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Train service,coverage,MTR stations,Tourist,Train Frequency,Service Hours,First Please click the map below to view or download the PDF file. Hong Kong. Hong Kong MTR Map shows current 10 urban metro lines, 1 light rail and the Airport Express with each subway Hong Kong Metro Map PDF Download. Download a variety of Hong Kong MTR maps as well as maps of the Hong Kong Light Rail Click here for a printable PDF version of the Hong Kong MRT map.

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Hong Kong Mtr Map Pdf

Offline PDF map of Subway in Hong Kong with information about the 港鐵 MTR full map, including lines, stations and routes. Detailed Hong Kong MTR Map and MTR information, with ferry, tram and bus maps as well. Hong Kong Shopping Map. All our shopping related Tram Route Maps (click image for full PDF) A map of the Hong Kong MTR: (click image for full size).

Trip Planner Search for your route by simply choosing your origin and destination station on the MTR system map, or inputting your origin and destination on the map. The function will provide you with a suggested route from the station exit, and the estimated journey time helping you get to your destination. Traffic News Traffic News will inform subscribers when train services have been or are expected to be seriously delayed for more than 20 minutes. It will also inform travellers about special train service arrangements during festive holidays or tropical cyclones. You can also get special service notices of station lifts through the barrier-free-function. Tourist Information The Tourist Information function offers a wide variety of local attraction guides and information on tourist tickets. You can plan your journey simply by entering the tourist spot as origination or destination in the Train Trip Planner and Light Rail Planner. Airport Express This provides Airport Express information and allows you to search for travel information from the airport to hotels, including complimentary Airport Express Shuttle Bus service. During promotional periods of the Bonus Point Scheme, users can also check their bonus points and redeem their gifts anytime, anywhere!

In , it had a However, this has drastically declined from a peak of 32 per cent in The project was initiated due to overcrowding at Quarry Bay and persistent passenger complaints about the five-minute walk from the Island line platforms to the Kwun Tong line platform. Construction of the Tseung Kwan O line called the Tseung Kwan O extension line in the planning stage was approved on 18 August to serve new housing developments.

Construction began on 24 April and the line officially opened in Construction costs were partly covered by the Hong Kong Government and private developers which linked construction of the Tseung Kwan O Line to new real estate and commercial developments. The interchange between the Tsuen Wan line and the Kwun Tong line, as well as that between the Kwun Tong line and the Tseung Kwan O line, are two stations long, allowing cross-platform interchange wherein a passenger leaves a train on one side of the platform and boards trains on the other side of the platform for another line.

This design makes interchanging more convenient and passengers do not have the need to change to different levels. However this interchange arrangement is not available for all transferring passengers at Kowloon Tong , Central , Hong Kong , Quarry Bay , Nam Cheong except transfer between Tuen Mun and Hong Kong bound trains , Mei Foo , Tai Wai station except alighting from Ma On Shan line to change to southbound trains for East Rail line and Sunny Bay except transfer between Tung Chung and Disneyland Resort bound trains stations, mainly because this service is available only when there are two continuous stations shared as interchange stations by two lines.

Two major works were undertaken to ease interchange between the Kwun Tong line and East Rail line. The modification of Kowloon Tong station started in June A new pedestrian link to Kowloon Tong Station southern concourse and a new entrance Exit D opened on 15 April to cope with the increase in interchange passenger flow. Service to Sunny Bay station on the Tung Chung line started in The new line and the Disneyland Resort station opened on 1 August The Disneyland Resort station itself was designed to blend in with the ambiance of the resort.

The line operates fully automated trains running every four to ten minutes without a driver. The carriages are refurbished M-train rolling stock to match the recreational and adventurous nature of the 3. The station opened on 20 December along with the exhibition centre.

To cope with the projected increase in patronage, Airport Express trains were lengthened to eight carriages from the previous seven. Additional trains are also deployed on the Tung Chung line during major exhibitions and events.

The offering involved the sale of about one billion shares , and the company now has the largest shareholder base of any company listed in Hong Kong.

MTRCL has often developed properties next to stations to complement its already profitable railway business. Many recently built stations were incorporated into large housing estates or shopping complexes. For example, Tsing Yi station is built next to the Maritime Square shopping centre and directly underneath the Tierra Verde housing estate.

A passenger could travel on these networks with only one ticket, except where a transfer is made between Tsim Sha Tsui and East Tsim Sha Tsui stations, where two tickets are required.

Student discounts on Octopus Card were also issued. The MTR system has been extended numerous times since the railway merger. The project is divided into 9 to 13 phases and is about halfway complete as of The West Island Line , first put forward to the government on 21 January , is an extension of the Island line. The construction of the West Island Line started on 10 August Sai Ying Pun station opened later, on 29 March , due to construction delays.

Construction is underway to upgrade the existing infrastructure of the MTR.

New subway links to the stations are also being made for better access. The Sha Tin to Central Link project will create two new rail corridors upon completion. The section from Hung Hom to Admiralty , across Victoria Harbour , is expected to be completed in This will be an extension of the East Rail line.


It will alleviate traffic in the northern part of Hong Kong Island. There will be three new stations: Construction is expected to begin in and finish in The architecture of MTR stations is less artistic, instead focusing on structural practicability.

With the high level of daily passenger traffic, facilities of the MTR stations are built with durability and accessibility in mind. After extensive retrofitting, the MTR system has become, in general, disabled-friendly —the trains have dedicated wheelchair space, the stations have special floor tiles to guide the blind safely on the platforms, and there are extra wide entry and exit gates for wheelchairs as well.

Portable ramp for wheelchair users are available for boarding and alighting trains.

Downloadable Hong Kong MTR Maps (plus Light Rail & Tram) | China Mike

On board the rolling stock, there are also flashing system maps on select trains while Active Line Diagrams and traditional route maps are installed on the others. Infopanels as well as on MTR In-Train TV onboard trains display important messages such as next station announcements as well as operational messages. Passengers with subscription services will be able to make video calls and access high speed video content on their mobile phones regardless whether the train is above ground or under ground.

In late it was announced that all payphones in the MTR system would be removed in early The contract with the service provider, Shinetown Telecom, was expiring, and the MTR Corporation said that no one had tendered a proposal to take over the contract.

When the system opened, public announcements were made in British English and in Cantonese by train captains and station staff.

Unlike many other metro systems around the world, "main line" MTR stations originally did not have toilet facilities available for public use. Passengers may use MTR staff toilets at all stations on request.

In , MTRCL said it would not consider retrofitting existing underground toilets, because of the challenge of installing new piping and toilet facilities. During the Legislative Council rail merger bill discussions, the MTR Corporation was criticised by legislators for their unwillingness to install toilets in main line stations. This resulted in MTRCL agreeing to include the provision of toilets within, or adjacent to, stations in the overall design parameters for all future new railway lines, subject to planning and regulatory approval and any concerns raised by residents in the vicinity about the location of external ventilation exhausts.

In addition, newly opened stations such as those of the West Island Line have toilets.

The MTR plans to install public toilets at all interchange stations by In late the MTR introduced breastfeeding rooms at 20 interchange stations.

The rooms are located in back of house areas, and are available upon request to MTR staff. Since then, the number and types of shops have increased at stations has increased, turning some of them into miniature shopping centres. ATMs and convenience stores are now commonplace. Recruit was the first free magazine which was solely distributed in stations before railway merger since July , but the contract was terminated in July MTR promotes reading of these newspapers by adding special coupons and promotion offers inside the newspapers, for example, a free trip to Lok Ma Chau or a free keyring.

These bus routes, which normally consist of one to two stops, terminate at housing estates and go past major landmarks. Seven types of electric multiple unit rolling stock operate on the MTR network and four generations of light rail vehicles operate on the light rail network. Except for Airport Express trains, all trains are designed to cope with high patronage, for example, through seating arrangements, additional ventilation fans , and additional sets of extra-wide doors. Known as M-trains, these are the oldest model of train in operation.

M-Trains can be divided into different "stocks". The Disneyland Resort line uses driverless M-trains with their appearance overhauled to suit the atmosphere and theme of the line.

Windows on each carriage and the handrails inside are made into the shape of Mickey Mouse 's head, and there are bronze-made Disney characters decorating the interior of the carriages.

Initially run in seven-car formations, they have now been lengthened to eight cars. Since , K-stock has also been used on the Tung Chung line. Limited in October with a further 12 trains ordered in the summer of The first of these trains entered revenue service on 7 December on the Kwun Tong line. The South Island line uses a similar train known as the S-train. Unlike the original C-train, the pantographs are on the A cars. All cars are powered, so there are no trailer cars. The S-train is also only three cars long and are driverless, with the driver's cab removed with space for passengers.

However, the S-trains can still enable manual operation in the event of an emergency. Should the need arise in the future, dual voltage trains such as those utilised on Oresund Bridge would be required.

They did not receive major changes after the merger of the two companies except for the updated route map, the exterior company logo and such.

Hong Kong MTR Maps (Light-Rail and Tram Maps)

The capability of this EMU fleet is similar to those on the urban network. This is part of the upgrade programme related to the new Shatin to Central Link. The new R-stock trains are wider than existing units and can accommodate more passengers per car; however, the length of each train will be cut from the current car configuration used on the Metro Cammell and SP EMUs to nine cars.

This is due to space constraints imposed by new underground platforms on the Sha Tin to Central Link. MTR will also upgrade existing signalling systems used on the East Rail line which will enable trains to operate at two-minute headways on average, instead of the current three-minute interval, which the MTRC expects will be able to compensate for the loss of capacity resulting from the shorter trains.

Light rail rolling stock were ordered from three different manufacturers: They are designed to run on the standard gauge and utilise V DC delivered through overhead lines. Trains comprise one or two carriages, where the second carriage functions as only a trailer. The arrangement allows each car to carry approximately passengers with 26 seats, while four sets of poach seats provide flexible riding for passengers.

The light rail trains are being modernised as part of a 20th anniversary activity. Trains will include better disabled facilities as well as a totally new interior. The MTR will refurbish 69 older trains and download 22 new ones. The first trains have been completed and were scheduled to be put into service in November After the rail merger, there are three different fare classes on the MTR: Adult, Students and Concessionary.

Only children below the age of 12 and senior citizens 65 years or older are eligible for the concessionary rate on all lines. The fare of MTR between any two particular stations is not calculated using a particular formula, and must be looked up from the fare table. Fares for the Airport Express Line are significantly higher. Services to checkpoint termini are also more expensive than ordinary fares. The fare is subject to adjustment in June every year.

Prior to May , MTR did not provide concessionary fares for the disabled. Legislators such as social welfare constituency legislator Fernando Cheung Chiu-hung and those from Hong Kong's Association for Democracy and People's Livelihood had for years demanded that such concessions be put in place. Single journey tickets can be downloadd at vending machines while tourist passes, Octopus cards and other special tickets must be downloadd at the ticket counter.

Credit cards are only accepted to download Airport Express tickets and tourist Octopus cards from automatic vending machines located within Hong Kong airport.

It was launched in September for use on the MTR and KCR , now operated by MTR and now is the most widely used electronic cash system for transactions in Hong Kong as many retailers including supermarkets, car parks and fast food outlets are fitted with readers. The Octopus card uses radio frequency identification RFID technology so that users need only hold the card in front of the reader, without taking it out of handbags and wallets.

Except for the Airport Express, MTR fares are slightly lower when using an Octopus card compared to using single journey tickets. Tourist Day Pass must be used within 30 days upon the day of issue. A touchless smart card system is used for single journey tickets. These tickets are pre-paid for between pre-determined stations, and are good for only one trip. There are no return tickets, except on the Airport Express.

As of mid, less than 5 per cent of MTR customers travelled on single journey tickets. Fares for the Airport Express are substantially different from main line fares.

Apart from single tickets, same-day return tickets same price as a single , and one-month return tickets are also available. Based on user's journey and travel pattern, it can recommend the most fare-saving ticket type for daily and non-daily commuters. Apart from official application, third parties, such as MTR Service Update , have been developed their own ticket recommendation, claiming to be more user-friendly and fare-saving.

Since the merger in , MTR has consistently achieved a In , out of the 5. There were reportable incidents in According to the Mass Transit Railway By-laws, eating, drinking, or smoking are not allowed in the paid area of stations or in trains. Various campaigns and activities are taken to help ensure that the MTR is a safe system to travel on. Poster campaigns displaying information on topics such as escalator safety are a common sight in all MTR stations, and announcements are made regularly as safety reminders to travelling passengers.

Bylaws were also introduced to deter potentially dangerous actions on the MTR, such as the ban on flammable goods on the MTR and rushing into trains when the doors are closing. Penalties ranging from fines to imprisonment have been imposed for such offences. Police officers patrol the trains and stations, and police posts are available at some stations.

Closed-circuit television cameras are installed in stations and on some of the newer trains. These doors make platforms safer by preventing people from falling onto the rails, even though MTRCL did not heavily promote it directly.

However, the primary motivation was to separate the stations from the tunnels, hence allowing substantial energy savings on station air-conditioning and tunnel ventilation. Hong Kong Tour Bus Route click image for full size. Map of Central showing attractions click image for full size. Another Map of Central showing attractions click image for full size.

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center map click image for full size. Tsim Sha Tsui Map click image for full size. Admiralty Map click image for full size. Causeway Bay Map click image for full size. Mong Kok Map click image for full size. HK Central Map click image for full size. Attractions and active leisure Dragon-I is a prestigious club, which has a great dance floor, a beautiful outdoor terrace with a bar, an indoor bar with a wide choice of drinks and snacks, as well as several lounges for VIP-guests.

Volar club is decorated in a futuristic style. This place will be loved by fans of relaxing electronic music. The club often hosts theme parties, so here you can hear the music of other styles as well. A huge crystal … Open.

List of MTR stations

Cuisine and top restaurants Rice flour is used to make delicious noodles served with spicy sauces. This is one of most popular dishes among the fans of Eastern cuisine. Dumplings and pastries, which will be offered to guests in each restaurant, are equally popular.

The method of preparation of vegetable garnishes is very peculiar here. Side dishes can be cooked not only on grill and served fresh, but also can be marinated in salty soy sauce. The posh hotel is open in a chic skyscraper that also hosts K11 shopping mall.

This hotel offers a range of non-standard services for its guests, for example, there is a beautiful swimming pool with terraces and landscape decorations on an open area of one of the floors.

Fans of seclusion will be fond of Sky Garden terrace … Open.

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