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Saves all available Preview pages from a Google Book as PNGs. Install this script? Ask a question, post a review, or report the script. Use it with Firefox and Greasemonkey, other browsers have some issues. Watch a. Results 1 - 24 Greasemonkey by Anthony Lieuallen. Customize the way bits of JavaScript. Only with Firefox—Get Firefox Now Installing a new user script. Script Summary: Google page-enhancer turns all Google service pages ](http://; Google Books [ Link to Google Books ].. for supporting [Lib]([er](http://books.

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Google Book Er Greasemonkey Javascript

Greasemonkey and Google Book downloader script It is another very effective way to download Free Google Books. This method adds a Google Apps Script is a. @name Google Book Downloader. // @namespace show/ // @description Download any book from You can use the Google Book Downloader greasemonkey script. Go to the script page, and install the script. It will add a Download this Book button on the book.

Ever frustrated by a site you really like apart from one annoying thing it does, or felt the desire to customise sites you visit often? This article looks at user scripting in general, and Greasemonkey in particular, to explore some possible applications, and discuss any issues that arise. Greasemonkey user scripts are. You can install the scripts in a couple of ways:. Greasemonkey user scripts run on the document once the DOM is ready, but before the onload event. Apart from that, I have one suggestion to make for writing user scripts: Specifically, I try to avoid technologies like XPath, which are not very widely supported and, likewise, non-standard properties like document. The syntax is pretty self-explanatory, but the Greasemonkey authoring guide goes into more detail. And so he has. I made a blank template for Greasemonkey scripts that you may find useful; it also includes some handy methods. Our first example auto-completes a single form element on a specific page. In this case, the page is the SitePoint Forum homepage, and the value is my username:. Even though the forum remembers me with a cookie, I might not have it, since I clear all my cookies quite often. There are plenty of other times where this could come in handy:

CodeMirror Editor Click at the image to view full size. You need to develop or edit a script? No problem! Tampermonkey comes with a built-in editor. Your script doesn't work? Tampermonkey's syntax check might find the issue Rapid development Click at the image to view full size. Tampermonkey's editor is OK, but you want to use your own? The solution is to enable file access and to require the local copy of your script.

Removal If you're not happy with Tampermonkey this is unlikely to happen, but who knows ; , then you can remove it at the browser's extension page. Please wait Home Support Changes Contribute About. Download Installed.

Configurable Setting Diversity You can choose between three different levels for the settings page. Security Click at the image to view full size Only the paranoid survive!

The scripting is solid, the idea sound, but it has quite a serious problem: This script compensates for that by creating tooltips that are triggered by focus events:.

The scripting is quite straightforward; it creates a single element and writes in the title text if any exists.

The complications lie in the positioning of the tooltip: It works on links, iframes, objects and form elements — those that can receive the focus — and creates tooltips that are styled using CSS2 System Colors.

Most serial browsers screenreaders like JAWS, and text-only browsers like Lynx have a "headings mode" or something like it, where they list and link to all the headings on the page. It provides a greater degree of random access on pages which use proper headings. This script emulates that functionality, creating a small "H" icon at the top-right of the page, from which a menu drops down containing links to every heading:. The menu is built as a list, each item of which is a link populated with text or other HTML from the original heading.

Autopagerize greasemonkey download

If the heading contains an image, it will be reproduced along with the rest, However, as this might not be ideal, an alternative approach could be to extract and use the ALT text, or perhaps remove extraneous markup altogether. The final example in this section begins with a well-meaning script, but opens a can of worms along the way…. Perhaps, in future, more browsers will implement this behaviour, but until then, we can write a user script to do it for us.

This effectively adds domain-specific persistence to sites that use native stylesheet switching:. This brings us to the first significant point, and the lid of our can of worms: From a practical perspective, this means that if the site already uses cookies a lot, we run the risk of filling up the data limit 4K and thereby overriding data that the site needs.

You could also reduce the impact by having a list of specific include domains, where you know the feature is needed, rather than running it on every site that uses alternate stylesheets. But suddenly there are security implications here, as well: Users could be exposing themselves to a whole new angle of exploitation; a recent cnet article has already brought this issue to the fore.

It also asks more general questions around whether site owners might object to having their pages modified in this way. Dean Edwards raises a similar point with his interesting take on how Greasemonkey broke his site ; a lively debate follows. Anyone can make any page appear any way they want in their own browsers; many browser add-ons, screenreaders and other user-agents will change, rewrite or add to the DOM of the page before any client-side scripting is run.

Just like TiVo a digital TV system that can filter out ad-breaks from recordings , this becomes a threat only if lots of "ordinary" people use it. That could certainly reduce the problem of data stealing, though not without unwanted side-effects what about the impact on legitimate remote syndication? I think the implication is this: One possible solution might arise if an archive of user scripts was made available from a verifying source, as Firefox extensions are.

And in fact the ever-active GM development team are looking into ways of doing this, with a userscript. User scripts might also represent a niche for the creation of developer tools — scripts that you can write and customise for specific projects, or keep as a collection of general tools that are enabled or disabled as required.

Download ZIP Code. AutoPagerize is a script that. By default AutoPager works with a ton.

have thought Google book download user scripts for greasemonkey not leave!

Download Remove All Facebook. Willkommen bei den SeaMonkey- Add- ons. AutoPagerize - loading next page and inserting into. Download Multiple Firefox Link Targets;.

We use cookies for various purposes including analytics. If you are using this version and notice problems, it' s best to let us know at greasemonkey- dev.

Firefox greasemonkey and userscript google book er

Load Userscripts with Tampermonkey for. Please use Firefox Extension version. The only better option is possibly the AutoPagerize userscript for use with Greasemonkey,.

It would be awesome if this could be compatible with autopagerize.

Another Way To Download Any Book From Google Books

Greasemonkey by Anthony Lieuallen. OK, I Understand. AutoPagerize For Opera;. That the ideal companion to the AutoPagerize Greasyfork. At Greasemonkey, We intend to provide our valued customers with the best online shopping experience for automotive products, vehicle. It' s where your interests connect you with your people. I quickly installed Greasemonkey and installed the Autopagerize over.

Grease Monkey offers oil change and automotive maintenance specials and coupon offers. Hide those annoying Farmville notices, download. Sick of Clicking Next?

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