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First published in , The Robert Collier Letter Book is by far the top book on writing sales letters. But it goes beyond that. As every great copywriter knows. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. The author of over a dozen books, Robert Collier was decades ahead of his time in writing down ways for man to improve. Compre o livro The Robert Collier Letter Book na confira as ofertas para livros em inglês e importados.

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Robert Collier Letter Book

The Robert Collier Letter Book book. Read 13 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A book for the business man who already knows the th. Collier sums it up as follows: Robert would always sprinkle testimonials towards the. The Robert Collier Letter Book - Pages·· MB· Downloads. ROBERT COLLIER. Sixth Edition or 1, times, and you have.

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But that attention alone gets you nowhere. The bait must pass closer inspection, it must perk his interest, otherwise you lose him — and once you do, it will be twice as hard to get his attention the second time. Especially if the second approach is similar to the first.

Emails are no longer objects of interest. In the old days anytime you got mail it was a novelty. We are very far gone from those days. Now the bait must look a bit different from bait he has nibbled at and been fooled by before. It must have a headline that stands out or it goes into the trash. Find out what interests him. Then study your proposition to see how it can be made to tie in with that interest.

Look at the following example and see how Collier was able to get under the skin of a farther of a younger boy. He thinks you are the most wonderful man in the world.

You can fix his boat, mend his velocipede, and tell him wonderful stories. But it will be only ten or twelve years until he goes to College. The fathers of the other boys — his chums — will go to see them. There will be a Railroad President, perhaps; a great Banker; a Governor. Use catch phrases and attention grabbers if you would like your reader to say: Every successful letter and every closed sales is backed up by this feeling arousal that compels the downloader to do what you want them to.

How would you have to feel yourself before you said yes to this type of an offer, before you sent a payment to this company instead of all others at a time when it is so hard to trust anyone who is sending you cold or unwanted pitches? The Parisians have this formula for love letters: This might work for love letters but is not meant to work for business. Although I bet they did know how to arouse strong emotions in the recipients of these letter. He shows an example of two letters selling the same product.

One only moderately successful and the other one very successful. The moderately successful one follows all the rules. It won attention, created interest, described with it had to offer, had an argument, conviction and a clincher.

It is because the first letter was aimed only at the logic and intellect of the reader. While the second, although it tried to convince the reader, aimed its real appeal at the emotions! There are a couple of elements that I found throughout most of his letters. There are hundreds of them in this book.

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He sold anything from books to fragrance to briefcases to coats. Almost every time he would mention that this the last chance to get a low price, or something is super limited in availability or the promotion is simply out of this world with a solid reasoning behind why that is.

Every single product offered could be sent back for a complete refund. Basically try it before you download it. The inner conversation of the prospect and primary motives help decide on which angle to take. Much more on this as we move ahead.

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The reader was always told to take action immediately. Robert would always sprinkle testimonials towards the end of the letter. His most brilliant move was to use people who lived in the same town.

These were not always direct endorsements and did not always turn out well. For example: Bob Baker in your town has bought the same bag and loves it. Free examinations and trials work well as an add-on.

Catch-phrases that go before or after the headline to help gain interest. They are very similar to click-bait titles used by the media to get you to click over to their content.

Build pictures with words. Skip the firstlys and secondlys and thirdlys unless you want to put the reader to sleep. After you grab their attention, the next job is to make them visualize your idea so clearly that they can see it as the missing piece that completes the puzzle.

The secret is to take something familiar that the reader already understands, begin adding a point of interest here and there and building until the entire picture is complete. Most sales are lost because the writer does not know how to do this.

If you want to describe your offering, weave it into the story. Insert a fear that he will lose something worthwhile if he does not do as you say. Be definitive and specific. Goes into the last paragraph. It has two parts. First part persuades and shows the gain he will get by ordering along with the penalty for delay.

Second is where you tell him exactly what he needs to do next. Emphasize the guarantee and minimize the cost. Let the irate father pursue with a shot-gun and a high powered car. Throw in a smash-up, a heroic rescue and a nip-and-tuck finish — and you have the ideal situation dear to tabloid readers. His advice to the writers was to go to each wedding with in mind, find as many dramatic elements in the situation as possible, and write a story around that. Think of everything you would like to have it do for you.

Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. The Robert Collier Letter Book. Description The author of over a dozen books, Robert Collier was decades ahead of his time in writing down ways for man to improve his lot in life. He wrote "Secret of the Ages" during an active and successful life developed upon basic ideas which opened up new vistas of living for countless multitudes of people.

The Boron Letters Kindle Edition. Editorial Reviews About the Author The author of over a dozen books, Robert Collier was decades ahead of his time in writing down ways for man to improve his lot in life. He wrote "Secret of the Ages " during an active and successful life developed upon basic ideas which opened up new vistas of living for countless multitudes of people.

Brought up to be a priest, he worked as a mining engineer, an advertising executive and a prolific writer and publisher.

Product details File Size: November 9, Sold by: English ASIN: Enabled X-Ray: Not Enabled. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention robert collier sales letters direct response copywriting human nature direct mail letter book gary halbert kindle version ever written back in print books ever old school without a doubt scientific advertising years ago collier letter direct marketing read this book must read.

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Many of the copywriting greats cite this book as one of maybe three foundational, wellspring, headwaters books for the entire industry of direct mail, and probably direct response marketing itself. I have heard Dan Kennedy talk endlessly about him. Gary Halbert puts this book in the first three of his recommended reading and hand-copying for aspiring copywriters, and none other than Yanik Silver has put a review of this book on this page. If you don't know who Yanik Silver is, look him up.

He's one of the most successful direct response copywriters working today. So what should you expect when reading this book? Gary Halbert makes the point repeatedly, in different ways and places, that if your message is true, and good, and contains real value, then you don't need to obsess about the 'quality' of your medium to convey that message.

He says essentially "If some guy hands you a crumpled up note that he pulled out of his pocket, and on it it says 'Your wife just gave birth to triplets', you're not going to dismiss this because it came on a crumpled up piece of paper. The message itself is unparalleled, still accurate after almost years, even though few people are probably selling rain coats via printed sales letters any more.

Everything important is in here, and anyone who wants to call themselves a professional copywriter or in-print salesman to quote Halbert again should read, and re-read, and then re-read this book.

Now, about the editing and typos. The other reviewers are right - they're everywhere and something distractingly so. I think whoever has printed this new version had some scanning software that read and re-typecast the text for this edition, and the software repeatedly injects odd symbols or letter combinations in the text, and puts the spacing of paragraphs and text at odd intervals.

Sometimes it's hard to tell where his examples of sales letters end and where his commentary on them begins because there is very little body formatting to suggest it. But you know what? What he is writing about is so important, so valuable, and so helpful that you should STILL download this book and swallow it whole, maybe even adding your own formatting notes to make sense of it yourself. The Greats are right - this IS one of the best books ever written on copywriting and direct mail, up there with Claude Hopkins "Scientific Advertising".

You should just deal with the fact that a crumpled, hand-scrawled note has delivered you the good news about your triplets. If you're too short-sighted to understand that this is in fact how and why good sales letters succeed, then you really don't understand what copy-writing is all about.

The Robert Collier Letter Book by Robert Collier

N's Gadget Reviews Top Contributor: After you've read scientific advertising and gotten the general idea of direct response, this is the only book you need on copywriting. Just understand that it's not really a step-by-step book, nor is it a page turner.

It's more of a reference book. You should, however, muscle through the entire book at some point if you're a serious copywriter or even if you hire copywriters on a regular basis. I have personally adopted a number of ideas from Mr. Collier's copy over the years and have seen great results from the copy.

I've also read a lot of other copywriting books and attended the seminars, yada yada, but I gotta tell ya - as far as value for money and stuff I actually use To give you an idea, I've been marketing online and off for over 16 years and I've seen the great majority of the "greats" work. So this is high praise.

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