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How to Read Literature Like a Professor: A Lively and Entertaining Guide to Reading Between the Lines. By THOMAS C. FOSTER. Contents. INTRODUCTION. How to Read Literature Like a Professor: A Lively and Entertaining Guide to Reading Between the Lines by Thomas C. Foster. In Arthur Conan Doyle's "The. From How to Read Literature Like a Professor. Thomas C. Foster. Notes by Marti Nelson. Every Trip is a Quest (except when it's not). A quester; A place to go.

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How To Read Literature Like A Professor Pdf

Home · Faculty/Staff Webpages · Hilton, Farrah H. How to Read Literature Like a Professor PDF. PDF of How to Read Literature Like a. How to Read Literature Like a Professor: A Lively and Entertaining Guide to Reading Between the Lines By THOMAS C. FOSTER Contents INTRODUCTION: . File: How to Read Literature like a Aubrey Dentz AF Network Support New Haven, CT. Views. Downloads. 0 Favorites.

Nothing wrong with that, but what if there is more to reading than just comprehending what is written on the page? Turns out, there is often a deeper meaning to a text than we might at first realize. Novels, stories, poems — all are part of a larger literary world, where themes are developed and texts wink ironically at other, older texts. Some literary works have even had such an impact that their coinages have become embedded in language itself. In this book summary, you will be introduced to this world. In the end, you might even get a new perspective on some of your favorite books. The truth is that not all readers are created equal. Some of us only focus on the basic level of the story.

If the author defeats your expectation with any symbol, he is so ironing you.

How To Read Literature Like A Professor Summary

This can work at many levels of course, he might defeat your expectation of being subject to irony by using the actual meaning and so on. Long list? Not if you read a lot.

You can see all this in three days of light reading. In fact I am tending to be lenient in this review mostly due to that wonderful last chapter where he gives an example short story and analyses it. That one chapter makes the whole book worth reading.

The reading list at the end is also useful and I have reproduced it here. But getting back to the means of analyses listed above.

How to Read Literature Like a Professor

Were they too obvious? Or are you not confident that you will start spotting them from tomorrow? Either way, it might help us get into the habit as I said earlier and that is what really matters. The only way to catch on to all these devices and symbols is to be familiar with them.

And the only way to do that? Read, of course.

Read a hell lot. Previewing page 1 of previous. File Details: Ninth grade License: December 19th, Visibility: About Us Careers Support Blog. Master Teacher Project. State Standards Grades Subjects. PD Designed to Change Practice.

How To Read Literature Like A Professor Summary

All Rights Reserved. Overview Meet the Master Teachers. It basically means that every book is a repository of many other books. How many jokes would you get?

The answer might surprise you: Shakespeare! They are all modern adaptations of his plays.

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Then watch the movies. For example, you might start noticing some premonitions, foreshadowings, and symbols. Almost every great book is filled with them!

They are not there for no reason! And sometimes, these symbols are even wonderfully subversive!

For example, writing about sex was frowned upon for most of human history. Some writers, however, wanted to say something about it from time to time. And whether they were talking about worms and roses like Blake , or fleas like Donne — they did! But, only the more perceptive knew! Large-scale symbols are either allegories or formulaic patterns. Take, for example, the quest pattern.

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And it basically revolves around the notion that the goal of the journey is the journey itself. The difference is striking! The reason: Irony. It takes years to understand it.

Reading Starts with Your Memory Skills 2. Because, no book is original — each and every one of them is intertextual.

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