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completed application form with the processing fees, HDFC will consider your Just log on to and apply for your housing loan online. After. Visit us at Home Loans for. Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) /. Persons of Indian Origin (PIOS). BROCHURE CUM APPLICATION FORM. I wish to apply for below ticked () loan and request you to process the loan application as per details provided in the form Application date D D M M Y Y . charges, fees, commissions including the key facts informed to me by HDFC Bank Ltd.

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Hdfc Home Loan Application Form Pdf

I/We have read the application form/ brochures and am/are aware of all the terms .. documents along with the Loan Application to HDFC BANK LTD (“Bank”). HDFC offers you Loans for Homes - for downloading or constructing your home or even to Complete the application form attached to this brochure and submit. HDFC Home Loan Documents: Check List of Property Documents Required For Complete loan application form with one passport size photograph; Income.

Home is one of the things that everyone one wants to own. Home is a shelter to person where he rests and feel comfortable. Many banks providing home loans whether commercial banks or financial institutions to the people who want to have a home. Owing to their wide network of financing, HDFC Housing Loans provides services at your doorstep and helps you find a home as per your requirements. Many banks are providing home loans at cheapest rate to attract consumers towards them. The more customer friendly attitude of these banks, currently offer to consumers cheapest loan over homes. In view of acute housing shortage in the country, and keeping in mind the social — economic role of commercial banks in the present times, the RBI advised banks to encourage the flow of redit for housing finance. With the RBI reducing bank rate, the home loan market rates nose- diving by 50 basis points. The HDFC Bank and Standard chartered bank has become the first player in this sector to announce a housing loan for a 20 years period. No doubt it will enhance the end cost people to plan their house over longer duration now; it has been made easy for a person to download that dream house which he dreamt of long ago. Current status is that HDFC reduced home loan rates by 50 basis points for all its existing floating rate customers. Home loans have become that stronger foundations for people who want to own a home. There are greater number of borrowers of home loans. It may be understood as a science of studying how research is done scientifically. It is necessary for the researcher to know not only the research methods but also the methodology.

housing loans(hdfc ) | Mortgage Loan | Loans

Customers who wants to download a new house or wants to construct their own dream house. Salaried and self employed who have existing home loan, home extension loan or home improvement can apply for this loan Key Loan Terms Home loan available at the age of 24 to 65 years Loan amount that you can borrow ranges from Rs. Current offer for processing fee is Upto 0. This is inclusive of principal repayment.

Rate of interest depends upon income, job stability, loan amount, CIBIL score, credit profile, existing obligations, verification and other factors. Credit at sole discretion of HDFC.

You can apply for a HDFC home loan by contacting the bank directly or by applying through online marketplaces like myloancare. Availing a loan through an online market place improves the chances of getting best loan rates, low processing fees and special offers in the form of cash backs.

Once you approach the bank, they will collect your documents and initiate the loan process which includes checking your CIBIL score, property valuation, technical and legal checks on property, eligibility calculation. The bank will give a decision on your loan based on the evaluation results. If you are paying an EMI more than Rs. As per Indian Income Tax Act of , residents of India are eligible for tax benefits on principal amount and interest components of a home loan under the section 24 and section 80C of Income Tax Act.

Can I foreclose my home loan? What are the charges applicable? Yes, you can foreclose your loan with Nil charges. Yes, Bank gives you the facility to transfer your existing loan with a hassle free process. Can I club the income of my spouse with mine and apply for joint home loan? You can club the income of your spouse to increase your loan eligibility if the spouse is co-owner of the property or guarantor of the loan.

What is the benchmark applicable for housing loan? Part prepayments help you in reducing the outstanding amount of loan which in turn will reduce the interest amount due.

After making part payments, paying the same EMI will increase your involvement towards the principal amount which will help you in repaying the loan faster. How to increase my eligibility on HDFC housing loan? If your spouse or family member is earning well, you can make your spouse or family member the co-applicant for your loan.

The combination of both of your income will help you in increasing your eligibility to get loan.

Hdfc home loan application form pdf nri

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Book airfares and packages online with us. In the last few years the floating interest rate has been a favorite among most of the people taking home loans. There is also a trend to opt for home construction loan. This loan is available to those who want to design their homes according to their requirement and taste.

In other words, this loan is meant for those who themselves want to construct their new home.

As shared earlier, taking a loan is not a difficult task. However, before taking a loan, one must realize that the relationship with the bank will be for a longer period usually 15 to 20 years so one must ensure faith and integrity in bank.

Apart from low rate of interest, the bank should also provide some value added services.

HDFC Home Loan

The other thing is to look into is the property that is to be brought. Making sure that the builder has all sanctions and facility to build a good building is very important.


Taking home loans these days has become simpler. With the RBI regularly bring down interest rates; taking home loans have become extremely easy. Housing loans which were With interest rates going down, people increasingly number apply to take these loans.

They comprise documents to establish income, age, residence, employment, investments, etc. The customer also needs to hand over a cheque for payment of an up front non -refundable processing fee of about 0. Validation of the Information: - In the next stage, HFCs validate the information provided by the customer on the application form. They usually conduct checks on the residential address of the customer, the place of employment of the customer, and credentials of the employer.

Some HFCs may insist on a personal interview with the customer and perform a reference check on the references provided by the customer on the application form. This is the actually the approval of the money lending procedure by the company. However, the money is sanctioned only after the documents and the property on behalf of which the loan is being granted is thoroughly verified. These documents remain in the custody of the HFC till the time the loan is fully repaid. Once the documents are handed over to the HFC, they send all the documents for a thorough legal scrutiny.

Validation of Property: - Prior to disbursement, the HFC also conducts a site visit to the customer's property to ensure that all construction norms have been adhered to properly.

Once the HFC is satisfied that the property is legally and technically clear, they disburse the loan amount.

The disbursement from the HFI is on the basis of the stage of construction of the property. Payment Procedure: - Once all the above mentioned process, the borrower is entitled to take the money from the lender party.

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