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ONE. FOR THE. MONEY. Janet Evanovich. ST. MARTIN'S GRIFFIN M No part of this book may be one minute and melt-in-your-mouth chocolate the next. 'Explosive Eighteen: A Stephanie Plum Novel' by Janet Evanovich Bounty hunter Stephanie Plum's life is set to blow sky high when international murder hits. Evanovich, Janet - Stephanie Plum 01 - One for the mtn-i.infoc · Read more Evanovich, Janet - Stephanie Plum 01 - One for the Money. Read more.

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One For The Money Book Pdf

One for the Money (Stephanie Plum Series #1) by Janet Evanovich. An Invisible Thread: The The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Divergent by Veronica Roth. Click here. cover image of One for the Money. Read A Sample. One for the Money. Stephanie Plum Series, Book 1 · Stephanie Plum. by Janet Evanovich. ebook. This book details the elements of writing and publishing a novel, and . One of the easiest ways to make money online, if you have a flair for talking, is by.

So Samuel Plum is an underwear buyer for a retail store who has recently lost his job. Desperate for cash, he blackmails his pervert cousin who runs a bail bonds agency into letting him go after a cop named Jane Morellie who was accused of murder and then skipped. There may be a personal revenge motive for Samuel in this because Jane is the girl who seduced him and took his virginity in high school. Since she never called him again, Samuel felt justified in running her over with a car and breaking her leg shortly after that. He almost immediately stumbles across Jane who basically laughs at him and walks away. Rather than pull his gun on the boxer, he panics and hits her with his man purse. Things get even worse as Jane repeatedly shows up to humiliate him and then get away again. Samuel also gets another person shot when a fugitive takes away his man purse with the gun while Samuel just stands there and allows it to happen. Samuel is obviously a moron who has no business running around with a gun and hand cuffs.

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Most wage earners today have less purchasing power than they did [a few years ago]. To some degree inflation is probably going to be with us for a long time. Unaware he is ho In the midst of a violent storm which ha The home of free reads! Our ebooks are genuinely free. We do not want your money. There are absolutely no fees or charges whatsoever, so you won't find any sneaky upgrade fees for different formats Read more Our ebooks are genuinely free.

There are absolutely no fees or charges whatsoever, so you won't find any sneaky upgrade fees for different formats on this site. Your everyday girl But each and every time you root for her to win! Apparently great in bed. Knows his food. Wants to make Stephanie happy.

But knows his limits. Everyone's secret freebie.

Apparently a god. Attitude that won't q Pure gold in humor! Attitude that won't quit but turns you on at the same time. Always finds you just in time, that is, before you get yourself into too much trouble. OMG, can you be any funnier? She has a gun. And she shoots it often. But she's whacked out most of the time. I NEED to meet her. I need to keep on reading.

One for the Money

View all 17 comments. Jun 04, Jessica rated it did not like it Recommended to Jessica by: Dribble, dribble, dribble. To amuse myself I compiled a top 5 list of things from this book that any future bookclubs book shouldn't include: Plum's door or any woman's door 4- the term "boinked" es Dribble, dribble, dribble.

Plum's door or any woman's door 4- the term "boinked" especially if it is used multiple times through out the book 5- sexual references regarding a cousin and a duck, and using these as blackmail for the record any person and a duck shouldn't be allowed, regardless of blackmail r View all 46 comments.

Just as I predicted, I did not enjoy this. I've heard from many people that this book is funny, but I sure didn't think so The writing was very bland. I also listened to this on audiobook, which is Just as I predicted, I did not enjoy this.

I also listened to this on audiobook, which is the only reason I managed to get through it. I listened to it while I drove and while I was at the gym, so I had no way to escape from it. The narrator was nice to listen to at first imagine Kat Dennings with a New Jersey accent , but her voice quickly got on my nerves. The only reason I put myself through this torture was because of a reading challenge I'm participating in, where I had to read a book published the year I was born.

I'm just glad the book was so short so now it's over, and I never have to get inside Stephanie Plum's empty head again. View all 27 comments. Jan 16, Erin rated it liked it. Sometimes you just need to read a book like this. With mediocre writing and a plot as see-through as Grandma's underpants, it will take your mind off life's more substantial material for a while.

View all 12 comments. The movie came out a few weeks ago, and I haven't seen it yet. I figured this would be a good time to write a review about this book, since I read it a few months ago, but never got a chance to review it. This book was highly recommended to me, because although I really do read a bit of everything I find chick-lit to be the most entertaining. When I'm in a bad mood I can sit down with a chick-lit about some crazy chick with usually unrealistic problems that makes my life seem boring and laugh my The movie came out a few weeks ago, and I haven't seen it yet.

When I'm in a bad mood I can sit down with a chick-lit about some crazy chick with usually unrealistic problems that makes my life seem boring and laugh my butt off until my mood perks up. Chick-lit is like chocolate to me in that way. I know that comedy is subjective, but I didn't laugh reading this book once. I don't get it. That was supposedly this books biggest selling point.

Also, I was able to read the whole thing since it was super short, but I thought about quitting this one about 10 times in a very short period. It just wasn't that interesting. Stephanie is a broke girl who decides to become a bounty hunter to make money.

The first person she needs to pick up is a guy that she hooked up with years ago. Most of the book seemed really corny to me, and that's saying a lot, considering I normally don't mind that in chick-lits. The plot was pretty boring, predictable and unable to hold my attention. The characters. They were genuine and felt real, but again didn't interest me at all. The love triangle starts from book one, and now here we are several years, and many books later and apparently that's still her big choice?

Needless to say this is one of the most hyped, critically acclaimed chick-lits I have ever heard of. Everyone who is into cozies always says this is the best.

Also, everyone who recommended it said those things like "I'm hooked" or "You will NOT be able to put this one down! Not so much. I'm wondering if I'm missing something here or if the series just improves greatly as the books go on. Right now after reading "One for the Money" I don't think Stephanie, her love triangle, and her strange family are people I want to invest the time in. There are like 18 books so far to this series now I think. I will probably try 2 in the future since everyone highly recommended this series to me, and some have insisted that it get's better.

This book obviously has tons of fans so I recommend if you like chick-lit give it a try and see how you like it. I feel like I'm one of the only women in the world who isn't a fan of this series, but oh well. I will stick with Sophie Kinsella for my chick-lit fixes from now on. View all 23 comments. Jun 30, Inara rated it it was amazing Shelves: Funny and light-hearted book with a likeable heroine who never loses track of her goal to earn 10, dollars as a bounty hunter.

Too bad its an old ex-lover she has to find but then - she still has a bone to pick with him This first book in the series made me jump outright on the Stephanie Plum-bandwagon and I prepare myself for an enjoyable ride!

View all 3 comments. I divna je koliko i njene knjige View 1 comment. Find all of my reviews at: I obviously have no desire to ever give up on our one-sided relationship.

When I saw my friend Beverly was giving this a listen, I thought it might be right up my alley. My mind tends to wander when dealing with the spoken rather than written word.

You know what I mean. Twenty-plus books into this series, I forgot how solid this first one was. The slapstick level had not yet appeared, nor had the never-ending love triangle.

Lula was still an actual ho and Stephanie had to contend with a pretty rough bad guy instead of the flashers of her future. But the most important thing? Holy crap she was good. View all 5 comments. May 04, Jilly rated it it was amazing Shelves: Ah, the '90's. Bike shorts, slouchy socks with high-top Reeboks, scrunchies, day-glow. Stephanie Plum is a New Jersey '90's girl who is out of work.

She finagles her way into working for her cousin who is a bail-bondsman. Her job is to catch this guy who took her virginity and she's known most of her life, and turn him into the police. He was a cop who supposedly shot an unarmed man and he skipped out on his bail. And, she is pretty desperate for money. Like, sold-all-of-her-stuff, no-food-to-eat desperate. But, Stephanie is completely out of her league and has no idea what she is doing. This makes for much hilarity as she bumbles and stumbles her way around.

She has no trouble finding the guy - Morelli, it's just that she's not exactly sure how to bring him in. Stupid uncooperative bail-jumper! Plus, she is kind of conflicted about him: Catching Morelli would be difficult.

And turning him back in to the court would feel mean. Oh, well if it would feel mean then you shouldn't do your job. This book was just hilarious. I loved Stephanie, Morelli, Stephanie's family, and all of the side characters.

Also, Stephanie has a hamster named Rex. I love him the most! Hamsters are like little furry angels that were sent to make us have cute-explosions.

No, no! You're just big-boned. And adorable! I know I'm about 20 years late for this party, but it works out nicely because I've got over 20 books already out that I can binge-read. And, I can't wait for Stephanie to get a cell phone.

It's going to rock her world! How the hell did we ever live without them? View all 11 comments. And my expectations were exceeded. I am not a person who shows emotion when reading, and I never laugh out loud. While I was reading this book, I had numerous people, including my family, ask if I was okay. I got strange looks from people on the train and in the coffee shop. Her car had been repossessed and she's barely hanging onto her apartment after she lost her job as a Lingerie downloader.

Joe Morelli is a cop who missed his court appearance for murder, but he claims it was in self-defence. The two are ridiculously hilarious, their banter and relationship were the highlight of the book. Stephanie is just a typical person, she has no experience in Bounty Hunting and manages to mess up every situation she stumbles across, she's clumsy and loud mouthed and I loved her to death.

She was completely and utterly normal, the only exceptional thing about her was her humour and ability to attract calamity.

One for the Money

She was completely and utterly awkward, and I related so hard. I've been seeing Evanovich books for years and not even once was I compelled to give them another look or find out if they were worth my time.

I kind of regret it now. This 1st book in the series about a female bounty hunter set in New Jersey ethnic neighborhood was quite a pleasure to read.

The book was written about 15 years ago and definitely felt dated in many ways, especially in regards to "fashion" - spandex shorts, big hair, hoop earrings and all that. I am not rushing into reading the 2nd book in the series, mostly because I don't want to overdose on them and there is like a million books in the series, so catching up is impossible.

But I will definitely check the next book out whenever I am in a mood for a fast-paced funny mystery. View all 15 comments. This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life I have a lot of mixed feelings about this series at this point. I used to absolutely love it. Stephanie Plum is what got me reading again after not picking up a book for several years when my kids where little. I devoured every book in the series that was available and when a new one was released, I would drive to my local Borders to get a copy.

I pushed these books on my mom and anyone else that would listen. Several years ago, I stopped cari This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life I have a lot of mixed feelings about this series at this point. Several years ago, I stopped caring about this series. I realized that I could give a summary of just about any book in the series even if I hadn't read it yet Yes there are small differences but the similarities are overwhelming.

I bought this audiobook years ago and decided to pull it out because I wanted to feel a little bit of the magic before Stephanie Plum became boring.

I have read this book at least two or three times before listening to the audiobook. I even watched that horrible movie - at a theater. I know the story and I know it well.

Unfortunately, I didn't feel any kind of magic this time. The story was okay. It has its moments for sure if you are looking for a little bit of silly fun in book form. It is really a pretty simple story without a whole lot of complexity to the mystery. I didn't love the narration. Critt did a good job with Stephanie which was really the bulk of the story. I really didn't care for the voices used for the other characters in the book. I guess that I have a definite idea about what Ranger, Morelli, and the rest the gang should sound like and the reality of this audiobook just didn't measure up.

Benito voice was just odd. Some of the voices used seemed so wrong to me that I found myself being pulled out of the story.

I don't think that any of my issues were the fault of the narrator. I just went into the book with definite ideas of what I wanted to hear and this was just different.

Not wrong I would listen to another book narrated by C. I do think that readers looking for a fun silly story will enjoy the Stephanie Plum series. I have a lot of fond memories of reading these books but I don't think that I will be reading this one again. I may try the next book in the series soon to see if it works better for me because I really want to find some of the magic I felt years ago.

Initial Thoughts I bought this audiobook years ago and decided that I should probably go ahead a listen to it.

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I have read the book at least twice but this was the first time I listened to any books in the series on audio. I used to love this series but it has lost a its magic for me. I was a bit underwhelmed by this audiobook and really didn't care for a lot of the voices used.

It was silly at times but it just didn't feel all that funny this time around.

One for the Money (Stephanie Plum, No. 1)

Full review to be posted soon. View all 9 comments. Nov 01, Robin Bridge Four rated it liked it. Read one book in the series per month. So that's like the next 2 years. I now plan buddy reads 2 years out

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