other hand Shrimati dedicates her life to her husband and supports him in thick and thin. Her selflessness helps Shrikant achieve remarkable accomplishments whilst she loses a part of her lover every time he is promoted. Their relationship becomes the victim of aspirations and expectations culminating in Shrimati leaving him to pursue her passion for History. In spite of all the material happiness in their lives their relationship failed miserably due to lack of understanding and mutual respect.

In the pursuit of life, they lost themselves. Why would I recommend this book to others? Today, people have become too career centric, most people believe money is the solution to all problems. We often take human relations for granted and forget that they require nurture, care, time, and love just like a business.

Be irresponsible and suffer losses. This book is a classic example of degradation of relationships. I would recommend this book to people to realise how we do the same, maybe not to our partners but to our parents or friends and family. This book has the ability to snap people out of the imaginary world into the reality.

Strike a balance between personal relations and ambitions. Neither let go of your self-respect nor let anyone question your existence. Be with people who make you happy and respect you. Regards, Mausam Mehta Gently Falls the Bakula deserves 5 stars for plenty of reasons.

It takes a lot of understanding and foresight to write a novel 40 years back about an issue that is still prevailing and breaking up marriages in India very regularly and Sudha Murthy has proven her mantle by her core understanding of integral issues that plague Indian society and manages to beautifully illustrate them.

This is my first novel by her and I am really really glad I bought this book on an impulse the cover was pretty h Gently Falls the Bakula deserves 5 stars for plenty of reasons. This is my first novel by her and I am really really glad I bought this book on an impulse the cover was pretty hehe. I believe every women in her 20's, specially someone about to be married, in the Indian society needs to read this and to understand the book.

I am lucky enough to have a mother who has already taught me a lot of life lessons that this book teaches you, who has taught me how to handle my finances, how to carve out a separate identity, to never make sacrifices that I might regret later, but that's because she and I are extremely close and she shares all her experiences with me. Perhaps, not everyone is not as lucky as me to have such a strong figure in their life and it is for them specially do I recommend this book.

The story is small and crisp, with a simple plot line. Sometimes I felt I wanted to understand Shrimati a little more, but other than that the characters are well thought out and written. What resonates is the way Shrimati struggles, I can see her indecisiveness, her loss of confidence, her turning bitter reflected in my mother and several other women who made sacrifices all their lives and were never acknowledged, let along rewarded for it.

Not a lot of authors look into these phenomenon or write about it, which is perhaps what the Indian society needs. If you ever see a copy of this novel, get your hands on it and read. It will be worth it. Dec 31, Radhika rated it really liked it. A very simple yet powerful story. It explains the dichotomy that women in particular face when making a choice between Home and Career.

Shrimati and Shrikant are neighbours and school mates. Both are very intelligent , hard working and competitive. Post schooling, Shrimati chooses to follow her heart and pursues history , while Shrikant wants to be an achiever and pursues engineering.

Their friendship blossoms and they fall in love with each other. The author beautifully describes their love, the A very simple yet powerful story. The author beautifully describes their love, the caring and the longingness that they share for each other. Despite opposition from their families, they get married after completing their education and settle in Bombay.

As expected, she gets a cold treatment from day one and that continues through the story irrespective all the niceties showered by Shrimati on her in laws. Being born and brought in Bombay I could completely relate with the description made of the size of the houses they lived, the streets they travelled, the local train friends et al.

In a lonely city far away from home, Shrimati makes adjustments and learns to deal with the situation while Shrikant pours himself completely into his career and grows leaps and bounds. Slowly the two start drifting away. Shrimati begins to feel empty and wonders whether her choice has made her happy. She starts to consider pursuing her long last wish to pursue Ph. Jun 15, Subramanyam K. This Review was first published in http: We think our opinions matter the most and we tend to ignore the softer feelings of the person whom we want so much.

We feel our life is important, but do we give such respect to lives and choices of the people around us? What happens when we continuously force ourselves and take people for gran This Review was first published in http: What happens when we continuously force ourselves and take people for granted?

Ever thought of these things? I bet the answers are not going to make us happy. The book is about balance in life, relationships and most importantly the choices we make. I loved the way Sudha murthy wrote the book, simple English, no high-flying words and a very strong message. But I somehow felt that she was not at all judgmental about any of the characters. The book leaves us to decide whether a character is good ,bad or ugly. The best thing I liked in the novel was the ending.

The ending could not have been better. I highly recommend this book. Do read it; it would definitely act as a wakeup call.

This ending the ending of the novel might happen to any one of us, if we are not careful. Mar 15, Sameer rated it liked it. Very soft reading. The author takes it slow. Although you can pretty much guess the plot, but one should read for the simplicity of the plot.

Jan 16, Raavi Joshi rated it it was amazing. Penning down the emotions is something that Sudha Murthy is really good at!

In Gently Falls the Bakula, the author brings forth the reality of a relationship between a husband and wife. The contradictions made through and between the two protagonists- Shrimati and Shriman- are beautiful yet very real. Through this novel she insinuates the fact that no relationship works unless efforts are put into it. Not by just one but, both the participants are needed to make a relationship like marriage, suc Penning down the emotions is something that Sudha Murthy is really good at!

Not by just one but, both the participants are needed to make a relationship like marriage, successful. Also, the breaking out by Shrimati from a deranged relationship can relate to the freedom of choice for the modern women, where just being a housewife isn't the only choice they've got.

Gently Falls the Bakula

The novel is written beautifully and wonderfully written. The usage of English is quite simple and can be read very easily, in just one sitting. The novel keeps you packed within its roots and compels to stay till the end. And many hoped that Shriman might have had a change-of-heart and maybe would have started paying her attention again.

But I think that Shrimati did right by sort-of ending her marriage as there was no scope of Shriman having change-of-heart he was way too deep into his work and ego, and had grown too much away from his wife-emotionally There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers Also Enjoyed. About Sudha Murty. Sudha Murty. Sudha Murty was born in in Shiggaon in north Karnataka. She did her MTech in computer science, and is now the chairperson of the Infosys Foundation. A prolific writer in English and Kannada, she has written nine novels, four technical books, three travelogues, one collection of short stories, three collections of non-fiction pieces and two books for children.

Her books have been translated int Sudha Murty was born in in Shiggaon in north Karnataka. Her books have been translated into all the major Indian languages and have sold over three lakh copies around the country. She was the recipient of the R.

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Books by Sudha Murty. Trivia About Gently Falls the No trivia or quizzes yet. Quotes from Gently Falls the It made me very emotional. Later, when I grew up, I became passionate about history and started detaching it from emotional point of view and became more aware of the facts. Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Flowing text. Best For. Web, Tablet, Phone, eReader. Content Protection. Read Aloud. Flag as inappropriate.

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