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P90X is an extreme fitness program designed for individuals in top physical Those attempting Doubles should be completely injury free and have plenty of. P90X Fitness Guide - Book - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. p90x Fitness Guide - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. p90x fitness guide.

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P90x Fitness Guide Pdf Free

Where to find and tips on following the P90X fitness guide. Are you looking for a P90X fitness guide download? Grab a free Team Beachbody account. Author: Tony Horton; Type: Downloadable PDF; Size: MB; Downloaded: Tony Horton - P90x Fitness Guide Complete ( MB eBook, $ FREE). The program is extremely versatile and can help virtually anyone meet their fitness goals. This includes using free weights, dumbbells, barbells, resistance If you prefer, download a copy of a P90X Workout Schedule PDF.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. P90X fitness guide. Sonia Vinod. My, oh my I just started week two of P90X, and in my personal frustration with feeling uncoordinated with much of the program, I spoke to Jon Congdon, President of Beachbody, about my "issues. But, by the end of 90 days, Jon was nailing it all. I like to conquer stuff, and am generally surprised when I can't master something in one or two attempts. If you feel that way, you are not alone. All along I met other people who were struggling, so I didn't feel quite as much like I was doing it all wrong or there was no hope for me. It was just that, a struggle. And struggle is where the growth is. Together with the folks on the boards and in WOWY, we kept it going for the full 90 days.

Stirrers - Bend over and hang one arm Band Move: Stagger feet on band with straight down. Swing in a circular motion wide-leg stance and pull front handle in as if stirring a giant pot for 10 seconds.

Sequence is now 2, 1, Dog position the exercise simulates heels. Keep wrists inward, elbows out, 4, 3, 6, 5, 8, 7, 10, 9, 12, then Pinch To modify, do NOT go back underneath the shoulder blades together at top of fence. Just return to Downward Dog movement. Shorten band by twisting in small loop. While seated, straddle band at center with both feet. Raise handles in a crisscross motion to perform same movement as above.

Shakers - Shake out body. Swimmers - Simulate crawl stroke, then backstroke. Wide-Feet Forward Hamstring Stretch - With feet wider than shoulder width, reach arms skyward, bending forward at waist. Hang forward with legs straight. Fold arms and rest head on them or just hang arms straight down. Cat Stretch - On hands and knees hands directly beneath shoulders and knees directly under hips , round back while exhaling and drop chin to chest.

Reverse move, inhaling while arching back and lifting head. Child's Pose - Sit on your knees, chest resting on thighs. Extend arms out in front of you with head on floor. For added side stretch, while reaching overhead, slide both hands to left, placing right hand over left.

Repeat on other side with left hand over right. If your game involves a court, field, track, mat, pool, ring, rink, or mountain, Plyometrics can help. Hamstring Stretch - Standing with feet together, take large step forward, keeping heels aligned. Reach arms skyward and exhale forward over front leg. There has been a virtual explosion in the number of trainers and coaches embracing plyometric training as an integral part of their athletes' development. Chu, Ph.

This technique can best be achieved by leaping off the toes and landing softly and quietly on the balls of the feet. Also be sure to wear good shock- absorbing sneakers and work out on a surface that provides plenty of cushion.

If this technique is adhered to, you w i l l achieve the maximum benefits of this plyometric workout, while at the same time minimizing your risk of injury. However, if you have chronic knee problems, we recommend you substitute P90X's less intensive Cardio X workout for this plyometric workout.

This is a "repeat workout," meaning that you will perform a sequence of 4 exercises and then repeat those same exercises before moving on to the next sequence. Start apart, slowly in a 4-count ease into the like you're about to run. The toe of the with feet together and jump sideways.

As bottom of a squat. At lowest point in front foot should be aligned with the heel soon as you land, bring opposite knee to squat quickly explode up, leaping off of the back foot. Perform 4 squats in this your chest.

Repeat back and forth. Land gently and repeat. Modify by keeping knees bent over keep moving to avoid cooling down.

Modify by towel or any other small item you won't Try to touch the floor with every rep. Jncrease height and depth and touch the floor after every squat. Switch legs in mid-air, then land in keep moving to avoid cooling down. Use your a lunge. Modify by taking your time and not Second 30 Seconds: Spin body back and squatting too deeply. It's very jacks in a squat position, then place hands to butt. The Pete Townshend arm swing is important to use your arms to swing you behind head.

Not too high! Alternate lead leg when jumping. Extend your arms as high some water, towel off if necessary, and hand touching the floor, jump straight up, and as far behind you as possible. Legs keep moving to avoid cooling down. Then front of you. Right arm and left leg are up jump back up and turn degrees back at the same time. Turn left then back right for the first round, right and back left for the second. Modify by not touching the floor each time. No grabs or poses. To modify, simulate slow jump rope move.

Step on the rubber, raise knee, drive forward, and keep moving to avoid cooling down. Be sure to follow through, squat down and catch the ball. Do 30 seconds right-handed and 30 seconds left-handed. Second 30 seconds: Place hands on floor or fold arms directly below head. Slowly alternate bending one knee while straightening left leg, driving heel into ground. Cat Stretch - On hands and knees hands directly beneath shoulders and knees directly under hips , round back while exhaling" and drop chin to chest.

Quad Stretch - While standing, grab left ankle with left hand and pull back towards buttocks, stretching the quad. As you'll be using smaller muscles, this might prove slightly less of a struggle—but that doesn't mean you won't be fully maxed when this workout is said and done.

Maintaining good form is critical for proper muscular development and preventing injury, so stay strict and get ripped! Cross the wrists and clasp hands. Stretch back of shoulders posterior delts by bringing shoulders toward each other.

To stretch front of shoulders anterior delts , clasp hands behind back and pinch shoulder blades together. They come in all shapes and sizes. However, when you see perfectly balanced biceps in front of rock-hard triceps, both supported by steel-ridged forearms, it's a vision you don't forget. Also keep in mind that this is a "repeat" workout, meaning that you w i l l perform a sequence of three exercises and then repeat those same exercises before moving on to the next sequence.

Palms out at the bottom to palms weights back down and turn forearms out Straighten arm to kick back the dumbbell.

Bring weights back Make sure elbows remain stationary. Rotate back and forth. Step on band with back foot. Step on band with front foot. Shorten band by twisting in Perform same movement as above.

Then step on center of loop with front foot and perform same movement as above. Start with palms in. While raising dumbbells overhead, turn slight tension in shoulders. Curl dumbbell Huggers - Swing arms like giving yourself wrists so palms face out at top of move.

Squeeze at the top. Elbows are higher than hands at end body off chair and lift back up. Maintain exaggerated Huggers - Swing arms like giving yourself posture throughout the exercise. Alternate arms and standard triceps kickbacks, changing wrist Shakers - Shake out body. Huggers - Swing arms like giving yourself Band Move: Alternate wrist position between each rep. Bring shoulder fly.

Then lean forward so lower to perform curl. Place elbows just below dumbbells on either side of head, in line with rib cage comes in contact with upper knees and be sure to straighten arms forehead, keeping upper arms and elbows thigh, and perform fly movement from completely at bottom of movement.

Ian stationary while extending lower arms that position. Be careful not to turn likes to alternate the right and left arm. Raise and lower weights from the the bent-over shoulder fly into a back fly.

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Shorten band by twisting in Band Move: While standing, step on loop. Then straddle it evenly with both Band Move: Standing with back foot on band, center of looped band with front foot. Keep Perform same movement as above. Huggers - Swing arms like giving yourself a hug, alternating arm position every X 14 20 seconds. Congdon Curl Curl weights up in standard palms-up position.

Then turn wrists inward to bring weights down in hammer position. Perform series of palms-up, palms-down curls. Push up, raising upper body off the ground. Lower body almost to floor, then repeat. Stirrers - Bend over and hang one arm straight down. Swing in a circular motion as if stirring a giant pot.

The philosophy of hatha yoga, on which this program is based, is that the more you can focus on the breath through each pose, the less you will notice the strain and discomfort.

That's the goal of this workout. Although guys in particular may question yoga's place in the X program, after one session they will understand YOGA X why this body-sculpting workout is a vital part of extreme fitness and an integral component of P90X. If you're new to yoga, this won't be easy—but you'll be amazed at your progress in just 90 days. Squeeze buttocks and tilt hips forward. Use yoga block if necessary.

Turn left foot out with arms reaching skyward, exhale forward over straight front leg. Tilt right pelvis out, reaching right arm towards opposite wall, keeping eyes looking skyward. Inhale, reaching arms up and into a slight back bend. Exhale, open arms and swan dive forward, bending over legs. Place hands on floor next to feet. Inhale and raise torso up into flat back. Hold for beat, exhale forward, placing hands on either side of feet.

Gently step or jump back into plank, then Chaturanga bottom of push-up position. Inhale, pulling torso forward and up into Upward Dog pose. Then back to plank and perform a push-up. After push-up, exhale and raise hips and torso into Downward Dog pose.

From Downward Dog, inhale, bending knees, looking between hands, and hop feet forward to hands. Keeping hands on floor, straighten legs. Keeping back and legs strong, inhale into reverse swan dive, ending with fingers skyward and with slight back bend. Repeat entire sequence two more times. Slowly alternate bending one knee while straightening opposite leg and driving its heel into the ground. If you look after the body, the fragrance of the mind and spirit will come of itself.

Iyengar You'll want to perform your Yoga X workouts barefoot on a mat that provides plenty of traction. In other words, you shouldn't be slipping all over your mat. Also make sure you are in a comfortable, calm, and warm environment when performing this routine. If you can turn the phones off and avoid interruptions, you'll really get more out of this workout.

While you're in your yoga practice, focus on the following: This can lead to strain. The eyes, ears, throat, and abdomen should remain relaxed. Persistent pain is a sign of incorrect practice or some other physical problem. Turn off the cell phone for an hour.

By the third month of Yoga X, you will notice substantial improvements in your flexibility, balance, and coordination. If you feel like you're out of control, take a break and regroup. Perform Vinyasas with forward leg swing. Repeat on back heel on floor. Perform Vinyasa. Knee should be over the ankle opposite side after Vinyasa. Lower torso ears during upward reach. Repeat on towards floor and place both hands opposite side after Vinyasa. Perform Vinyasa and repeat sequence on opposite side.

Be on straight back leg. Opposite arm, while with front hand. Kick back hip out and sure hips and shoulders are in alignment. Repeat on or outside of front leg while raising opposite side after Vinyasa. Do a Vinyasa, then repeat sequence JDeepen lunge and work on opening hips. Reach arms over Pose with front leg bent at 90 degrees. Place left hand on back and reach head, sitting hips back toward heels. From Right-Angle Pose, extend skyward right arm out, bringing hand to the floor Come back up and stand tall on toes.

Take arm forward, creating a straight line from while simultaneously raising left arm a deep breath, then exhale and bring fingers to toes. Drop overhead arm behind skyward. Reach supporting arm under leg and Perform Vinyasa. At the end of twist movement, rest clasp hands, turning torso away from tricep of lower arm on opposite thigh floor and looking skyward.

Repeat on while looking skyward. Repeat sequence opposite side after performing Vinyasa on opposite side after Vinyasa. Vinyasa while in Downward Dog, raise leg then swing knee forward up to forehead and hold; repeat three times.

Place hands in prayer with elbow back leg in line with torso. Straighten pinkie toe, simultaneously opening torso of other arm and eyes skyward. From Prayer standing leg and reach arms straight and lifting other arm skyward. Eyes are Twist, lift and extend bent supporting leg ahead, parallel to torso and back leg.

Use yoga block straight out on top of other leg. Turn entire From Warrior Three, bend forward, raising if necessary. Switch hands and reach body sideways, raising arm towards ceiling back leg higher by opening hip. Bring opposite arm skyward.

Repeat on while balancing on the other arm. Repeat hands to the floor, then grab standing leg opposite side after Vinyasa. Perform your sequence on opposite side after Vinyasa. Reach other arm skyward. Also, while in Side Arm Balance, raise upper leg.

Rotate knee of non- inside of left ankle. Push left foot out up as high as possible, then extend raised weight-bearing leg to side. Hold hands in against hand, lifting leg. Tilt at waist while leg straight out and support by placing Prayer position, then reach arms overhead. Repeat on opposite side. Keep palm skyward. Jncrease leg lift and lean forward. Place beneath shoulders and knees directly open knees wider than elbows.

Press left foot on floor on right side of right under hips, round back while exhaling and inside of knees against upper arms and knee. Reach right hand skyward, place left drop chin to chest.

Reverse move, inhaling shift weight onto hands, lifting legs off hand on floor directly behind you. Twist while arching back and lifting head.

Focus on removing balancing torso to left and drop right elbow to the foot from floor. Lower upper distance apart with heels close to buttocks.

Modify intensity and straightening arms beneath you. Straightening legs skyward, keep by resting on forearms. Forget it, guys.

p90x Fitness Guide

To really open hips. Left leg remains straight up. Hold for 3 breaths. Final move of floor beneath shoulders, fingers facing to sides, grasp feet in close to hips. Pull sequence is bending knees to ears. Come forward. Bend knees with feet on floor, feet in, stretching up with straight back out of this pose by gently unrolling slowly hip-width apart.

Lift your body and drive use towel under feet to alleviate ankle from top of spine to lower spine. Keep elbows locked, torso pain. Do 30 seconds with a flat back and parallel to the floor and knees over ankles. Keep chin tucked into raise legs together while simultaneously knee out to the side, foot on inner thigh.

Keep Bend torso from hips over extended leg chest up, back straight, and palms facing and clasp foot with both hands. Modify by holding legs up with other side. Part 2: Straighten both legs for Jncrease height of feet and hands.

Two-Legged Forward Bend and repeat stretch. Lift foot flat on floor. All 3 variations have and palms down. Lift right leg 1 inch off legs skyward, and tilt them to the right at both arms extended forward and up. After second hold, Repeat on other side. Be sure to keep back slowly swing legs over to the left side and flat on floor. After 30 seconds, switch leg repeat hold. Modify by adjusting to-body angle. Place left hand on 20 seconds. Reach right bend knees, and roll torso side to side.

Be relax head and arms on floor. Relax arms arm between right and left thigh. Reach sure to keep lower legs equidistant.

P90X Fitness Guide - Book

Clasp with palms down. Lie back and pull left knee in toward shoulder. Rest arms chest. Close eyes and breathe deeply. Place head in neutral position. Close eyes and relax completely. This workout went through more stages in its development than a prepubescent. Originally it was just a leg workout, but the pilot and test groups felt that the program was too heavy on the legs and too light on, well, everything else.

While the main focus of the program lies in strengthening and developing the leg muscles quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves , there's also a handful of good old-fashioned pull-up exercises to give your legs a much deserved break while you work the upper body. Crossed-Wrist Shoulder Stretch front and back - Straighten arms down in front of body. To stretch front of shoulders anterior delts clasp hands behind back and pinch shoulder blades together.

Huggers - Swing arms like giving yourself a hug, alternating arm position. Alternate arms for 10 seconds. Wide-Feet Forward Hamstring Stretch - From a wide stance, fold forward at waist with straight or slightly bent legs. Runner's Stretch - Bend over with legs split in a low forward lunge, front leg bent at 90 degrees, knee over the ankle and back leg straight on the ball of foot. Place both hands near instep of bent front leg and lower torso to intensify stretch.

Move hands to both sides of front foot. Straighten front leg while simultaneously lifting toes of front foot off the floor. Reach left hand behind body to grasp left leg, pull heel up towards buttocks until stretch is felt. Hold for 20 seconds and repeat on other side.

Because pull-ups can be difficult for women to perform, most w i l l need to modify these exercises by using a chair for assistance. Finally, when performing a pull-up, be sure to straighten arms completely at the bottom of every rep, but don't try to bounce off the bottom.

Be sure to shoulder-width apart , perform standard keep knee over ankle. If necessary, modify Crescent Pose. Pull body up with toe touch for balance. Alternate every 15 seconds. From kneeling, seated, or between reps. If necessary, lunge, keeping knee over ankle of front leg.

Step on band with front foot Band Move: Raise arms above head or hold weights at sides. Alternate legs every 10 seconds. Try the floor. If necessary, modify by placing to keep other leg straight. From kneeling, seated, or standing position, pull band towards chest with palms-up grip for 2 reps, then switch to palms-down grip for 2 reps.

While off if necessary, and keep moving to avoid side, at a degree angle, and to the in lunge, bring lower rib cage to upper cooling down. Extend arms upward, creating a Do in 3 sequences of 5 per leg. To modify, keep Jncrease depth of lunge and maximize arms behind and in line with straight leg.

Push off ball pull-up movement. If necessary, modify sides, inhale arms straight up to ceiling. Exhale and begin to bend at the waist with leg.

Knee stays above or behind ankle, straight legs, and swan dive to the floor. Hold for 30 seconds. LEES S. Pull body up steps, then backwards 4 steps. From kneeling, seated, or standing position, pull handles towards chest with palms-down grip.

If necessary, of body weight on heel of one foot and shoulder-width pull-up to shoulder-width modify with one or two feet on chair. If necessary, modify by placing foot on chair.

If using chair Band Move: Slowly alternate bending one'knee while straightening opposite leg and driving its heel into the ground. Kenpo Quad Stretch - Start on hands and knees.

Pull right knee up and between hands, turn outer ankle out towards floor, and sit on ankle. Push left knee back away from body, grab left ankle with left hand, and pull back towards buttocks. Kenpo karate started with native Hawaiian Ed Parker Sr. Parker's journey exposed him to the spectrum of martial art forms that originated in China, India, and Asia, which he combined to create Kenpo, a raw streetfighting style and the first American KENPO X system of martial arts.

American Kenpo emphasizes the assets of gravity and economy of motion—everything is used, nothing wasted. In the end, one comes to know that the real weapon is not the fist or the foot, but the whole body. Kenpo X was designed to give P90X users a high-intensity cardiovascular workout loaded with fun, explosive combinations to improve balance, flexibility, coordination, stamina, and confidence.

Straight-Arm Reaching Torso Twist -. Wide feet, straight legs. Bend halfway down at waist and rotate torso from left to right side. Bend all the way down to feet and rotate torso from left to right side. Bend halfway down at waist and rotate torso from right to left side. Bend all the way down to feet and rotate torso from right to left side.

Extreme Side Lunge - Place hands on floor on either side of straight leg. Take 3 breaths and turn into a Runner's pose. Extend arms straight up and look up between hands. Then lift knee up from ground and go into Crescent pose, to Prayer Twist, and finally back to Prayer Squat.

Repeat sequence on opposite side, starting from Prayer Squat position. Hip-Width Forward Hamstring Stretch - With feet parallel and shoulder-distance apart, bend forward at waist and fold arms. Then lower head and place forehead on forearms. Slowly roll out of stretch, then lie on back. Lying Hamstring Stretch - Raise one leg straight up and grab hamstring try to keep leg as straight as possible.

Then grab calf, followed by toes if you can. Then keep leg straight while extending out to side. Then bend and pull knee back in toward armpit and lower leg to start position.

Repeat with opposite leg. Pigeon into Kenpo Quad Stretch - Rest weight on outside of left leg and allow body to collapse forward. Reach behind and grab foot, and pull towards buttocks.

Frog - Still on hands and knees, spread legs wide, keeping lower legs in parallel position. Lower upper body down toward floor while gently pressing hips backwards. Modify intensity by resting on forearms. Float into Downward Dog and slowly alternate bending one knee while straightening opposite leg and driving its heel into the ground.

Remember, every punch and every kick starts in a standard Fighter's Stance, except when directed to stand in Horse Stance. If you don't know what Horse Stance is, you need to watch this video!

Additionally, whenever throwing any punches or kicks, be careful not to hyperextend snap your arms and legs. Be kind to your connective tissue —we're talking elbows and knees here. During any kicking sequence, be very conscious of hamstring flexibility or inflexibility. During any block sequence, always remember that while one arm is blocking, the other fist recoils back to start position.

Keep hands hands up , twist and turn torso so that you and Uppercut punches. Repeat sequence up and elbows down when throwing Jabs. Switch to left foot forward and repeat with every big rotation. Repeat sequence sequence on opposite side. Repeat Cross Punch with back arm, then Hook Punch with back arm, then Hook with sequence on opposite side.

Repeat sequence on forward arm, then Uppercut with back opposite side. Repeat sequence on opposite side. Cross combinations. Jumping Jacks for 20 seconds 10 reps. Do 15 grabbing someone's collar , and in one reps, then 15 more reps with greater height. Lean left, Side Kick right. Do forward, lean forward at waist, turn and Jump rope for 15 seconds. Do 15 reps, then 10 more reps with greater height.

The form that applies to these kicks sideways, extending lead arm straight in extending lead hand with open palm and separately still applies in combination. Then follow Always lean in opposite direction of every by a Hammer Punch with the same hand. This will allow you to achieve greater Repeat sequence on opposite side.

Repeat sequence on kick height and avoid injury. Alternate right and left arms. Each Jumping Jacks for 20 seconds 10 reps. Each combo counts as 1 rep. Alternate downward and away from body. Alternate block out, block down. Complete 16 cycles right and left arms.

Although working out two times per day will definitely give you fast results, it is recommended that you begin with either the Classic or the Lean Workout Schedules before taking on the challenge of Doubles. The schedule of Doubles is demanding on the body and can cause you to overwork your body and muscles if you are not careful.

It is suggested that you consult with your physician prior to beginning any exercise program. If, after consulting with your physician you are given the go ahead to begin P90X, you can check out the P90X Workout Sheets below and see which approach you would like to start out with.

P90X Worksheets Download! Get absolutely ripped in just 90 days with P90X — Click here. Phase 1: Weeks 1 — 3. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Footer AllWorkoutRoutines. Once you have your account, go to the Get Fit tab, then choose Workout Sheets.

Grab the one called P90Xcel. How does this compare to what's in the P90X Fitness Guide? It's very similar in content, just different in format. An added bonus is that the Excel has tabs to record your calorie intakes, the workout schedule, printable sheets to record your weight and reps, etc.

The printed guide contains some introductory information, then tells you how to do the Fit Test. There is a tab in the Excel sheet where you can record your Fit Test results.

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