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Basic Packaging (Structural Package Design) Paperback – May 16, This item:Basic Packaging (Structural Package Design) by Pepin Press Paperback $ Advanced Packaging (Structural Package Design) by Pepin Press Paperback $ STRUCTURAL PACKAGE DESIGN is a series of books, jam-packed with superb, % structurally accurate, scalable packaging templates. All designs are. Basic Packaging by Pepin Press, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Basic Packaging Book

Results 1 - 16 of 16 Basic Packaging (Structural Package Design) by Pepin Press and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. Packaging Essentials outlines and demonstrates basic package design Advanced Packaging is a series of books, jam-packed with superb. The Packaging Designer's Book of Patterns: Laszlo Roth, George L. Wybenga: Libros en idiomas extranjeros. Basic packaging. Con CD-ROM.

On the surface, these brands are totally separate entities. But they all share one thing in common: RED. If that simple color connection works for logos, does it also mean that packaging affects how your product will be perceived by the market? You might not care about the product packaging itself when you bring out the charge card and make the actual download. Yes, You Judge Books By Their Covers As tempting as it is to think ourselves rational, logical individuals, the truth is that human beings tend to make snap judgments when it comes to packaging. And this starts at a young age. You can guess the factor that made the difference: packaging. The Psychology of Color Packaging starts with a basic but powerful visual element: color. As you market your product or service, you should think about how the color of your brand will affect its perception, too: Red tends to communicate passion and excitement — including appetite. Blue tends to be peaceful, professional and corporate — better for consulting firms and stationery. Black can be stark, yes, but it can also be professional, clean, and even sophisticated. Pink — besides the obvious feminine connotations embraced by some brands — also communicates sincerity. Green can be active and outdoorsy, and is frequently used by environmental brands to great effect. Yellow communicates competence and happiness, and tends to be bold, much like red. Which dominant color puts the best foot forward in your industry?

I bought it and I cannot find the pattern attachments anywhere. I followed the link and entered the ISBN number and nothing. I contacted customer service and they weren't able to locate the files.

Capsule 18: Must-Reads From Our Library

They said they will keep looking but for now, I may need a refund from site. The patterns are the reason I bought this book and the reason why it costs so much. I will update my stars if I am able to get the files. I have attached a screenshot of the conversation of me and the service rep stating she wasn't able to find the files. This book allows one to have diagrams to hundreds of packages.

If you are into handmade crafts or gifts this can give it, its own uniqueness Down side is diagrams are done or 8. This book is full of so many awesome ideas!


I'm a student studying graphic design and I've been dabbling in package design. This book has seriously helped me so much! The diagrams can be a little hard to figure out, but it's not too much of an issue.

Most of these you have to customize to fit your needs anyway. I highly recommend any designer to check this out. Excellent book of packaging ideas.

There were no problems using the included key to download the patterns. The electronic file numbers match the page numbers in the book, so it's easy to find the file you want. About file types: I'm working with CS5, so if you have a different version, this info may or may not be the same for you.

If you open the files in AI, the cut lines, score lines, and glue markings of files I've looked at are in different layer groups. Probably the one improvement would be to include PSD versions of the files in the download as so many people use PS or PS elements exclusively.

Overall, I'm very happy with this book and the downloadable files. Will have lots of fun using these.

Basic packaging

Just looking through the book, I can imagine ways to change score lines or cut lines a bit on some of the templates, and get a custom container. This book is amazing and I love it. When I was taking package design in college this was my pride and joy and coveted by all. Needless to say, it got borrowed a lot.

It also is good to just flip though for ideas. She observed them and discovered the truth about their behaviors. This book is the best head start into the world of observation research.

5 must have books in your Packaging Library

And, because only in behavior can we see the truth, this is the best book to get you headed toward more truth in your research. We say it all the time. Design DOES matter. We wrote these sister books back in and the principals still hold true, if not, more true than ever in a saturated world of brands.

They're also chalk full of case studies that feature strategically driven and simply flawless design solutions that will make you want to drool. We use all our senses, brands are certainly not excluded from the least likely. How to Nickelodeon This one is a particular favorite gem of the 90s kids in the office who have great respect for what a strong brand they have. The Experience Economy Authors: B.

Basic Packaging (Structural Package Design): Pepin van Roojen: Books

Pine and Gilmore wrote this book in and was popular when it came out, but is still highly relevant today. It's on you. And there are better ways to live - mindset, location, behaviors and what you consume all contribute to living longer.

This book contains profound knowledge hand delivered to you via Dan Buettner nearly a decade ago, now all you have to do is download, read, and live.

As a Research Associate, I continually seek new ways to follow my curiosities and ask questions to find pattersn in the world. Other passions of mine include traveling, taking photographs, shooting hoops and rummaging through thrift stores. Archived Under.

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