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on Instagram for the best part of a year, and not once have I contemplated doing one of his workouts, let alone signing up for his day diet and fitness plan. A good few weeks ago I posted about Joining #TeamLean and signing up to The Body Coach 90 Day Shape Shift Sustain plan. I really. The Body Coach 90 Day SSS» Lean In 15 Recipes Body Coach, The Body. Visit Lean in 15 - The Sustain Plan: 15 Minute Meals and Workouts to Get You.

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The Body Coach 90 Day Plan Pdf

Wow, well where do I start? This first week has been great, but challenging at the same time! One thing you ought to know before beginning. 'I Did The Body Coach Plan And Here's How My Body Changed' email with your queries, and a few days later, your shiny new plan arrives. I've completed Cycle 1 of The Body Coach's 90 Day SSS Plan so I'm talking you through my initial thoughts and results from the first 4 weeks!.

For example they can enhance results by aiding with repair If you do decide you want to use a very intense if you are about to do treadmill sprints be sure and recovery. Dynamic and taste. This decreases the risk of a stitch. HIIT cardio is session to avoid the risk of injury and allow incredible for both fat loss and fitness as well your body to recover quickly. Please use this as increasing your metabolic rate. It is more link which will provide you with a full list of than enough to create a calorie deficit and get stretches for every muscle group: your body burning fat. HIIT is a specialised form of interval training that involves short intervals of maximum intensity exercise separated by longer intervals of low-to-moderate intensity exercise. It can be applied to any piece of cardio equiment at the gym such as the bike, treadmill, boxing bag, cross trainer, rower etc. If you do not belong to a gym then you can use body weight exercises such as mountain climbers, burpees, star jumps and sprinting on the spot. The key here is to elevate your heart rate as much as possible. Alternatively if you do enjoy classes such as cross fit, body pump, spin or circuits these will also count as a HIIT session so feel free to add them in to your training. This may not seem like enough to you but trust me, if you train hard enough it really is enough to melt your body fat. You do not need to be a member of a gym to burn fat on the plan which is why I have also included one of my home HIIT workouts. Give your body the best chance to torch fat whilst retaining and potentially gaining muscle mass.

Exercise The exercise routine is very simple.

'My 90 days with the Body Coach Joe Wicks' -

You just need to allocate 30 mins a day to your workout which is a lot less than I am used to! The idea is you do a short amount of really intense exercise that gets your heart rate up and into the fat burning zone. This is very easy to fit into your daily routine whether you are a gym goer or not.

You hardly need any space either! I like to exercise in the morning so would just do it quickly before work. I have been warned though that the exercise routine increases considerably in Cycle 2 and 3.

It does say though not to do any more exercise than this.

Your food and macros are calculated to work and help your body to start burning fat as long as you follow these guidelines. Food The low carb diet took a little getting used to. I normally exist on a lot of sugary foods both healthy fruits, sushi and wholemeal along with sweeties and chocolate. So with these foods essentially eliminated from your diet it took its toll! I found myself quite tired and lethargic during the afternoon of the first few days although this did start to clear up as I went on.

I definitely felt the sugar withdrawals heavily around day 3 and had a bit of a slump. But as I said it does get better. My issue with the food was that whilst nearly all the meals I made were super super tasty, the portion sizes were pretty tiny! It was strange because a lot of people on the plan find the portion sizes huge and cannot manage them during the first cycle.

I was pretty hungry most days between meals though and especially when going to bed. I calculated the macros on My Fitness Pal and my daily calorie intake was around 1,, a day. This is actually more than what I was normally eating I would try and stick to the dreaded 1, calories but I think the huge reduction in carbs is why I was left so hungry. A post shared by Lauren Smith laurenjsmith13 on Feb 18, at 1: I'll be honest, I wasn't as committed to Cycle One as I could have been.

I loved the food, and did all the workouts easily enough they are short and you can either do gym classes like spin or follow YouTube videos. My gym did amazing HIIT classes for free.

Most people find the food the hardest thing, but I didn't mind eating salmon for breakfast, and the portions were huge. But the insane amounts of spinach and Total Greek Yoghurt are overwhelming even if you're greedy like me. Sadly I also went out at weekends which basically meant I was burning drinks, not fat.

Plus I couldn't get my head around the idea of eating so much to get in shape, so I didn't always have my snacks, which is supposed to help fuel your body to burn fat and build muscle.

Are you ready to transform your body in 2019?

But then I gave myself a kick up the butt - Cycle 1 is where you're supposed to see the most changes, and if I wasn't going to commit to this, what was the point? But this lack of results was all my fault really. On the plus side, I wasn't as reliant on my morning coffee, was sleeping better and got so fit I was nailing HIIT classes in my gym. So fitness wise, there was a huge improvement.

Cycle 2 is the muscle-building phase - where you eat a lot more carbs and start combining mini HIIT workouts with weight training. Plus all those carbs tend to bloat you a bit after Cycle One. So people 'feel' like they look bigger, even if they definitely aren't.

'I Did The Body Coach Plan And Here's How My Body Changed'

You do four workouts a week, which are pretty intense loads of weight training lunges on leg day, I joke not , combined with two mini HIIT workouts. They still only take about an hour MAX though. On rest days, you have no carbs really, but you still have the snacks. The meals are also "Pick and Mix", so you have measurements for everything, but you make up your own meals rather than following a set meal plan.

This involves a lot of adding up and creativity - I quickly worked out my go-to meals, and batch-cooked them on a Sunday for the week. Or, if I was away, I got up at 6am on a Monday and made five portions of spag bol. My colleagues regularly joked about my love of mince. Part of this was fuelled by me joining the AMAZING unofficial Facebook group for the plan, filled with amazing fellow 'Leanies' doing the same thing, where you could laugh about gross meals or difficult leg days, or cheer on someone's amazing transformation.

I loved weight training, and the carbs also made eating out much easier if I couldn't bring in a meal. I also managed to drink less too which definitely helped my results.

'My 90 days with the Body Coach Joe Wicks'

Again, I didn't go completely cold turkey, because I wasn't going to be that person and cancel the fancy birthday dinner with my parents, or not toast my mate at his own wedding.

Also, gross out time: Bloating did occur where I looked like I was pregnant, and I had some weird bowel movements on this cycle guess I wasn't used to all the pasta, bagels and rice cakes.

So many rice cakes. But any discomfort really did go away after some peppermint tea or on rest days. You go back to Cycle 1 principles, so you're only eating carbs after a workout. Then I saw more progress photos posted on Instagram and showed my Auntie who helpfully pointed out that could be me if only I just started the god damn thing.

So I did. I read my plan through and it made sense, I was just having select hearing, or more seeing, skills.

The plan is filled with recipe options that include low carb options and then carb refuel options. If you train — you refuel. You have 3 meals a day and 2 snacks. I was actually struggling to eat the copious amount on my plate. The meals are varied and full of flavour and at no point have I ever felt like I was missing out on anything.

Take a look for yourself: The hardest thing for me was limiting my tea intake to one a day.

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