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Creating an HTML Help Project with HHW. Creating .. See the HAT Comparison Matrix ( (PDF, Version. 5). The following tutorial explains how to convert (Microsoft Compiled HTML Help) file to a PDF document by using the novaPDF printer driver. How to convert a chm to a PDF from Help Explorer Viewer. file format stands for Microsoft Compiled HTML Help and it is a. You can use HelpNDoc to import and convert a CHM help file into a PDF document. help, document and manual formats, including CHM, HTML, DocX, PDF.

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Html Help Pdf

When it comes to creating HTML Help or CHM help file, Web Help system, or PDF document, you can download HelpSmith, a help maker application whose key. CHM to PDF. Convert from CHM to PDF just in seconds on . Useful links, Do you want to convert a CHM file to a PDF file? Don't download software - use MIME type, application/ Useful links, More Information on.

Download a Free Trial Version. HelpStudio seamlessly combines a feature packed WYSIWYG authoring environment, Html based layout templates and customizable Content Widgets to make it simple to create and localize consistent, professional looking help systems with the minimum of effort. HelpStudio provides you with all the tools you need to author, build and publish great documentation, help or procedures with minimum friction. The Xhtml source editor includes intellisense and tag completion. Creating links in the content that you author improves the usability of your help by providing quick and easy access to related content. In HelpStudio you can create links between your content using standard hyperlinks, or See Also links that are grouped at the end of a given page. Delivering great help content often requires a trade off between the time invested in creating dynamic content and the benefits it brings to the users of the content. You no longer need to comprimise - Widgets allow you to deliver dynamic content e. ProductCaption includes a variety of functionality for the creation, management and application of styles. Built around powerful web standard CSS, you can apply existing styles using the Style Picker, define new style rules or inline styles using the Style Editor and edit your Stylesheets in the built in Stylesheet editor. Unicode support is not a high priced add-on, it is a fundamental feature of the core product.

You can ship this compiled file with an application or distribute it to users as a stand-alone online document. It uses components of the Internet Explorer browser while displaying content in its proprietary window interface. Configure a Microsoft HTML Help output preset The first step in generating the output of a RoboHelp project is to create an output preset and then configure the various settings of the output preset.

You can use the following settings to configure a Microsoft HTML output preset: General Use the following options to specify basic output settings, such as title, output path, language of UI strings, and more. The title, along with the variables if used, appears on the browser tab of the output. To select a location, click.

Help maker to create HTML Help, Web Help, and PDF files

If the output path is inside the project folder, the output generation fails. If is zero, only a topic page will be generated for the entire document.

Table of contents max. If is zero, all the titles will appear on the table. As example, if a level 3 is set, Titles 1, 2 and 3 will appear on the table of contents. Index topics max. If is zero, all the titles will appear on the index. As example, if a level 3 is set, Titles 1, 2 and 3 will appear on the index.

For example if the source file is an HTML, and it contains images, these images, or the directory with the images must be included in this list.

Execute this command line after generate If you need to make something after the generation, as copy the CHM to other place, put it on a web site by ftp…, you can do it by a command line here. The help maker software, HelpSmith, provides modern interface which is very similar to Office applications.

This allowed the developers of the help authoring tool to combine a powerful set of features within an easy-to-use program.

Thus, using a help authoring tool with a slight learning curve, even beginner help writers can start creating help files and documentation quickly. As a multi-format help file maker application, HelpSmith provides all of the features needed for help authoring purposes.

Thanks to a simple user interface which is combined with a rich feature-set, anyone can start creating help files, online help systems, or printed documentation such as PDF files easily. HelpSmith is developed by Divcom Software, a well-known developer of documentation and help file making software used by thousands of technical writers and developers.

Help Authoring Tools, Tips, and Techniques. Choose a Help Authoring Tool.

Generate Microsoft HTML Help output

Creating a Help File: Click on the screenshot to view it in full size. HelpSmith - the help maker application A help authoring tool to make help files and manuals in the following formats: HelpSmith download details: Details Value Product HelpSmith 7. Download HelpSmith. Key Features Below we have described the application's key features, so you can decide if this help maker tool suits your own needs.

Built-in word processor with a spell-checker The full-featured word processor integrated into the help maker software makes it possible for you to write topics and edit topic templates directly in your help authoring tool.

Built-in word-processor with a spell checker to write help file content. Table of Contents tool to make help file structure.

Table of Contents and Index Editors The Table of Contents or TOC editor with drag-n-drop support allows you to quickly create the structure of your help file by adding topics, heading items or chapters , links to existing help topics, and external links for example to an URL as well.

Microsoft Compiled HTML Help - Wikipedia

Graphic and Video Formats When you are creating a help file in the help maker application, you can easily add images or videos to your help topics.

Use images and videos in your help files. Media repository tool to manage image and video files. Single media repository tool The media repository is a unique tool for a help file maker program, which is used to manage help project's image and video files. The advantages of a single media repository in help authoring software are as follows: No lost images files since all images are automatically copied to the help project's directory.


Easy transferring or copying of the entire help project for example, to another PC. The possibility to update a screenshot which can be used in many help topics within the same help project. HTML Help.

Web Help or browser-based. HTML help system. Web Help output format You can also use the help maker tool to generate a Web Help system. Adobe PDF features of help maker.

Other books: HTML CSS EBOOK

Topic templates and style schemes to customize the appearance. Topic Templates With templates, you can quickly create or change the appearance of help topics in your help file.

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