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As of today we have 78,, eBooks for you to download for free. The Secret Science of Numerology: The Hidden Meaning of Numbers and Letters. Results 1 - 13 of 13 Explore our list of Free eBooks, Numerology, Astrology & Divination, NOOK Books at Barnes & Noble®. Shop now & receive free express. The Complete Book of Numerology: Discovering Your Inner Self by David Phillips . Read online.

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Numerology Ebook

Numerology. Choose from great eBooks from Rakuten Kobo's extensive catalogue. Get personalized recommendations and see other readers' reviews. To the conventional scientist, numbers are merely symbols of comparative quantities, but in the broader, metaphysical sense, they assume a deeper, more. Confira também os eBooks mais vendidos, lançamentos e livros digitais Book of Numbers: Chaldean Numerology Explained (English Edition) eBook Kindle.

With an OverDrive account, you can save your favorite libraries for at-a-glance information about availability. Find out more about OverDrive accounts. Harish Johari was a distinguished North Indian author, Tantric scholar, poet, musician, composer, artist, and gemologist who held degrees in philosophy and literature and made it his life's work to introduce the culture of his homeland We want your feedback! Click here. Subjects New Age Nonfiction. For the first time, a Tantric scholar and expert in the Hindu traditions of Ayurveda and astrology presents a system of numerology that combines numerical calculations, astrological data, and an analysis of body type. He illustrates the Vedic Square and the visual patterns that can be derived from it, casting a revealing light on the more esoteric interpretations of numbers and their relationship to one another. Recommendations are given regarding strong and weak periods of day or year, favorable colors and precious stones to be worn, and meditations and mantras to be practiced for health and prosperity. Explains how to determine the psychic number, name number, and destiny number; how these numbers relate to each of the nine planets, and how they apply to every aspect of life—including personality, temperament, intelligence, talents, sexuality, spirituality, finances, travel, and health. New Age Nonfiction. Publication Details Publisher:

We will help you tap into your own intuition so that you can trust yourself with your clients. Getting started can feel daunting, so we have made it really easy for you with our Numerology Database, filled with definitions that you can use to build reports for your own clients. You read that right, you can cut and paste directly from the database that you will receive during the program - you have our permission.

That means, you can be sharing this information with clients right away and making a return on your investment! Sometimes we take programs and wonder if we really know what we are doing.


That little voice of insecurity sneaks in, especially in only 6 weeks. We considered this carefully when we designed this program. We will be there for you, ready to answer your questions and give you feedback along the way. At the end, we will review your coursework to ensure that you are reading the numbers accurately.

Upon completion we will send you a certificate of completion, indicating your mastery of this level 1 course. What you do with this material from there is limitless and you can feel confident applying this knowledge to your current work or start a whole new business! We are, truly, excited to support you as you uncover what's possible and what lights you up! Love, Meaghan and Joy Some of the take-aways from this course: Wow potential clients with your accuracy!

Create a new revenue stream Have clients coming back for more Connect clients to their unique prosperity cycle Have an incredibly loyal client base Make back your training investment in as little as 3 clients Identify brand, niche and ideal client quickly and effectively Open The Door To So Much More During and after the calls you will be able to ask questions, receive feedback, and brainstorm with us and the group.

Detailed Client Charts and Forms Feel confident in you abiity to map our your client's personality patterns, their potential blessing and obstacles, and forecast future events!

My friend reminded me that the mo- ments wasted in bemoaning your fate are lost forever; whereas, if you used those same moments to go forward, happiness and success will be much swifter in coming and last so much longer. Remember too that nothing is ever taken away without being replaced. Likewise, when a romance or position goes sour, use the experience and understanding gained to apply to a better, more fruitful relationship or position, and be grateful for that experience.

Do not waste time in tears, recriminations, or self-pity, for this is time you can never regain, and only serves to keep you mired down in unproductive self-pity. We get nothing for nothing. The same principle must be applied to everything we do. If you plot your course accurately the door to these more successful situations will be opened xvi Introduction even before the old one is closed. Step through it eagerly and embark on new and exciting endeavors. People never get old or jaded when they face each new day with anticipa- tion and positivity.

It is important to realize that each day with its particular vibration plays a definite part in the complicated jigsaw puzzle of life and must be accepted as such. Even the quiet, less productive days have their purpose if you just realize and look for it. A 4-Day of hard work lays the foundation for an 8-Day that brings rewards. A 9-Day of ending unfruitful relation- ships and projects paves the way for a 1-Day that is the beginning of all things.

Each day and its vibrations means another step in the right direction and should be under- stood as such and welcomed. It would make it impossible for the best of things to be forthcoming.

You are, in effect, then opening yourself up to the universal powers that control your destiny, and only the best of everything can result. You will still have your bad days, of course, but by accepting them as integral spokes of the wheel of life, you will not suffer the bad effects of them and can go on to the good days, secure in Introduction xvii the knowledge that they were necessary in laying the foun- dation for the happy events you wish for and anticipate, rather like getting a vaccination against a disease.

Since I became interested in the fascinating science of numerology I have encountered a consistent pattern of reactions from people.

First, there is the predictable skepti- cism manifested by sarcasm, humor, and even ridicule. Eventually, curiosity gives way to enlightened understand- ing and, finally, fervent interest. We can soon learn to accept the pattern of our life and adjust our schedules and attitudes to coincide with it rather than waste effort and lose patience and temper unneces- sarily and unproductively by opposing that pattern.

The same energy expended in negative, destructive anger can be put to positive, constructive use in other ways. With this knowledge, you know where he or she is going in life and how they will get there. You can help immeasurably by subtly providing guidance onto the posi- tive side of the road so their destiny can progress peacefully and successfully.

Numerology can also illuminate the path of anyone you want to interact with, whether in personal or business relationships, by giving you an indication of their per- sonality through a quick calculation based on the letters in their name.

This is quite handy in determining how to conduct yourself in an interview, a meeting with a prospec- tive client, how and when to ask for a favor or a raise, how to impress a date, or how to deal with a friend or family members on any particular day—this calculation will tell you instantly how they will respond and what will evoke the positive result you seek.

All of numerology is based on the numbers 1 through 9, since all numbers beyond 9 can be reduced to a single digit within that group.

Zeros are automatically dropped.

Numerology for Beginners

Example: the numbers 14, 23, and 32 all become 5 when added together and reduced. Some numerologists also use the master numbers of 11, 22, and 33 in their full vibrations, which are very power- ful, rather than reducing them to the single digits of 2, 4, and 6.

There is no question about the power of positive thinking. Immediately following this introduction are numerical value and trait attributions charts that will help you ana- lyze and interpret the various aspects covered in this book.

Then in the following chapters you will learn how you can personally vibrate to the secret powers of numerology. So- called good luck is automatically inherent in every destiny, so I shall not wish it for you.

That would be to imply what it is not: a negative assumption. I shall only wish you a fast comprehension of all that follows and the supreme con- tentment that it can bring you.


If you do not accept numer- ology on a scientific basis, you most assuredly can enjoy it as a party game. In either case, read on, and enjoy. How Numerology C an the twenty-first century be just around the corner? Ready or not, it is.

The Complete Book of Numerology by David Phillips (ebook)

And, as in all things, the better prepared we are for anything, the better advantage we can take of it. We prepare for different sea- sons and climates, both of which depend on the numero- logical power of the months of the year, and so it is with the onset of each year. That is no meaningless statement because the universal power of a year is very important. As an example, the number 6 connotes peace. We also saw a peace accord signed between Israel and Palestine.

New York City enjoyed a major reduction in crime for the first time in a very long time. Happily the positive side of a 7 is philosophical, thoughtful, intel- ligent, analytical, and inventive. So there is always hope at the end of the tunnel. But we must avoid the negative side which indicates power madness, egotistical and dictatorial motives.

It is a time meant for sorting out and discarding all the debris of the past nine years, reassessing our values and motives so that the slate is clean and ready for a new beginning.

This is the preparatory stage for the big twenty-first century that begins the following year. And finally—the year ! Even Nostradamus pre- dicted big things for this new century and we all want to be well prepared for it.

Numerology can tell us what it will mean for each of us and how to handle it. The first chart on page xxiv shows you the specific power of each letter in the alphabet.

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