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Register Free To Download Files | File Name: The Viper Highland Guard 4 Monica Mccarty PDF. THE VIPER HIGHLAND GUARD 4 MONICA MCCARTY. The Viper Highland Guard 4 Monica Mccarty animal list - milwaukee county zoo - animal list aquatic and reptile center invertebrates • bat star • black turban snail. Prized for his snake-like stealth and deadly strikes, Lachlan “Viper” MacRuairi is a warrior to enlist but not to trust. His only loyalty is to his purse.

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The Viper Monica Mccarty Pdf

The Viper Highland Guard 4 Monica Mccarty the ultimate uncheese cookbook delicious dairy free cheeses and classic amp,the ultimate sashiko sourcebook. The Viper book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers . The war for Scotland's sovereignty rages on—as Robert the Bruce is crown. The Viper (Highland Guard #4)(16) read online free by The Viper: A Highland Guard Novel (The Highland Guard Book 4) - Kindle edition by Monica McCarty.

My initial rating stands. It is a 3 star read for me. I reread this book because most books I have read recently failed to capture me. I was bored flipping through the pages. The characters seemed unreal. In this hour of need, I returned to Monica McCarty, who always captures human interactions in a way that I can relate to. I picked up The Viper today for reread, thinking maybe a reread would change my original opi Thoughts after My First Reread I have just finished my first reread of this book. I picked up The Viper today for reread, thinking maybe a reread would change my original opinion. I know this book was a lot of people's favorite in the series. I imagine it has something to do Lachlan's "bad boy" image. I did not love this book in my first read.

John shifted back and forth, scanning the ghostly Soviet-era labor camp through the scope of his AR Stalin sure as heck knew how to do grim. It was being out here in the open like this, exposed for so long. It was one of the reasons he usually ended up on point. It was the most dangerous position, and it took a lot to rattle him. He shot a glance across the camp to the second building—the wooden barracks where the other half of the platoon was reconnoitering.

Something was definitely wrong. The senior chief ran past him, heading not to the command building, but toward the barracks. The kid—Brian Murphy—followed. The senior chief broke off to the left toward the front of the building, and the kid broke right toward the rear.

But the LC was shouting at them—and John—to fall back and get the hell out of there. In other words, it was a Dodge City. John understood why a moment later.

He heard the whiz an instant before seeing the blinding flash of white light as the night detonated in front of him. The hot pressure of the shock wave made him rear back, his ears thundering with the powerful boom. The debris that pummeled his body like bullets and the rock that struck him in the forehead and took him to the ground were secondary.

All he could think about was the heat, and feeling as if his lungs had been filled with fuel-fired air. When the blast of overwhelming heat finally receded, he choked in a few acrid breaths and looked around him in a daze.

A stab of panic penetrated the haze. Only when he tried to wipe his eyes did he remember the NVGs, which were now shattered. Jerking the goggles off and tossing them to the ground, he blinked as the world came into view. Dust, ash, and smoke were everywhere. Suddenly he was aware of men around him, pulling at him and mouthing words to him. The world seemed to be moving in slow motion, and it took his brain a moment to catch up. He nodded, remembering that Miggy, Jim Bob, and Dolph—Steve Spivak—had been well behind him when the missile hit the barracks in front of them.

John had been a couple hundred feet away.

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Had he been any closer. He swore, remembering the kid and senior chief running past him. And the LC? A moment later his silent question was answered as the LC appeared out of the smoke with Dolph, both dragging the unconscious senior chief. Miggy dropped down to look the senior chief over and administer first aid as necessary. Jim Bob was doing the same to John.

Their corpsman had been with the other squad, but they all had medical training. SEALs might have specialties, but what made them distinct was that they were trained to do any job. If someone went down, any one of them could step up and fill his shoes.

John finally found his voice.

Monica McCarty

Suddenly, the full importance and ramifications of what the LC said struck. If Murphy had been too close. The senior chief and Murphy must have been trying to warn them.

John had to do something. He pushed Jim Bob away, told him he was fine, and struggled to his feet, swaying as he tried to find his equilibrium. Christ, his head hurt.

The ground was spinning. He started to run—stumble—toward the orange inferno. But the LC had guessed his intent and grabbed his arm to hold him back. The finality of that one word penetrated his shell-shocked brain. John wanted to argue. But the truth was right in front of his face. The gulag was gone.

It was extremely difficult for me reconcile the woman Bella was with her age. I expected more from a 30 year old woman.

Some things only come with age. But a 30 year old woman who had been a mother for 14 years, seriously, show a little more self-constraint and discipline.

Bella did a lot of rash decisions, putting everyone and herself in danger.

She was a hostage emotionally because she needed to protect her daughter. I get that. But I still found it annoying in a romance novel.

Monica McCarty

This is why I prefer to not read about mothers in this genre. Their mother status almost always eclipses anything else and that really bothers me.

Because of Bella's immaturity, I suffered a severe case of cognitive dissonance when I read this book. For a 35 year old man and a 30 year old woman, I expected a more mature relationship.

It doesn't have to be slow or less passionate. But I expected the relationship to be more I don't know, not quite so juvenile. All in all, it was not a bad read. I enjoy Monica McCarty's storytelling as always. I just had a serious problem making sense of Bella MacDuff.

I did not like her and therefore could not understand Lachlan's fascination about her. Because of that this book lost its allure to me. My 3 star rating was not an accident.

And I stand by my original statement: 3 stars with mild disappointment. Incidentally, the last book of the series The Ghost is coming out this month, it is the story of Joan, Bella's daughter. I am again amazed at Monica McCarty's ability to weave a compelling story.

This entire series was a fantastic idea, rich in historical details and full of interwoven intricacies. But even in this book, you see the budding relationship of Joan Comyn and Alex Seton. And their story is book This means, Monica McCarty had the stories all planned out for all her main characters when she began the series, or at least very early on.

And in the epilogue of the Viper, we see Joan returning to her mother at the end of the war, with Alex in tow. When book 4 was released, we didn't even know that there would be a book 8 or We just knew that there were other characters and more highland guards. But not all of them got stories, poor William Gordon was killed off, for example.

And this is just one of the examples of such connections in the series. Monica McCarty excels at such things, building a story over a span of a decade, across different books and yet, all blended together as if they were small pieces of a large puzzle. Bravo, Ms. I have said before and I will say it again: I love Monica McCarty for her storytelling skills and her way of turning historical figures into fictional characters. She has a loyal fan in me. I like her writing, admire her ability to weave history with fictional characters, love how intense her characters are and their relationship is, how she always manages to show the internal struggle and make it seem real and unpretentious.

However I cannot honestly say that I cared for The Viper. It is not the book, it is me.

I did not really like Bella as a character and Lachlan My biggest problem with this book, was Bella. Bella was a mother to a year-old daughter when she met Lachlan. Naturally the daughter played a pivotal role in their relationship and the book. And that is exactly why I had trouble connecting with her. I am not much for children, regardless of their age, in my romances. It is especially difficult if they are children of the lead characters.

Monica McCarty

It is only natural for any parents to place their children before themselves. I would not expect any less than that. And that is usually how the stories turn out. He or she would sacrifice the relationship somehow for the sake of the children. This is not something I look for so I usually stay away from books like this.