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Welcome to Tactica Aeronautica, the first supplement to Forge World's Aeronautica Imperialis game. This supplement contains a collection of articles for players. Tactica Aeronautica. Uploaded by TiberiusThyben. Copyright: Attribution Non- Commercial (BY-NC). Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for . Aeronautica Imperialis - Basic Rules - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd Tactica Imperialis.

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Tactica Aeronautica Pdf

Imperial Armour mtn-i.info M. Bookmark Verify Hashes Imperial Armour Apocalypse 2nd edition (5ed).pdfJan M. Aeronautica Imperialis is a tabletop game produced by Forge World and Tactica Aeronautica was the only supplement released for the Aeronautica Imperialis. Download Tactica Aeronautica Tactica Aeronautica. January 26, | Author: TiberiusThyben | Category: N/A. DOWNLOAD PDF - MB. Share Embed.

M41 to rid it of the Chaos taint that had befallen it. What started as a mere workers' riot soon evolved into a planetary insurrection. Led by one of the dreaded Chaos Space Marines , Mahaur the Harvester, the Chaos Cultists of the Charnel Cult almost succeeded in vanquishing the Imperial defenders and seizing the weapons stockpile established by the Adeptus Administratum. Fortunately for the Imperium, the arrival of unexpected reinforcements in the form of the 5th Company of the Star Phantoms Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes helped to turn the tide and secure victory for the servants of the Emperor. In recent years, the Scourging of Kerrack has increasingly become required reading for Imperial tacticians and military officers because of the paramount importance air power played in the successful outcome of the conflict. We intend to extend to them the same courtesy! The planet is dominated by a single large continent where the human population has naturally concentrated. This vast continent harbours Kerrack's single and most valuable resource: the great forests of mighty Cholam trees, some of them towering more than Terran feet in height. Cholam roots only grow in humid environments, which means that beneath the canopy much of Kerrack's continent resembles a gigantic swamp.

Hurray for AI! AquilaSpam Chaos Upgrade Question?

Aeronautica Imperialis - Basic Rules

Scenery and table for AI? Ork vs Imperial Navy Any new releases planned? Flying aircraft carriers. Aeronautica Imperialis Tournament It's quiet Too quiet. AI Datasheets New to the game should i start Aeronautica Board in WD If you were in charge Sticking it where the sun don't shine Ordering time Stormraven a possible new Space Marine Aircraft? Advice on Eldar sought Try this to get your AI fix in 5 minutes!

My first AI attempt Back in the cockpit - it's been a while Anyone use Ork Bommers? Sabre Platforms with Spotlights Anyone used the tyranids? AX tigershark. Bommers and Grot bombs FW: Caestus Assault Ram in Aeronautica?

Terrain Bombs - rear arc? Sustained Fire? Priests: For only 25 points, these independent characters are your cheap unit buffers. They are Zealots Fearless and Hatred , they can take relics litanies anyone? Always take them, no matter what army you're running or what your plan is they can come in handy, even if you are running a single squad of basic Sisters as an allied detachment, I don't care.


Take the crazy preachers. The big puzzle with Priests is figuring out what wargear to take, from your rather extensive armory. There are a few stand-out options, however: Plasma Gun: Interesting because they're the only thing in your whole army that can take a non-combi plasma.

Less interesting because having your source of Fearless burn his fingers and croak is a bummer, and because Rapid Fire is not a good thing in a choppy squad. Take these if your priests are riding with a standard Battle Sister squad, since their AoF gives Preferred Enemy pretty much eliminating any chances of Gets Hot! Power Weapon: If the priest is hanging around with a fighty squad - Celestians, Battle Conclaves - a little more armor-chopping power is nice to have.

Aeronautica Imperialis - Basic Rules

I'd pass on the sword, since priests are only S3, but both the axe and maul are good options. Eviscerator: Add a bit more heavy punch, fitting since it might as well be a chainfist.

A good bet with Celestians, or maybe with Repentia, but expensive as it more than doubles the Priest's base cost. If you take this, Smash will never be needed. Combi-Weapon: Always nice. Combi-weapons can also be useful for non-Sisters armies and can be well worth it, since the preachers are already really good buffers for any army and can provide good weapons at a price with their base and special gear that's affordable.

Scourging of Kerrack

They can also be helped with the whole "Only X in Y can take Z" weapons, providing extra options wherever you need them. Storm Bolter: No, really.

It's cheap, and it's Assault 2 rather than Rapid Fire. A nice option if you're cheaping out or if you're not sure what squad you'll want the priest to run with. Pass on the Shotgun, and definitely pass on the Autogun, but this is handy. Special Characters[ edit ] Uriah Jacobus, Protector of the Faith: Badass old guy who loves to smite heretics with his Twin-barreled shotgun.

For points you get a buffed up priest with a decent assault shotgun basically an AP4 Storm Bolter. His banner gives Counter-attack and Fearless within 12" and, more importantly, he gives the unit he's attached to an additional AoF that always gets passed automatically, and can be used even if a model with a Simalacrum Imperialis in the unit died.

It also doesn't prevent the unit from using any other Act of Faith it might have in subsequent phases. A bunch of assassins? If you're taking allies, consider downloading him either taken with who else you think is appropriate, or just by himself in a Delegation and the squad you stick him with an assault vehicle. Anyway you want him, he will not disappoint. Canoness Veridyan: While a kickass model, Veridyan isn't much different from a standard Canoness stat wise.

She carries no unique weapons outside of a bolt pistol and power sword and to top it all off, her act of faith is the same as a regular Canoness. What she does have that is unique is her special ability Clinical Precision, basically she gives precision shot and strike to ALL sister models.

For a cheap 85 pts, she's not that bad of an HQ choice, but that being said, avoid putting her in melee, as she has a 6 up Invulnerable save at best, so park her in a Command Squad with Heavy Bolters near some exorcists, and get that sweet precision shot bonus.

Saint Celestine Imperial Triumvirate : Talk about buffs. While originally nerfed in the Digital Incarnation, her most recent re incarnation has received one of the biggest buffs in the entire game.

Aeronautica Imperialis

If for some reason you still thought she was too fragile, she also comes with the Geminae Superia, Canonesses that Celestine has resurrected, though their stats are midway between a Canoness and a Celestian; the main highlight is that every Wound against Celestine is instead resolved against the Geminae Superia making Celestine a great challenge troll. Do note that as she can come back once per game, and does so with full Wounds, her Martyrdom only kicks in once she dies for real.

On the plus side she only awards VP for Slay the Warlord when she's removed for real. While you shouldn't expect her to peel open Land Raiders you have Dominions for that she can and will tear apart anything AV 12 and lower, and even AV 13 isn't safe from her.

At I7 she'll also strike first against pretty much anything but the big greater Daemons and some of the Dark Eldar HQs. She also has some potential as a character killer once again the Gathering Storm fluff has her kicking Abbadon's ass - with her new stats, entirely possible if unlikely, even being AP3 she has so many Attacks and the Geminae can take so many Wounds for her it's not even funny.

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